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make up artist and glamour model.. http://www.studio66tv.com http://www.rudebwoy.co.uk http://www.saucytime.com/profile/9826/
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Back on shortly spk soon guys xx http://t.co/EKG76ewXNt 142 views View photo
@leigh_darby Warning! Anyone with a weak heart should not look at this. Unbelievably HOT! http://t.co/8uDW5wz64H 137 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday RT x http://t.co/gkjBgCCSES 86 views View photo
Back on @_studio66tv_ shortly xx http://t.co/p0cyz4h9C0 119 views View photo
No Ultimate Alter Ego tonight but I'm back on @_studio66tv_from 10pm on either 912, 927, 938 or 941 RT!! Xx http://t.co/MrDlc5JupB 61 views View photo
If you like a girl with a nice ass then follow @Sammi_Tye pls RT guys as it's her new account!!! Xxx http://t.co/DXqTywscA0 98 views View photo
Back on again at 10 on @_studio66tv_ look forward to your calls #RT http://t.co/ZfqZ5XBUdy 87 views View photo
@thebustyblogsit pls RT xx http://t.co/lvKinKCie5 66 views View photo
Back on sky 938 option 2 @_studio66tv_ who's my first caller when I get back on xx RT http://t.co/hCdmD2sCL4 79 views View photo
Call me guys on @_studio66tv_ back in 10 mins xx http://t.co/RqLoMctJow 57 views View photo
On screen on @_studio66tv_ in less 10 mins #sky #938 option 2 give me a call & RT Spk soon, mwah!! Xxx http://t.co/0psb7EyHjR 92 views View photo
Just over an hour to go b4 I hit your screens on @_studio66tv_ #ultimate #milf RTxxx http://t.co/hSsuadctPx 96 views View photo
Guys sorry 4 lack of tweets, heading to London as I'm on @_studio66tv_ from 10pm.. I hope you give me a call RT!! http://t.co/vHmKmRPUkJ 82 views View photo
“@StarlettTV: Sand castle dining. http://t.co/vNjcuPTcr3” how cool is that x 62 views View photo
On @_studio66tv_ at 10 probably on #sky 941 who's calling me #ultimatemilf Pls RT xx http://t.co/4Ro58stcR3 83 views View photo
@ZOO #ZOOTWITTES pls RT http://t.co/IOTT19juST 97 views View photo
On @_studio66tv_ in 5 mins guys, spk to you in a bit xxx RT #milf @anilos http://t.co/npWOR92cXQ 104 views View photo
If u want 2c more of my alter ego ultimate milf on here in vids or on tv, call @_studio66tv_ & tell her from 10pm RT! http://t.co/GaYmFKKObt 195 views View photo
My alter ego is standing in 4 me from 10pm filthier & hornier, if u want to hear & see more call @_studio66tv_ RT http://t.co/LnAUJP4eQx 122 views View photo
I have announcement to make within the next 20 minutes, I hope you boys won't be disappointed... @_studio66tv_ RT xx http://t.co/fLMws3aY8a 236 views View photo
Guys I'm on @_studio66tv_ from 10pm, give me a call @rammyrascal @RampantTV pls RT xxxx http://t.co/K3Po75d7N2 78 views View photo
“@jizzmagazine: Pic shot by @redromsreds RT if you like http://t.co/tEeumvZmTB” love the tones on this one xx 58 views View photo
Anyone need port updating in the northwest, get some stunning images from a Cheshire country house http://t.co/sVQHMRv49p 60 views View photo
Back on @_Studio66TV_ in 20 mins xx http://t.co/tI9acQuJme 103 views View photo
Here is me as Jane Bond Back on @_studio66tv_ from 10pm Monday night You know my fantasy now, call & tell me yours. http://t.co/rK6iqvNgXU 105 views View photo
@leigh_darby xxx http://t.co/Ah9DqnX9Y3 73 views View photo
I'm ready to shake my booty all night long on @_studio66tv_ so keep the calls coming you won't be disappointed xxx http://t.co/9b3S3PXgUg 61 views View photo
