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Carrie BBW's photos 66 photos

Rarely seen in the wild: Carrie goes domestic :) A sneak peek at my latest set - http://t.co/YxvZmC5sqA #BBW #SSBBW http://t.co/iQJtYCDDBV 10 views View photo
Some cute, fat toes if I do say so myself. I love me a fresh pedicure! http://t.co/Nnf4ToCK6F 24 views View photo
How did I miss it the 1st time!?! LOVE! RT @characterpix: practising my characture work. really hope you like this. http://t.co/OJBBnybHBw 37 views View photo
Been so busy lately, but had to stop in and share some pics from my latest photoset, "Sweater Puppies"! #BBW #SSBBW http://t.co/hIIZz3xTKg 33 views View photo
It's like Rainbow Brite up in here! Check out my latest set and video at http://t.co/YxvZmC5sqA :) http://t.co/pUu7ZD7i1H 51 views View photo
Probably the only woman at the nail salon today wholly unconcerned that horizontal stripes make my butt look big. http://t.co/irw5YxNnQ9 65 views View photo
RT @spyderbc: Inspired by @carrieland http://t.co/o2wM9p1ve7 42 views View photo
Just posted in my members area! Here's a sneak peek pic :) #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/lYUxlDhII7 http://t.co/aKkpdfZQ0c 90 views View photo
New glasses - woot woot! http://t.co/d9WYjnHWwr 68 views View photo
hahaha poor execs at GA would be horrified lmao RT @techno041: @carrieland http://t.co/kMx5AWXeb4 74 views View photo
RT @FatBrats: Can you believe it?! You can see the Brats preform live on stage next sunday! http://t.co/KAnA6lrCSi 59 views View photo
Literally the only interesting thing we saw in W yoming today. #fuckyeahdinosaurs http://t.co/2PuVJqPeNe 54 views View photo
Hope Americans are celebrating their day off with a nice, long wank! http://t.co/lYUxlDhII7 #BBW #SSBBW http://t.co/xVcjn4xqJu 61 views View photo
#BBWTBT Hard to believe this was nine years ago! Ahhh, youth! lol http://t.co/4SgDFWtwI7 71 views View photo
Big hugs - thanks! RT @techno041: @carrieland you are truly a beautiful woman http://t.co/cgjLUS2HDs 48 views View photo
I know you guys know what today is.... #FATURDAY at http://t.co/lYUxlDhII7 #BBW #SSBBW http://t.co/EX1rJ0tquD 97 views View photo
RT @Pink_and_Inked: Fat babe realness all day, every day. http://t.co/jzST20ueus 66 views View photo
NSFW - Like rainbow sherbet... http://t.co/lYUxlDhII7 #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/gZRACRyHV0 57 views View photo
#Faturday Night Fever #BBW #SSBBW http://t.co/PjPeES8ZEp 56 views View photo
We just got the same one a few weeks ago - v. happy with the purchase. You'll like it! RT @hotfattygirl: It's here!!! http://t.co/aUJFa2VpJm 57 views View photo
Whoa! I'm honored! :) RT @GiuseppeVinci15: @carrieland http://t.co/3PjaKeCXMg 49 views View photo
#Faturday Night Fever at http://t.co/fI6EOZ1yow #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/TshNsHpQca 53 views View photo
It's times like this that I think my husband is not invested in my mental well-being. Who DOES this??? http://t.co/peNT5tUeii 61 views View photo
Big legs and high heels at http://t.co/lYUxlDhII7 this week! #bbw #ssbbw #faturday http://t.co/V4q5584lGu 51 views View photo
Nipple overflow in shiny satin, this week at http://t.co/RcJNDs2u56 :) #bbw #ssbbw #faturday http://t.co/2ypjCopfgh 49 views View photo
RT @Sabina_Leigh: #GoBroncos Denver Love!!! http://t.co/pZHKQjtnt0 43 views View photo
RT @SweetAdelineBBW: Hey Guys! http://t.co/BTfCayI4gI is finally here! Join today! xoxo http://t.co/fwegQnarmE 37 views View photo
Just popping in for a quick mo' - hope everybody's having a great night at http://t.co/RcJNDs2u56! http://t.co/HZV37RwpFO 58 views View photo
Just to prove I'm not a total bitch today, have a pic lol #fattitude #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/RcJNDs2u56 http://t.co/2YqA7eQ2dP 73 views View photo
