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Lady Sophia Black

Milton Keynes
An elegant and seductive Mistress, an expert and passionate practitioner of the arts of Female dominance.

Lady Sophia Black's photos 139 photos

Made an appearance in Grazia recently... http://t.co/mbgSEAJVzU 25 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @TonyEssentia @FallenAngelStd I can see some less than glowing work appraisals coming up @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/Qle8oya0… 28 views View photo
Pedestal here I come... #mistress #leather #letscausesomecarnage http://t.co/kv19890iuv 45 views View photo
Merry Christmas everyone! http://t.co/dqXUTVq1YO 59 views View photo
Goddess in #nylons #leather and #fur How could you resist? http://t.co/QbRDwYTnX0 50 views View photo
We're sexy and we know it! Picture from the last club Pedestal. http://t.co/u4UpG1wSSu 42 views View photo
Debating on whether I should unlock @cowerme for Xmas. How long has it been now Ian? #chastity #lockedupcock http://t.co/UJPHEHz9FO 57 views View photo
@SlaveJamesW @UberFacts Witch, witch, she's a witch! http://t.co/87p99pKZqV 40 views View photo
You know your place, bow down to your Goddess... #footworship #highheels #heelworship #footfetish #submission http://t.co/JQk7L3BW2z 48 views View photo
RT @sliderulesyou: #pornprotest "it's tough on the knees... maybe that's why it's not allowed now" - @MAbsolute http://t.co/WzjpLBfOqI 40 views View photo
RT @GovernessEly: @LadySophiaBlack me and @sliderulesyou found @cowerme hehe would you like us to tease and/or abuse him for you? Xx http:/… 43 views View photo
Tis the season to spoil me... get buying boys #wishlist #findom http://t.co/CS1s0d3AVc http://t.co/qkq1B8LYCW 59 views View photo
RT @robsub24: Robsubs MISTRESS PIC OF THE DAY!The totally stunning @LadySophiaBlack sits on Her throne to await worshipping slaves! http://… 53 views View photo
RT @Nadder_man: OK. Just for you @LadySophiaBlack @GovernessEly @msevilyne @DungeonManor http://t.co/Q12MNT72n2 41 views View photo
To my bestie @misssarahjessic happy best friends day. 😘 http://t.co/BBlPwuykxV 43 views View photo
RT @Oostwalum: #FF #Follow @LadySophiaBlack @DDviant #FemDom #Fetish #FemaleDomination #BDSM http://t.co/YCH1eSs7ui 53 views View photo
RT @subss_1980: "@SACHERO07: Is it your dick or your X chromosome ? We didn't imagine it was so small http://t.co/TT53Ar3uGi" @LadySophiaB… 62 views View photo
RT @cowerme: Looks like he's off to Sunday School @TonyEssentia @DominaSara @LadySophiaBlack @FallenAngelStd #chastity http://t.co/vDdKg8tD… 53 views View photo
RT @cowerme: Boo-hoo man flu. Mistress @ladysophiablack shows zero sympathy and reminds me what I won't be doing in bed #chastity http://t.… 54 views View photo
Had a fabulous night last night with these stunning ladies @misssarahjessic and @MissAnnalieza. X http://t.co/IBGznDrX1e 39 views View photo
RT @MsEvilyne: @LadySophiaBlack @SofiaDomme @ClubPdstl Now then... which shoe works best with My lamb onesie? http://t.co/uGu0CzldW6 47 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: @LadySophiaBlack #justsaying :) xx http://t.co/Dbklz5hPP4 38 views View photo
RT @DommeWorld: http://t.co/z5oIpHVija The lovely Lady always stylish, stunning & a vision of power & beauty @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/f… 62 views View photo
RT @robsub24: "BY POPULAR DEMAND" Another awe inspiring pic from the "Queen of Cruel"@LadySophiaBlack >> http://t.co/lPchBbDQOr >> http://t… 27 views View photo
