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Sonia Baghdady

Host of daytime talk show The Juice on Z Living TV, Emmy-award winning news anchor, producer and style blogger.

Sonia Baghdady's photos 94 photos

RT @Veria_Living: So simple, yet so difficult! - http://t.co/JY78kLaEP6 http://t.co/ZMtfG6nQJ9 39 views View photo
RT @evanrachelwood: Genie. You're free. http://t.co/FWQWPDPP42 33 views View photo
The contrasting look of styling 'Black + White' now on http://t.co/NQx769PLx8 http://t.co/8CLxkWzaXp http://t.co/VAd0oTOzuY 38 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: See our mention in Marie Claire! http://t.co/yP0XAm8Jmw @MarieClaire @VeriaNaturals #Ayurveda #Beauty #crueltyfree http:/… 35 views View photo
Hosting #Margarita #Millionaire at @FoxwoodsCT with @StevenSchirripa Thanks for a fun night! http://t.co/7dV9QMeCjc 29 views View photo
Such a fun greeting in my hotel room at @FoxwoodsCT Thank you for the warm welcome #TheJuice @Veria_Living http://t.co/qNSDZSYJQg 24 views View photo
Getting ready to make someone a millionaire tonight at @FoxwoodsCT alongside @StevenSchirripa #margaritamillionaire http://t.co/mXl9oAqzi4 14 views View photo
With @NeYoCompound in #TimesSquare after his @BGCA_Clubs performance! #GreaterFutures #TheJuice @Veria_Living http://t.co/QbQO7Dit0r 8 views View photo
RT @chucknicecomic: This smile brought to you by #beauty. Surround yourself with it, I certainly did! @SoniaBaghdady @rochelleaytes http://… 42 views View photo
So excited to have won another #TellyAward with @maxlipka for our #GUESSWatches #Face2Face series! http://t.co/eHyNedZd1L 16 views View photo
RT @JayceeGossett: Here we are mid show on "The Juice"! On@Veria_Living TV @SoniaBaghdady @chucknicecomic @dreminaya juicey family pic! htt… 19 views View photo
Hitting the bar early for a #Heineken shoot http://t.co/I4FLLcoHnY 31 views View photo
So nice catching up with @EllenBarrettFIT today on #TheJuice Check out her latest book #The28DaysLighterDiet http://t.co/TE9BG08Du3 33 views View photo
RT @BellaOrganici: Who's watching us at 1pm on #TheJuice @Veria_Living @SoniaBaghdady @JayceeGossett @Andrew_Foord @AndyPeeke #organic http… 39 views View photo
@latoyajackson joins #TheJuice to talk about her engagement, her show on @OWNTV and more today at 1 on @Veria_Living http://t.co/V68FBv8kMP 36 views View photo
@ABC's @danbharris joins me and @mattjmcclure on The Juice on @Veria_Living to talk about being #10%happier http://t.co/wHMPOjSInd 39 views View photo
A big ole #pajamaparty today on The Juice on @Veria_Living with @AlysonCharles @JayceeGossett @twbrill @ItsBMcKnight http://t.co/iLeiDgYLCg 43 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: A special thanks to our co-hosts! @SoniaBaghdady @alysoncharles @DrDaleAtkins @dreminaya @chucknicecomic #TheJuice http:/… 20 views View photo
A huge thank you to @MindyProjectFOX's @XoshaRockstar for joining us today on The Juice on @Veria_Living! http://t.co/jfw5J4C7Dh 21 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: Squeeze in time 4 'The Juice.' Mixing celebrity guests, health, food, fitness, beauty & more! http://t.co/kuTyxfg9cs http… 12 views View photo
Our Memorial Day special with @DrOz @Montel_Williams @DavidBuer starts in 10 minutes on @Veria_Living! See you there! http://t.co/SvMEHWqGFZ 28 views View photo
RT @DavidBuer: Tune in to Today's Memorial Day Special w/ @DrOz @Montel_Williams @SoniaBaghdady & I on @Veria_Living http://t.co/x6VbgzCy30 14 views View photo
RT @FleetWeekNYC: @DrOz @Montel_Williams during taping of @Veria_Living during 2014 #FleetWeekNYC. #USNavy #USMC #USCG http://t.co/LJSvknVh… 31 views View photo
There she is... @chucknicecomic in his crowning glory on @Veria_Living! http://t.co/aZfnb5r4X0 11 views View photo
Thanks @RealBreeTurner for joining me and @mattjmcclure on @Veria_Living to chat about the @NBCGrimm season finale! http://t.co/fl2y3tBOKP 42 views View photo
Part 2 of my latest #Face2Face project for #GUESS Watches featuring pastry chef @MiriamHope http://t.co/BWryiWJZu1 http://t.co/nLtC4VI7Fn 18 views View photo
RT @CandiceKumai: Hola friends! I'm co-hosting @verialiving this am with @soniabaghdady & @mattjmcclure #TheJuice. #cleangreen cooking http… 10 views View photo
RT @CandiceKumai: On set cooking with the fabulous @verialiving girls @robynyoukilis and @soniabaghdady this am. #cleangreendrinks http://t… 29 views View photo
Happy Derby Day! #KentuckyDerby fun on @Veria_Living with @AlysonCharles @DavidZPrice and HGTV's @jamiedurietweet http://t.co/4ybeS6OcbR 14 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: Watch the Kentucky Derby fun w/Veria's funnyman @DavidZPrice and #HGTVs @jamiedurietweet on VeriaLivingLive @ 1PMET http:… 33 views View photo
