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Bedeli Buttland

Miami, Florida
Adult Actress xXx Film Star. In search of the most unique and talented people. Bookings & Enquiries: [email protected] Wish List: http://t.co/yVlkcwQfx2

Bedeli Buttland's photos 85 photos

Thank you guys! Always get presents on my PO BOX. Love you ALL..! Bedeli B ;) http://t.co/tJrl1zlhZA 14 views View photo
At the SPA, Refreshing my #Sexy #BigAss #PAWG #Milf #cubanita #Amazing #Curves & #Pussy RT & follow if u Like. Xo B. http://t.co/EJo8fluHvM 126 views View photo
Make this ur Go every where Pic! #Porn #Blonde #MILF #PAWG #SluttyGirl #Pussylicking #BigAss #BigBoobs RT n Follow http://t.co/7XWcX4FxJT 158 views View photo
Happy #Sundayfunday #BigBooty #Blonde #Slut #PAWG Over here!. #Porn #MILF #Cubanita Bedeli B. RT & Follow if you like http://t.co/lceiofKXZ7 170 views View photo
Love #SluttyGirl #Blonde #BigBooty #PAWG Wouldn't u like 2 b in d Middle #pusylicking Bedeli B. RT n Follow if u like http://t.co/AqN7eLPNsb 124 views View photo
Lovely Miami weather in the summer. Sunshine on one side, worlds is gonna end on the other! LOL I better hurry! πŸ˜πŸŒ‚ http://t.co/JfZRYcxfHS 85 views View photo
Bedeli's worn panties, On Sale Now! Find out ABC $$ Prices! e-mail me [email protected] Buy Direct from Me.B.;) http://t.co/n87awMl8LT 106 views View photo
RT @TrickedOut_Mag: @stephaniekimxxx @BedeliButtland @topshelfXXX @DestinyBlazexxx @RealKakeyy all appearing in issue #7 ( new printer) htt… 59 views View photo
Happy Independence Day Guys!!! LOVE from BUTTLAND xoxo B. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜˜ http://t.co/qmIurIY3iM 79 views View photo
RT @NickPappagiorgo: @BedeliButtland Thanks for this Photo, Cubanita Preciosa!!! 😘 http://t.co/qqMYbqRWVl 112 views View photo
Still don't own these DVD's here? OWN UR AUTOGRAPHED COPY, BUY DIRECT FROM ME. [email protected] for info. ;) B. http://t.co/eBbD5grJTE 81 views View photo
Home Alone!..#Twitterafterdark #Bigbooty #Slut #MILF #cubanita in #Masturbation Bedeli B. RT if you like, Muahxxx B. http://t.co/gHodWy8hs4 98 views View photo
Your #BigAss #BigBoobs #Blonde BITCH!. Bedeli B. #PAWG #Amazing #Curves #ThickNess #MILF #Cubanita RT if u like! Xo B http://t.co/EKPHBcTxx6 91 views View photo
Sexy Bedeli!..BAD BITCH!.Besotes a todos! Huge Kiss 2 All my followers. #Slut PAWG #MILF #BlondeBombShell Like? RT :) http://t.co/Akfs3V4PuO 95 views View photo
GM everybody!!.. Nashville TN here I Cum! :) http://t.co/Zd44aF7e3r 63 views View photo
Hubby's Ain't BIG Enough?, Solution to D problem! BBC will make u complete! B. ;) http://t.co/opUqpJfKl7 69 views View photo
Solution for married couples!! Stage 1 Lol, no more blablabla ACTION! B. :) http://t.co/GL6F6CsiSa 50 views View photo
Alone, No Wheres 2 Go!..Wow I can Only Get Fucked Really HARD!.. I Like That! LOL #SluttyGirl #BigBooty #PAWG #Babes http://t.co/KWtuS5ziQ2 55 views View photo
@MiamiVelvet Sat. night was crazy @VIPBLISS in red room, @sdcmedia in front and @BedeliButtland in the VIP. 400+ ppl http://t.co/NknMbZum3O 160 views View photo
One Hot #MILF , Agree? RT if u like.. ;) http://t.co/hhgxYorVeq 100 views View photo
RT @vickyvette: Quick ( . )( . ) #Pic!! http://t.co/lXAo90YSMl RT if you like it! 137 views View photo
RT @HaroldRadio: A #selfie with @BedeliButtland and my sexy wife @maribeautyMK http://t.co/vdHaHaGhnb 92 views View photo