RT @subss_1980: @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/e9ACnRJK5N" 44 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: Specialists in #humiliation #cp #smoking #fetish Book now for #LONDON End of November - http://t.co/F28GfR1fRu http:/… 38 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @LadySophiaBlack If my calamities bring an amusing sparkle to your day, than all is well http://t.co/5uDbq7V2ns 52 views View photo
RT @Madamecaramel: “@MissFoxx_FD: All hard working women know this one... http://t.co/YQN5dYeqIx” 33 views View photo
RT @boyinaboxx: Na na na na na, he's me, kissing the feet of the amazing @LadySophiaBlack #wishyouwasme @MsEvilyne @GovernessEly http://t.c… 26 views View photo
RT @Madamecaramel: @LadySophiaBlack @steveoch tell me about it love it http://t.co/9pSuM5AMJ5 27 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: Happy bonfire night ladies!! Have lots of fun and wish I was there @LadySophiaBlack @MsEvilyne xxx http://t.co/q4V5SdX… 29 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: @LadySophiaBlack @MsEvilyne Autumn!!! It's bloody winter in Scotland!! #hat #scarf #baltic http://t.co/Xw6UbwQsfK 40 views View photo
RT @MsEvilyne: @LadySophiaBlack For Me, tweed and leather today. http://t.co/fQx7L7BnxA 57 views View photo
Autumn is great for fetishists. #leather #fur #boots #fetish http://t.co/Qcu1RWy4XN 28 views View photo
RT @DominaSara: ***** FOR SALE****** Off white leather lounger/Chaise Please RT http://t.co/0Z6X7WTx9t 36 views View photo
RT @DominaSara: ***FOR SALE*** Leather and wood spanking bench Deep padding top Leather top comes off Wooden legs slot under top RT http:… 31 views View photo
Trick or treat! #Halloween #femdom #mistress #bdsm http://t.co/BCmmCkgWfW 49 views View photo
Such a messy eater @shopslave22 I can't take you anywhere! #publichumiliation #femdom http://t.co/bvq0udn0y6 65 views View photo
What a gorgeous bitch... #femdom #bdsm #mistress #corset #dungeon http://t.co/CU6U6LxZnI 58 views View photo
On my way out for a night with one of my girlies. Plus #chauffeur & #publichumiliation pig. Should be a good night. http://t.co/23sZSZwJPD 56 views View photo
RT @DominaSara: @LeFlooze website updated with some gorgeous pictures, thank you x http://t.co/4KBaZwqph0 61 views View photo
RT @DominaSara: Thank you to My @TonyEssentia for taking some gorgeous images, looking great on the website http://t.co/FeCpJXimfA 52 views View photo
Missed me tweeps? #femdom #bdsm #mistress #bondage #cbt http://t.co/FIXOnLhDit 72 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @LadySophiaBlack Mistress reminds me she's out enjoying herself with #chastity keys while I suffer in lonely silence. http://t… 78 views View photo
RT @dni_d: @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/O6lepULn2P 79 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: Myself and @LadySophiaBlack in action at paintballing! Awesome day in scotland!! Who said we can't have fun? Lol http:… 67 views View photo
RT @abelmehid: @LadySophiaBlack only MISTRESS LADY SOPHIA has this class http://t.co/Y65iMLdn35 47 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: This time last year Myself and @LadySophiaBlack were saying goodbye to this! #cyprus #amazing #Mistresses http://t.co/… 46 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @servantandslave And due to his lack of respect he got into another hole @EnglishMansion @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/uy4civW2… 64 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @servantandslave The inspector was given the opportunity to explain his findings @EnglishMansion @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/… 49 views View photo