No such thing as too much cheese. http://t.co/oAUXFVwC3e 48 views View photo
Faturday night at http://t.co/RcJNDs2u56 :) http://t.co/ZpTkzY41gk 54 views View photo
only sometimes :P RT @umi_ann003: @carrieland u r an Angel http://t.co/HsYancTss1 36 views View photo
...Or should I say, "Bottoms Up!" #bbw #SSBBW http://t.co/CY4CG2757O 52 views View photo
Cheers and Happy New Year, BBW Lovers of the World! http://t.co/l4bLJyiast 48 views View photo
Thx for the compliment! RT @Nikky7725: The smashing #Arse of @carrieland #Booty #Ass #Thick #Thighs #Heels #Sideboob http://t.co/ddNHIwwrjH 68 views View photo
This is how we trim the tree at my house :-P #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/qsJcJu4sX4 57 views View photo
All this booty talk today made me think of these white pants :) #bbw #ssbbw #bigbutt http://t.co/QBP52neSDA 68 views View photo
Spending the day at the classic car auction :) http://t.co/C9FgmkIHI1 48 views View photo
NSFW - Tight leggings and a thong from last week's update at Carrieland. Enjoy the preview! #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/DFogx3odTw 64 views View photo
thanks, sweetheart! :) RT @jamestouchet24: @carrieland u r so beautiful and sexy http://t.co/lstrfiqYdq 32 views View photo
Congratulations again! I'm so happy for you! RT @fetishontheweb: So.... yeah.. that happened http://t.co/51YlPMqOAk 32 views View photo
NSFW - Woke up to this lovely pattern on my chest lol http://t.co/th29K01l5R 52 views View photo
Truly lucky to have such great clients and friends! Thank you, @juicyjacqulyn Pic: http://t.co/uICRk0WQEE 26 views View photo
NSFW - 11:48 p.m. means it’s still Faturday Night where I am! #BBW #SSBBW Pic: http://t.co/L4j5GiYiyR 311 views View photo
NSFW -Happy #Faturday ! All oiled up and nowhere to go: #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/b7232nmiEP 154 views View photo
A preview of an upcoming update :) Enjoy! #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/MKpZYDtPid 121 views View photo
Picked up my @bbwfanfest award from the mailbox today. Thank you!!! http://t.co/qbjW935R 142 views View photo
Picked up my @bbwfanfest award from the mailbox today. Thank you!!! http://t.co/qbjW935R 71 views View photo
RT @Jazminxxx1: Just a quick pic of me, I am dancing at Mardi Gras Bikini Bar in St. Pete for those who want to come see me sometime.. h ... 118 views View photo
Here's the flyer for the party! http://t.co/E9nYjqNZ 128 views View photo
Sorry... i only do that with my hubby :-) "@cta103: @carrieland i like that i nest that can you do that to me http://t.co/em2bWow2" 118 views View photo
Yes "@cta103: @carrieland is that you http://t.co/J0MCNVpu" 244 views View photo
Booooobbbbbsssss http://t.co/DBS66aBk 79 views View photo
Hard to get head and cleavage in same shot :) http://t.co/dCjtIStX 50 views View photo
#photoadayjune 6 #hat http://t.co/xflXJTWQ 43 views View photo
Just posted a photo http://t.co/r81SfWYS 54 views View photo
Thu, 04 Aug 2011 09:12:59 -0600 1,355 views View photo
Monday, May 31, 2010, 08:31pm 3,899 views View photo
Sunday, May 30, 2010, 01:39am 3,789 views View photo
Saturday, May 29, 2010, 07:53pm 4,264 views View photo
Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 02:27pm 4,582 views View photo
Friday, April 23, 2010, 03:41pm 3,449 views View photo
@hotfattygirl and i. this is our engagement photo. http://twitpic.com/1ft62y 67 views View photo
Saturday, February 27, 2010, 11:38pm 3,847 views View photo
Saturday, February 27, 2010, 11:38pm 4,316 views View photo
Friday, February 05, 2010, 01:19am 4,355 views View photo

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