Timothy Omundson

Northern Hemisphere...mostly.
Semi-Pro Astronaut, Actor, Occasional Bounty Hunter. Not necessarily in that order.

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Thanks for coming out! “@nomifoster #USAupfront @Omundson still managed a fitting shout out for us fans. #PsychLove http://t.co/7xNLujTxRX” 23 views View photo
Hey @Omundson, you tagging again? http://t.co/oDGmdqnUbp 15 views View photo
“@SamiTheSquirrel: Reading Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey. Main characters is "Lassiter".. Giddy Yup! http://t.co/2YXMJZTdgL 24 views View photo
@Psych_USA @maggielawson and I doing our best Scully and Mulder. #ShootingInRainyVancouver http://t.co/UyebWwg6r8 25 views View photo
The one on the right. RT @Kenjitalpe @Mario_TFshooter @Unicorn_Punch @valer1e_says Which man is that?:-) http://t.co/VePYg7vmFz 25 views View photo
Darn it. I knew I wore the wrong hat. http://t.co/sw8B0FcGCw 13 views View photo
Ye Olde Tyme Renaissance Fair. This is against my better judgment. http://t.co/BUnMn3bPPS 21 views View photo
Here's a sneak peek of Marlowe @KristySwansonXO & Carlton's @Omundson #PsychWedding cake. Eat it up tonight at 10. http://t.co/90NezbRo5g 14 views View photo
Man! Now that was a fun time! Thanks @iamjessicahall @bobguiney @playboyradio (sorry about what I did to your rug). http://t.co/ua39NUCYkn 34 views View photo
This: http://t.co/wDFwaBkW9P 15 views View photo
Is there anything in it for me? RT @BenWise Los Angeles: making dreams come true. http://t.co/HFiVc6Qsdp 25 views View photo
Happy Easter @DuleHill, @maggielawson & @Omundson! #youknowthatsright http://t.co/zxNBRUkoLz 16 views View photo
I want one of these!...I'm not kidding, send me one, Terry. RT @Psych_USA C'mon son, It's #Psych100 prizeathon time! http://t.co/oJ8yKtFPco 15 views View photo
Aaalooooow HA! RT @curtsmith @Psych_USA @nelsonKirsten @DuleHill @maggielawson Happy #Psych100 to all! http://t.co/ja29uaNc7K 23 views View photo
@dicksp8jr and I have never looked more handsome. RT @StephanieW909 Great practice at drawing facial hair. http://t.co/xtzUH1L269 18 views View photo
Hey, @petergallagher. This was the subject of that confusing thread. W/ those eyebrows, I look like your love child. http://t.co/rF3CbCKqMx 22 views View photo
Dinned with @dicksp8jr this afternoon. The people in the next booth have very good taste. http://t.co/CFG4DrRzks 24 views View photo
Awesome @Omundson onscreen Twitter credit. Even looks like @DuleHill is pointing to it. Nicely done @Psych_USA! http://t.co/S7sLUWEOAo 20 views View photo
All you need to know about Wednesday's #PSYCH episode: http://t.co/mMlEx1fsph 18 views View photo
My new profile pic: http://t.co/K9dnDCdRaU @GroovyBruce 33 views View photo
That's messed up. RT @WinkyCutto How do you like my new screen saver? BEST SCENE EVER. #psych #HeeeeresLassie http://t.co/eYIcerjW 28 views View photo
Cheater. RT @jedipirate @Psych_USA Commercial break power nap. http://t.co/is2J85Bx #PsychSlumberParty 22 views View photo
Try not to get a VD on V.D. http://t.co/LfXsTWNk 17 views View photo
He'd love it. RT @JillianLuvPsych Happy #psych Valentines Day! Made this for Lassie, think he'd use it? http://t.co/n4u0UrS3 18 views View photo
That is my 'Elf On The Shelf' pose. RT @Psych_USA #hiatusbeard is in full effect. http://t.co/Xd0jzlaW 17 views View photo
HA! RT @Eyesore42 Lassie, Star Wars:The Old Republic style. No mistaking that smile. http://t.co/8mDU5PBB 23 views View photo
Hazzah!!!! @admiralfinley Success completion of cancer therapy! http://t.co/xgtzl0GI 22 views View photo
RT @ozarkghosthunte: @Omundson HEY TIM Introducing the worlds youngest and smallest PSYCH-O! Calli Elena Deatherage! Born yesterday!7lb, ... 17 views View photo
What can one say about this New Baby card except for "...ummm...gross"? http://t.co/a2wYmYQf 16 views View photo
And obviously LOVE you very, very much. RT @singalldaylong My parents KNOW me. #earlyChristmas @Psych_USA http://t.co/fR2cCiTf 22 views View photo
SMART Kid! RT @SkoolPsychMo @quoriwow @Psych_USA @DuleHill yeah, our 9 year old refused to leave without you! :D http://t.co/K4YuDBn9 14 views View photo
Awwww, that's one of my childhood favorites! @LuckoftheDraw86 That's sweet. You should read them this next. http://t.co/H2MLo8GA 18 views View photo
My girls love this bedtime story: http://t.co/T2A7T49a 18 views View photo
Finished my caricature of Detective Lassiter from Psych! Another fun one to draw @Psych_USA @Omundson http://t.co/rvwQhkBT 24 views View photo

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