RT @servantandslave: The Health & Safety inspector wondered if his mentioning the smoking ban was wise"@EnglishMansion: @LadySophiaBlack ht… 50 views View photo
RT @TonyEssentia: Some of the jobs I have to suffer at @fallenangelstd are just great #2FootGoddesses #StunningFeet http://t.co/rs2xLUS8Ym 106 views View photo
RT @TonyEssentia: Snap happy when there are 2 Beautiful Ladies with truly beautiful feet in the workshop #ItsAhardLife #2TopUKDommes http:/… 107 views View photo
RT @BDSMErotic: Always love seeing @LadySophiaBlack at work... "@alizkabi: http://t.co/HzdMQq26uA" 115 views View photo
@shopslave22 This is more like it... http://t.co/HGmufyyxNT 113 views View photo
RT @shopslave22: @LadySophiaBlack Birthday kisses.Only place to be. http://t.co/pCS4H1YkUl 125 views View photo
RT @MsEvilyne: The #slavelotto opens tonight! Details coming later today. Spread the word! http://t.co/1Y4kZFD1lT 100 views View photo
RT @cowerme: @LadySophiaBlack Many happy returns. Can't wait to give you a big birthday kiss on your best heels. http://t.co/cR9YryIcgA 80 views View photo
RT @MegaraFurie: I'm going to need a good few subs for this Everest Base Camp climb.. #footworship #legworship #objectification http://t.co… 108 views View photo
Dear admirers, It is my birthday this week, I am expecting presents... http://t.co/3Nj7BcvA6t … http://t.co/H2UUY2eZ5g 84 views View photo
RT @AntonFritz2: @LadySophiaBlack a good reason to go to school, see http://t.co/jLfw0pszz0 http://t.co/TW9fe7mV6j 109 views View photo
A little flash of my #stockings and you're putty in my hands... #nylons #corset #mistress #femdom http://t.co/KwFu3MRNKu 89 views View photo
Love this picture and love these ladies. True goddesses @misssarahjessic @MegaraFurie @MistressHell #femdom #mistress http://t.co/pCL3OKGQEb 72 views View photo
RT @MistressHell: #Manchester #glasgow #London #Mistresses true #highpriestess @misssarahjessic @MegaraFurie @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/b… 62 views View photo
RT @misssarahjessic: Mistress night out in #manchester @MegaraFurie @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/Nze8rVPMNk 103 views View photo
Morning stalkers. http://t.co/XBy66uHNGL 118 views View photo
Birthday treats from my subs so far, I love being spoiled. http://t.co/EatAOpia07 105 views View photo
@EnglishMansion I truly can and will control you inside and out! #buttplug #chains #enslaved #femdom #mistress http://t.co/BJ4Hj8aguI 171 views View photo
One pathetic man took on the challenge and succumbed to my diva ways. I always get what I want, fact. #findom http://t.co/IBCwpVHTcr 84 views View photo
Being at diva bitch at @EnglishMansion last week. Try your hardest to deny me... http://t.co/DVTvESHA0P 141 views View photo
@EnglishMansion Pimped out to earn us money, damn right! Open up... #forcedbi #cocksucker #pimpedout #femdom http://t.co/ssefxNqoAa 129 views View photo
Whipping alfresco @EnglishMansion yesterday, cracks billowing and screams going unheard #nomercy #femdom #mistress http://t.co/1Nu95t7oqi 135 views View photo
Double whipping at the @EnglishMansion yesterday. Posing before the beating... #whipping #femdom #sadist http://t.co/o181FNhn2t 236 views View photo
A slaves mouth should be out to good use, if to want to please me then you will give it up willingly... #ashtray http://t.co/Kf6sLwkBgR 122 views View photo
Enjoying a cigarette between scenes. #smokingfetish http://t.co/DsEOn1Dh2T 126 views View photo
A glorious morning from @EnglishMansion http://t.co/XDmjeOfo58 87 views View photo
@misssarahjessic We wanted to abuse some cock and balls, how could you say no...? #cbt #femdom http://t.co/ryKqnKumYW 141 views View photo