Guys I'm on @_studio66tv_ from 10pm who is going to keep me company tonight #filthychat http://t.co/yt4YF0PUmc 104 views View photo
@nuts_official pls RT this for me #NutsMagicMonday #bedroombabes xxxx http://t.co/so3IedQY8y 59 views View photo
Thanks for the calls guys & RT's back on @_studio66tv_ in a few mins xx http://t.co/egxeVWiYE5 68 views View photo
@fiazhamsath got my vid with @Sophia_Knight coming out this month on @jizzmagazine http://t.co/xUEjV99srk 103 views View photo
On @_studio66tv_ from 10pm, I look forward to your calls... Pls RT if you like my pic xx http://t.co/m8HfEK2FkF 96 views View photo
Thank you all for birthday msgs.the best cake ever made from a very special friend Megan! Love you baby thank you.x http://t.co/T2YtBMXbPq 67 views View photo
@nuts_official pls RT #FriskyFriday http://t.co/mgurzkuVIx 203 views View photo
Guys I'm back on @_studio66tv_ from 10 pm tonight, spread the word & give me a call xxx #TittyTuesday RT http://t.co/onsyKZ8rW9 157 views View photo
I'm on @_Studio66tv_ from 11pm hope to hear from you #filthychat #sexysunday http://t.co/qt7IXCTdjZ 79 views View photo
“@thesexpedition: #FriskyFriday @leigh_darby http://t.co/M2wMKsGxcB” mwah xx 64 views View photo
“@Faptotum: @leigh_darby @saucytimedotcom that poor bra... it can't hold them much longer.”I should take it off then http://t.co/NnadBOrPS2 82 views View photo
@ZOO #ZOOTWITTES pls RT http://t.co/Rd07tACBWR 63 views View photo
Me & @Sophia_Knight corrupting @Charlie_MUA http://t.co/nYMjQn3I 78 views View photo
On _studio66tv_ in less than 2 hours guys & gals xx @Sophia_Knight my naughty step daughter video coming soon http://t.co/8bgTROqC 80 views View photo
Another pic from today's shoot with @Sophia_Knight, spk to you guys later on @_studio66tv_ xx http://t.co/cQpm3m65 76 views View photo
The pic is from my last video, which will be in the @jizzmagazine store along with my shoot with @Sophia_Knight RT http://t.co/nQoNwFof 168 views View photo
Guys I'm on @_studio66tv_ tomorrow from 10pm & once I hit 10k followers I'll release a full naked & naughty video RT http://t.co/WQnP4CLM 159 views View photo
“@zeuszeusx: @leigh_darby ;) http://t.co/bMuV7mJR” love it xx 54 views View photo
If I had a dollar for evertime I though of Leigh Darby's #cleavage I'd be a millionare! follow her ‏@leigh_darby http://t.co/Ubh9uENY 68 views View photo
“@holdmyhandsdown: Think I've just found a new crush ;o) the stunning @leigh_darby http://t.co/N4NWuETN” mwah xx 46 views View photo
Next up! More followers needed for fully topless but here's a peek @leigh_darby . #leighdarbynight PLS RT http://t.co/A2pdixMu 55 views View photo
On a _studio66tv_ in less than 40 mins, who's keeping me company? Xx http://t.co/xQXSXD2x 58 views View photo
I'm on @_studio66tv_ 10 til 4 looking forward to your calls xx http://t.co/LLTbOfqG 43 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday pls RT xx http://t.co/YGcmZjIj 59 views View photo
I'm on @_Studio66TV_ at 10pm come & join me x http://t.co/BYOPH8oF 50 views View photo
don't have FaceTime also available for webchat via @jizzmagazine http://t.co/pwXGtgTy 31 views View photo
“@jizzmagazine: Pls follow @jizzmagazine Leeds sensation @abbigoodchild featured later this week, make up by me Pls RT http://t.co/dh5SXTQi” 43 views View photo
