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cristal yissel's photos 21 photos

at work...RockStar nails is open..hit me up for appointments http://t.co/hT73dmYq 39 views View photo
#RockStarNailsSalon http://t.co/lg8a5Nbn 34 views View photo
ROCKSTAR nails 5875 Ferry St. Niagara falls NOW OPEN http://t.co/kuqtYH1P 35 views View photo
Woke up today to an insane amount of messages from friends going nuts that @Drake tweeted about a #RadioNetw http://t.co/Q9P5LjNO 50 views View photo
ROCKSTAR nails ~5875 Ferry St. Niagara Falls..opens 2day! http://t.co/3HWwIaae 30 views View photo
"@fingabandit: Book @SexiBarbie Published Model/Hostess/Vixen [email protected] http://t.co/QIqmwsrU" 56 views View photo
RT @NYCLuckyCharms: Happy birthday to my favorite white girl in the world @sexibarbie��May God bless you with many more���� http://t.co/xm9 ... 50 views View photo
Me n my baby @sexibarbie gettin nasty �� http://t.co/f5MxqpmE 33 views View photo
RT @TrealandPrince: [email protected]: Tanya Lieder aka Sexibarbie http://t.co/YWNyU5Vf? 56 views View photo
Tanya Lieder aka Sexibarbie http://t.co/LXwJDwXn 58 views View photo
Tanya Lieder http://t.co/uLK9D7D2 67 views View photo
http://t.co/YDDzQy5z 32 views View photo
Me n @realdiamonddoll �� http://t.co/dWlH4psz 50 views View photo
�� http://t.co/Q96Or0I6 34 views View photo
�� http://t.co/QuKMTWYW 36 views View photo
�� http://t.co/TTJdB2jT 34 views View photo
http://t.co/XaUFWnzB 25 views View photo
Sexiest Bootylicious Twins A Live #BootyWorship missdiamonddoll's photo http://t.co/AhcUqXKf 36 views View photo
Love this pic me n @realdiamonddoll http://t.co/DjVXzjed 50 views View photo
Just did em #RockStarNails http://t.co/o7KBhG8Z 34 views View photo
"@MsKittyPretty: Is this you!? LOL @SexiBarbie I saw this on a commercial... http://t.co/xiB5s5wL" <~lol yea I was like 19 lol 37 views View photo

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