Myself and @LadySophiaBlack in dungeon yesterday after a great session we had! :) #Sadistic #mistresses http://t.co/d3PIR2Wr3N 90 views View photo
Me and @Maya_Liyer at @Clublackwhip last night. Bubbly and boys to beat up perfect night! http://t.co/AhhlVTfpBh 91 views View photo
Looks like a fun evening ahead! #sadist http://t.co/3OWLqG1juF 79 views View photo
@chrisslave67 What this one? http://t.co/t4mdp8rMn5 57 views View photo
Had fun shooting with the gorgeous @Shay_Hendrix today. Balls got abused! #mistress #femdom #ballbusting http://t.co/f7KDQfBRCW 109 views View photo
For all you smoking fetishists out there... #smokingfetish #mistress #nylons #footfetish http://t.co/Ewi7gj0x3u 150 views View photo
I love the malice in @LadySophiaBlack's expression, and the blatant fear in her slave's eyes.#Femdom #Breathplay http://t.co/RJe4uywIL5 223 views View photo
What a busy day, can finally sit down and relax. Need a foot massage, I've been wearing these all day... #highheels http://t.co/lbVG7WYJRB 95 views View photo
Rocking my revealing pumps today. Rt if you love toe cleavage. #footfetish #shoefetish #toecleavage http://t.co/YDHVOwYhO3 102 views View photo
Forced to worship but how could you refuse with legs like ours? @DominaSara #footworship #nylons #femdom #mistress http://t.co/qYzw97bjFM 159 views View photo
Sneak peek of some stills from my shoot with @DominaSara #nylons #footworship #inversion #mistress #femdom http://t.co/Nu5aCDVI7E 221 views View photo
@TonyEssentia @LadySophiaBlack loved it, can't wait to do it again xx http://t.co/CfAzJYqVCW 89 views View photo
On my way to do a days filming. Might treat you to a couple of pics on set. http://t.co/NMZI2M0l1v 135 views View photo
Femdom prison soon to start on @EnglishMansion this week. Get signed up boys! #femdom #mistress #leatherfetish http://t.co/fgOwp1YLbM 444 views View photo
Another fabulous picture from @EnglishMansion #latex #attitude and #highheels. http://t.co/OpEYIpmPmo 158 views View photo
Sneak peek from my shoot with @seanscottphotos yesterday. What an amazing combo #smokingfetish #glovefetish #cigar http://t.co/nYVzGm1EB0 97 views View photo
Sneak preview from yesterday's shoot with @LadySophiaBlack. We did a lot of #smokingfetish shots http://t.co/99OMkIulNB 105 views View photo
Working at @Murdermiles today, shooting this afternoon with the gorgeous @LadySophiaBlack #niceworkifyoucangetit http://t.co/35hOSiVhe4 141 views View photo
The beautiful Goddess @LadySophiaBlack http://t.co/InDRoo7FZc 92 views View photo
Worthy of worship. Another double picture with @msmorriganhel for @EnglishMansion #femdom #Footworship #Mistresses http://t.co/2jMaau2YQN 158 views View photo
From Fridays shoot with @LeFlooze. http://t.co/hW3tKy5rN5 111 views View photo
@MissAnnalieza another one... http://t.co/Seqxe2sqSk 99 views View photo
From my shopping trip yesterday, best hangover cure! #findom http://t.co/AWIlrMbueK 80 views View photo
Nice little treat I got in my inbox from @seanscottphotos http://t.co/oYl08uC48o 94 views View photo
Off on our night out at @violate in Glasgow with @misssarahjessic ... #femdom http://t.co/reKWnmWgTW 223 views View photo
Good times @LadySophiaBlack @ClubPdstl http://t.co/DI9BFICU 99 views View photo
Just seen the new pics from club pedestal last Friday... http://t.co/DIRS7CDH 108 views View photo
Whether he likes it or not he HAS to be my sissy now. Padlocked in. http://t.co/kBB73OVi 83 views View photo
More #smokingfetish http://t.co/ENxVdhzq 87 views View photo
Could do with a foot massage right now #footfetish http://t.co/p86Q3NbB 88 views View photo
But implants @misssarahjessic and Lady Sophia Black style! http://t.co/37nGv7Or 106 views View photo