Hot out here guys... All Off?.. RT n Follow if u like Bedeli. #PAWG #Thickness #Sluttygirl #BigAss #BigBoobs #MILF http://t.co/LeIGfFhtcn 147 views View photo
@laeahosportsfan Here 4 ALL of you at #PAWG Welcome 2 Buttland! Crasy #booty with @SaraJayXXX & @BedeliButtland ;) http://t.co/J3ubHqy7A9 231 views View photo
https://t.co/svMYhjoRs9 817 views View photo
https://t.co/YP50DYRVHW 724 views View photo
A little close up of My Culito, lol :) http://t.co/w1j7temCmx 294 views View photo
https://t.co/YUij7ElWkf 595 views View photo
Hot and Sunny! ;) B. https://t.co/VOqylcYJZU 303 views View photo
Relaxing @ the beach!.. Wanna watch? Lol Xo B. https://t.co/QGrZmyY4b4 196 views View photo
Workout time! I'm sweating.. Any Lickers, Lol ;) B. https://t.co/sgZZrOztIn 151 views View photo
Pic of the Night!, From Buttland, My #phat #booty #butt #ass #legs http://t.co/13Bjl5Hs4g 331 views View photo
Getting Ready, Out the Door Soon!.. Who's Cuming? Lol Xo B. :) https://t.co/6261nkvIl1 175 views View photo
Feet Lovers! Enjoy My Leggies.. Besos! B. :) https://t.co/iKfe0ZYBIs 282 views View photo
#PicOfTheDay One HOT Shoot! w/ @SaraJayXXX Ain't following her? please do! Crazy #booty ! RT IF YOU LIKE IT, :) Xo B. http://t.co/588UAoGhFy 399 views View photo
Solve My Puzzle Name.. What Do you see? Muahhxxx Bedeli B. ;) http://t.co/a9fUpW8rRI 171 views View photo
Double Dose Of Cubans Ass! @BedeliButtland & @AngelinaCastroX Hi Guys! XO ;) http://t.co/rPwDJyifmq 427 views View photo
Last Night's Dinner. After Party! ;) B. http://t.co/EXSaF1pYcT 200 views View photo
Just Me! ;) https://t.co/zvqJuC42GX 201 views View photo
Hot Sunny Day!, Beautifull ASS Shake! 4 u Xo B. :) https://t.co/Clu7B0zBhs 231 views View photo
MIAMI HEAT I'm A Fan, Let's GO Heat! 2013 NBA Champions! This for you Guys, @MiamiHEAT and My Fans! Xo Bedeli B. ;) http://t.co/klTOvfsRi7 432 views View photo
Les Gusta O Les Disgusta?..Like It or Not?Muahxxx Bedeli B. ;) http://t.co/AE9FaMpy83 1,632 views View photo
Corona & Me @ the Pool! Enjoy! :) https://t.co/Gw1a2K8hKm 589 views View photo
https://t.co/phs4RnH87n 651 views View photo
@TherealCsupreme @ramonpornstar & I, What's Down Here?, Yummy.. Two Huge Cocks for Me!, LOL.. Muahxxx! "B" ;) http://t.co/06IsZ2fMcf 488 views View photo
Monster Cock Ramon @ramonpornstar & Me @ The Exxxpo. :) http://t.co/89RrQaK2R8 459 views View photo
A Pic To Thank All of You That Came looking For Me At The Show and More.. Thank You Guys! Love Bedeli ;) http://t.co/AWGaLOOMhj 641 views View photo
Next to this Beautiful Lambo & My Friend Ramon. Like That ASS!!.. Lol Xo B. http://t.co/o4WqU4jctV 440 views View photo
A Walk Around The Show.. Xo ;) http://t.co/nWEIfOLHE5 802 views View photo
At Exxxotica Expo 2013, Posing For All of You. :) BB. http://t.co/R8nul7UJjJ 351 views View photo
Just LOVE ME!, Enjoy!.. Xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/GEmtnUD9GP 368 views View photo
Para Hustedes!, For you Guys!, Imagine the Rest!, Imaginen el resto... ;) http://t.co/tAZ3mlV0rZ 485 views View photo
Yesterday @ The pool! Relaxing & Thinking of All of you Sick Puppies Out There!, Muahh, Hope u Guys like it! ;) BB http://t.co/xhWAscS50f 498 views View photo
Shooting @ Ocean Drive, Miami Beach..with MC Ramon, for @rickycarralero Lots of Fun, Many New Friends. Xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/DR8hUSeWYQ 957 views View photo