“@bunterjh: @leigh_darby http://t.co/bZydygOv” big kisses to you xx 27 views View photo
@Platinum_Asses xx http://t.co/EMz1p3OG 24 views View photo
@nuts_official #FriskyFriday RT xx http://t.co/NZ3NZaBm 22 views View photo
From my shoot today! Back on @_studio66tv_ on Monday #sexysecretary pls RT http://t.co/D4FRAMAj 61 views View photo
#Naked pls RT http://t.co/DRQKBB60 58 views View photo
@ZOO #ZOOTWITTES http://t.co/AGxS0zOK 114 views View photo
@boobstoday something to warm you up on a cold day! http://t.co/7zpscovt 43 views View photo
@hotties8888 http://t.co/mniWTlIC 69 views View photo
@Greg9wGreg happy birthday! http://t.co/mWT98zmv 55 views View photo
“@Dacoach24Tj: @leigh_darby I'd luv to have a night of fun with ur fine ass sexy :).” this ass?! ;) #thongthursday http://t.co/aUscx5tt 42 views View photo
Some still video footage from last night on @_studio66tv_ more later xxx http://t.co/sSycpddP 28 views View photo
RT @platinumbabes: NEW platinum babe @leigh_darby http://t.co/YN5aNGbz She's cute with a huge pair of puppies! 58 views View photo
"@jizzmagazine: Go on then here is another of the sexy, sassy @The_Charlie_Z RT & follow @jizzmagazine for more... http://t.co/slmB6sDy"LOVE 55 views View photo
RT @jizzmagazine: Last teaser image of @The_Charlie_Z images online soon.. Make Up by @leigh_darby images by @redromsreds RT if you like ... 32 views View photo
From my dungeon session last night #latex #fetish http://t.co/ClagWyjA 25 views View photo
“@todd311875: @leigh_darby Caught a bit of your show this morning. Wow! http://t.co/IOREHaU6” thank you babe- I was just finishing then xx 33 views View photo
If you follow me on here, when you call @_studio66tv_ introduce yourself #dontbeshy #filthychat http://t.co/5SbWWd6Y 32 views View photo
Back on @_Studio66TV_ tomorrow from 10pm til 5am come & say hello... #filthychat RT if you like pic #sexysunday #boobs http://t.co/iZDZe7LV 32 views View photo
@hotties8888 #thonglessthursday http://t.co/Wsvjzsfk 56 views View photo
RT @5hinShin: “@xsaban: http://t.co/PGB8eWII Enjoy, Share, Follow us and RT this if you want more!!!" Ah my absolute fave lady! So hot!! ... 31 views View photo
@boobstoday @sexy_laceyddd @rockellstar @coquette217 @jdddd40 @jennyxwho @justforfun_210 @ambermoanpdx is that ok? Xx http://t.co/AQUUKcNA 32 views View photo
@5hinShin could be 1 of 2 but here they are #oil http://t.co/ynGggBIg 42 views View photo
Some of you have mentioned this pic that didn't make my list #Mytoptenpicsof2012 http://t.co/KqBijrfS 41 views View photo
#Mytoptenpicsof2012 #8 http://t.co/wyuwrkuT 34 views View photo
@hotties8888 me after! X http://t.co/5aiTJDEQ 56 views View photo
Naughty Pic My Orgasmic Face.... RT if you like Shot by @jizzmagazine http://t.co/vx5e6Aw0 25 views View photo
@ZOO #ZOOTwitties morning xx http://t.co/EKPaJKKK 30 views View photo
@bigbustywomen @bigtitparadise @BikiniGirls69 @SexyPixBlog @boobstoday @UKBoobman @BoobsClub @BoobiesOnly RT pls xx http://t.co/Br5VCVnR 30 views View photo
I'm on from @_studio66tv_ from 10pm, look forward to your calls #filthychat http://t.co/hIvGTBiJ 52 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday http://t.co/t2oHEAiB 40 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday http://t.co/kEVRVKHU 28 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday http://t.co/Tl5AnyOa 28 views View photo
@leigh_darby another piccie 4 you xx #FriskyFriday #boobs http://t.co/xU7JCcEG 32 views View photo
