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Caution: Contents are extremely sexy & addictive. Common symptoms when entering are: extreme arousal, sweating, dizziness & more fun than possible 2 be had.
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Go CATS!!! 3,527 views View photo
Online now, come see me. 4,185 views View photo
Working on the tan lines. #boobs #MFC 4,672 views View photo
Online in 5, come see me. 2,726 views View photo
From me to you. Happy Friday Keri's Crew!! MUAH #friskyfriday 3,106 views View photo
It's official, I bought it!!! Whoop Whoop... Fun times ahead!! Oh YEAH!!! 1,914 views View photo
Not teenie weenie, but still cute. 3,716 views View photo
Goodnight to all my ROCKSTARS! Sweet dreams <3 2,514 views View photo
Awesome day in the "cam" room!! Thanks everyone for a great day smoochfaces!! 1,740 views View photo
Ummm... Doors come in different sizes?? LOL 1,910 views View photo
Love being silly on cams. Good times today, will be back tonight! xo 2,009 views View photo
Fun day on #MFC cams today! Thanks everyone for all the good times! ;) 2,111 views View photo
Photo shoot going well. XO 1,811 views View photo
Enjoying the day in the pool. 2,397 views View photo
SUPER FUN day on cam. Love doing public shows for you... so HOT! Thanks to all the tippers and those who keep me laughing/smiling/blushing! 5,271 views View photo
Pool time then cams! See you soon. SMOOCH! 4,331 views View photo
Lots potential for fun tonight. ;) 2,203 views View photo
Out with my girl and a few of her boy friends. Maybe I'll get lucky!! Wish me luck! 1,981 views View photo
Time to play. Can't wait!!! 2,126 views View photo
Great day/night on cam. Goodnight sexies, sleep well. SMOOCH 1,875 views View photo
The shoe is cut off but thank you 'NotBeNamed' for the beautiful shoes!!! I received so many compliments! A thank you was placed in the mail today. MUAH 2,283 views View photo
Slammed all week with my day job. Looking forward to hanging with all my fav boys and girls on cam tonight and tomorrow. See you soon! SMOOCH 6,088 views View photo
Been on the road for the past 3 hours completing inspections with no end in sight. It's Dr. Pepper time! 1,318 views View photo
White tutu party. MEOW 3,035 views View photo
Time to create havoc. ;) Be safe out there tonight. SMOOCH 1,809 views View photo
Done cleaning the house, now it's time to clean my naughty self up and jump on cam! I'll be on at 3pm PST. 2,004 views View photo
Goodnight and thanks for a fun night on cam. XO 3,541 views View photo

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