One of the nicest new asses to enter the biz @BedeliButtland http://t.co/qXFX7bFbUa 503 views View photo
A Dirty Love Poem... Hope you like it, Lol http://t.co/W6Qt8J3IGU 242 views View photo
Ok Here is a pic from Today's Hot weather! @ the Beach, So Hot I had to cool down with Ice, Lol Xo BB ;) http://t.co/j6EeiyRfHK 402 views View photo
You guys are the BEST! Love my FANS! Just for you! "Behind The Scene"..RT if you think is HOT ;) http://t.co/doTgbmVMhi 395 views View photo
Start Your Day in a Naughty Way!!, Hope This Helps!.. Xo Bedeli Buttland ;) http://t.co/pTdsaj5Yb5 497 views View photo
Working on one of my video editing, cuming soon! Huumm can't wait to show you more.. http://t.co/73gi0tU4pR 238 views View photo
My Latest DVD, Enjoy! http://t.co/4WPad4vx7X 200 views View photo
Here is what you've been waiting for, To HOT!.. We hope you can Handle it!.. Stay Tuned.. Cuming Soon! http://t.co/NbIb4xW2zG 239 views View photo
Let's Go Egg Hunting! Wanna Cum Along?.. Happy Easter! Xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/vMXwoQcSTT 328 views View photo
Welcome to my Official Twitter Page! Enjoy! Xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/sNdFvh4caa 233 views View photo
Hi Fans!.. If you had me for two Hours what would you do to me? I'm Curious!, Lol.. Muah! Bedeli ;) http://t.co/FuDNsj9Feg 401 views View photo
Taking a Break @ the nude beach!, Thought you might like to C ?.. Muah! ;) http://t.co/OxmOFF7TKh 324 views View photo
I really Like this one guys.. What do you think?..Muah!! Xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/b6O6MYDX 292 views View photo
Score Group Shooting, Miami.. Loved my combo, do you?.. ;) http://t.co/iigMtdik 316 views View photo
You guys ask for it!, Me & my Girlfriends! Bootylicious 4 u.. Humm Can't wait to show u more.. http://t.co/eSC1kXDm 293 views View photo
Coming Back from the Beach!, Wet Kisses..Muah.. ;) http://t.co/xeVBTUV5 180 views View photo
Don't Forget these pair..Lol ;) http://t.co/7DRF5Dz2 212 views View photo
Wonderful Nights @ Mango's Tropical Cafe. http://t.co/nevcxvFB 175 views View photo
Home Alone!, and Feeling HOT!.. Should I Take This Off..? http://t.co/oEsVHWZA 210 views View photo
A little close up! hope you like it!.. http://t.co/Sxlw0FKW 779 views View photo
HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL MY FANS! xo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/z698aBYT 356 views View photo
Today @ home!... Just 4 u!!.. Lol, Like them? http://t.co/iPubmKr1 236 views View photo
Help Me Make It!!. You & Me @ 5000 Followers. HOT!.. Rt. http://t.co/JF22qZqL 256 views View photo
http://t.co/F8Egkanu 161 views View photo
At the pool taking a sun tan... To HOT! wanna join me!. ;) http://t.co/xafDmccj 221 views View photo
One of my latest photoshoot, Cuming up on my site, can't wait to show you more.... Kiss! Bedeli ;) http://t.co/BBXe7D63 281 views View photo
Loving the good life @ the beach today!! xoxo Bedeli ;) http://t.co/wynmIwck 195 views View photo
Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 07:00pm 180 views View photo
Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 07:00pm 213 views View photo
Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 07:00pm 206 views View photo
Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 07:00pm 193 views View photo

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