I really love this pic pls RT if you do to xxx http://t.co/YWRY1Gou 33 views View photo
Thanks all for the great response of my bum pic!Thank you everyone forRt.front one just a teaser from my shoot today.x http://t.co/OgxcT87F 52 views View photo
#AssWednesday for all the followers asking for a bum shot! Here you go pls RT if you like xxx http://t.co/uRYiMFuI 44 views View photo
Sorry I've not been on much but hello everyone hope your all well- and a big welcome to new followers! Hope you enjoy! http://t.co/XBNl1pMC 60 views View photo
My lovely sunday dinner to top off a perfect day! http://t.co/0yeCF6sL 26 views View photo
@5hinShin @boobstoday There you go if you like boobs ! Xx http://t.co/PT5Eixuq 32 views View photo
Happy #MasturbationMonday 2the girls that keep my wank-bank full! ���� @leigh_darby @tashtease @TheTerriJane @TiaLayneXXX http://t.co/jo597Rlo 36 views View photo
RT @JodieMarsh: Another reason I wanna win the vote (in case you missed it) I've been through shit. Now I'm able to make a difference ht ... 23 views View photo
@BoobiesOnly pls rt if you like my #BigBoobs xxx http://t.co/j0Dxrv9J 18 views View photo
RT @5hinShin: My day is now complete!! One more load 2deliver ovr these beauties! Been looking forward 2this all day ;) @leigh_darby htt ... 31 views View photo
Sorry all for not posting pics over the last few days here's one to wet you appetite xx http://t.co/tmXtFJti 28 views View photo
RT @Dogg1169: RT @AmateurCurves @leigh_darby flashing some of the most massive jugs on twitter #freakyfriday @ChicksOnPhones http://t.co ... 57 views View photo
RT @5hinShin: Nothin bettr than gettin this pic on the 50"TV & shootin a huge load over these tits aftr a busy weeknd�� @leigh_darby ... 50 views View photo
RT @markdenverstoff: @leigh_darby I love this foto u have nice boobs http://t.co/hbxy8VRK 31 views View photo
“@mufcshirts: My 6 year old's spelling test from today at school #fail #bless http://t.co/Gs4wNujl” <-- hahahaha that is quality! #kidsrule 23 views View photo
Stocking stuffer RT @LAKExo: Audi gift ideas #wantanR8 http://t.co/EZZiNm3r 18 views View photo
Pls RT #TittyTuedsay http://t.co/MOPT6Oj6 24 views View photo
@leigh_darby As promised for followers new & old here is a fresh pic, pls RT & follow @jizzmagazine #sexy #stockings http://t.co/ecqbLUvB 24 views View photo
RT @Audi: Star Wars edition http://t.co/AmB4OmNA #WantAnR8 18 views View photo
“@jgos13: @leigh_darby http://t.co/yQtpxSvK”love it! Xx 17 views View photo
RT “@AmateurCurves: @leigh_darby has huge tatas @BigTitCertified http://t.co/5Rk9JlM6” 77 views View photo
“@leigh_darby: Last one till tomorrow xx #selfpix #SexySunday #boobs http://t.co/uISxR82r” those righties are just asking to be cummed on x 41 views View photo
“@leigh_darby: For my many new followers xx http://t.co/haVy0VAl” helloooooo secretary xXx 37 views View photo
For my new followers, follow @jizzmagazine for new exclusive images this week & every week, in tge meantime... RT http://t.co/qt6Pb7Qn 47 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday http://t.co/ABLPpCcw 48 views View photo
@nuts_official #nutsmagicmonday http://t.co/ceJYKY0e 67 views View photo
@5hinShin @boobiesonly are these oily enough? X http://t.co/zcnCuZGG 36 views View photo
@GaryjohnQuinn there you go xx http://t.co/qDNLGLny 43 views View photo

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