Look what I caught in my trap.... http://t.co/98Au4KRO 93 views View photo
Oh look, I've finished my cigarette and have no ashtray, I elect your mouth. http://t.co/cmfzn8aJ 77 views View photo
To finish @missarahjessica gave @jingleunlimited a sound thigh #caning to round things up! Omnomnommm how pretty!!! http://t.co/HLESrhIX 73 views View photo
RT @lowlyserf1: One true Goddess. @LadySophiaBlack #divine #devotion #worship #superior http://t.co/fpTPMljv 81 views View photo
Your cock offends Me by being so small, I'm going to crush it... http://t.co/D9vTr3Bz 65 views View photo
Now worship them, slave. http://t.co/SSX9C84G 71 views View photo
RT @MistressEleise: Stunning @LadySophiaBlack filming her intense and wickedly creative #SmokingFetish scene. #FemDom #LeatherFetish htt ... 62 views View photo
RT @MistressEleise: A most elegant, feminine (and painful!) trampling: @LadySophiaBlack & Lady Lola #FemDom #FootFetish #TrampleFeti ... 82 views View photo
Oops, My hand slipped whilst I had a riding crop in it... http://t.co/mtKAoqSD 57 views View photo
And look what I found in Mistress Amandas cupboard. Not sure how long hes been there, looks very hungry! #cockmuncher http://t.co/CfhDRuN7 55 views View photo
How could you not drop to your knees in front of such beautiful dominant Women? #mistress #doubledomme http://t.co/cpUs8xnv 69 views View photo
Sneak of My outfit from yesterdays shoot. #latex and #fur looking like a #dominantlady! http://t.co/AcChdzWg 66 views View photo
We are far superior to you in every way possible, get on your knees and worship us. #domination #worship #mistress http://t.co/uDlqgcfl 56 views View photo
your duty is to amuse and serve in anyway I choose, that includes My friends too. sit still and kiss My feet.. http://t.co/nYnACAAn 61 views View photo
Somebody is missing out on My legs in #nylon. Carry on acting like a brat and they will be kicking you in the balls! http://t.co/UTf0DP73 62 views View photo
@_CMUK This is the one... http://t.co/LJ4qAy5M 61 views View photo
Made the slave worship My feet out in the garden in full view of the neighbours! That should get the curtains twitching http://t.co/YmqL14gM 63 views View photo
Worship your Goddess, you little wimp... http://t.co/l862rfxV 52 views View photo
he's totally under My control. No more sexy dancing, only pain now bitch... http://t.co/8IcMUrTh 54 views View photo
I will torture his nipples till he begs Me to stop... http://t.co/NTHnuPgl 66 views View photo
Smothered the bitch with My boobs... http://t.co/azItHNXG 49 views View photo
#IGetExcitedWhen I have this thing to play with... http://t.co/o6e7zdJA 47 views View photo
@Amelia_TS I want to abuse some cocks. Caning, electrics, weights... the list is endless, what to choose first? http://t.co/73BSYwfg 43 views View photo
@Yesmistress1 I have already posted the pic but I suppose I could let you have another peek... http://t.co/9Y0Xv3Pz 44 views View photo
Oooh... http://t.co/vLm0SOWI 54 views View photo
Submissive is an under statement! http://t.co/vwlA7wrd 49 views View photo
Now wrap the loser loser up, nice and tight... http://t.co/HEFilKml 41 views View photo
@LadySophiaBlack @maninpvc To help your answer... http://t.co/U9pl1QUY 51 views View photo
Fuck Me? I don't think so. I will be the only one doing the fucking around here! http://t.co/VkDXpzDQ 64 views View photo
Stupid slave made the mistake of suggesting rude things, guess what happens to this pitiful thing...? http://t.co/zlszEPBn 61 views View photo
Wednesday, December 31, 1969, 07:00pm 81 views View photo

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