RT @AlysonCharles: @ChefMcCargo is HEATIN & SPICIN it up in the @Veria_Living kitchen today at 1! See @SoniaBaghdady & I try to cook😜 http:… 14 views View photo
Thank you to the incredibly talented @Zendaya for joining us on @Veria_Living! #Zendaya #Replay #Zapped #Disney #VLL http://t.co/BIDLINQ1Mr 26 views View photo
@Susan_Lucci talks Season 2 of @lifetimetv's #DeviousMaids today at 1pm on @Veria_Living http://t.co/g5qSdDaCdW 35 views View photo
RT @mattjmcclure: Me and @SoniaBaghdady with the amazing @s_epatha on @Veria_Living LIVE Thursday! So great to have her on show! #vll http:… 29 views View photo
@roccodispirito spicin' things up on @Veria_Living Win 2 weeks with Rocco as your chef & coach http://t.co/kbIn969UKK http://t.co/kjDCg6di4W 33 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: Get ur asana to the park! @Veria_Living is hosting free yoga sessions in Union Sq, NYC on 4/22 http://t.co/8cwLHfJawX htt… 25 views View photo
Mr. Chocolate @jacquestorres whipping up tasty #Easter treats in our @Veria_Living Live kitchen! http://t.co/UMDfnR56ZX 21 views View photo
NEW blog post on http://t.co/vOZtHbgr9v Lemon + Lace http://t.co/yuQTcuk9FI @NhaKhanh @TiffanyAndCo @VictoriasSecret http://t.co/0NjijRMVNX 34 views View photo
RT @AlysonCharles: My #Superstar #BeverlyHillsPawn girls @CoryOliverOne & @ariajohnson hanging with @mattjmcclure & I at 1! CC: @BHPawn htt… 21 views View photo
RT @mattjmcclure: Ready to go live with @SoniaBaghdady on @Veria_Living live!!! :) http://t.co/HajsZlJfpY 13 views View photo
On the red carpet at the @HealthCorps gala with the amazing @goldiehawn @Veria_Living @GNDNY http://t.co/5tIbEinhS5 26 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: @JayceeGossett may have lost the #MarchMadness bet but she definitely won at #pieing @SoniaBaghdady right back 😋 http://t… 33 views View photo
RT @Montel_Williams: Check me out on @veria_Living today at 1pm est with hosts @soniabaghdady @mattjmclure http://t.co/svZ3aYtkOF 42 views View photo
Hangin with @ElvisDuranShow and the @Z100NewYork crew for a #guesswatches shoot with @MiriamHope @maxlipka @ddnickel http://t.co/RjID4AuVmv 19 views View photo
Tune in Monday to @Veria_Living Live at 1pm when @Montel_Williams joins us as guest co-host! #vll #verialiving http://t.co/MKrTufNSiT 19 views View photo
RT @meggylynch: Great bra segment today on @Veria_Living with @SoniaBaghdady @robynyoukilis @chucknicecomic @HurrayKimmay http://t.co/h9uDf… 34 views View photo
A colorful & fun shoot day with @MiriamHope of #tastebyspellbound for #GUESS Watches! @GuessOneToWatch http://t.co/hTR8vycAnQ 37 views View photo
RT @robynyoukilis: A beautiful meal w my beautiful co-hosts on #VLL @soniabaghdady @robinelberzin @jayceegossettdance @channelmagical! http… 22 views View photo
RT @mattjmcclure: Fun w/Jim & Elizabeth Carroll from @WEtv on @Veria_Living Live! Miss it at 1? Join me & @SoniaBaghdady at 10p & 12am! htt… 8 views View photo
RT @JTLatinoHealth: 6 days to #GetCovered, as reported by @Veria_Living today! http://t.co/6peHVPEOWH 34 views View photo
RT @robynyoukilis: So excited to have @Franceslrothrd on Veria Living Live today @Veria_Living! Love her new cookbook Eating In Color. http… 25 views View photo
Such fun co-hosting @Veria_Living Live with @robynyoukilis and @Jennipulos of "Flipping Out" on @Bravotv http://t.co/zI5eAT9Xsq 39 views View photo
Spring promo shoot in the park... in the freezing cold! @Veria_Living #chelsea #nyc #hudsonriver http://t.co/XMQCK9Rai7 12 views View photo
Not trying to rub it in or anything... #nicebrackets @Veria_Living http://t.co/5LZ6uDIHr4 23 views View photo
Gave my guest room bed a makeover #DIY #bedroommakeover http://t.co/aEWB427w2K 30 views View photo
Fun times in the @Veria_Living kitchen and more with @mattjmcclure and special guest co-host @AJHammer http://t.co/3YwkFZi5q6 7 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: @JaiSugrim wows @SoniaBaghdady & guest co-host @AJHammer w/his yoga techniques on VLL @ 1 PMET http://t.co/VfNdzdNcVT htt… 20 views View photo
RT @Veria_Living: This week's guests on VLL: @KelseyNixon @JaiSugrim @realbdw @EmmaSlaterDance. Get your tickets http://t.co/UgXpGZgAzl htt… 17 views View photo
RT @TVShowTix: Did You Know: @StevenSchirripa makes a mean red sauce! W/ @SoniaBaghdady & @jennyhutt http://t.co/PkkFbrFquG 12 views View photo
RT @AlysonCharles: Clearly @SoniaBaghdady and I like to debate AND laugh and we're back with #allnew episodes of #TheJuice today at1! 🍊 htt… 14 views View photo
RT @TVShowTix: The hilarious @jennyhutt will be co-hosting #TheJuice July 16th! Free audience tickets at http://t.co/jWsqiC86lB http://t.co… 22 views View photo
RT @TVShowTix: Cooking Channel's @KelseyNixon will be co-hosting #TheJuice next Thursday. Grab her new recipe book, it's awesome. http://t.… 20 views View photo
Thanks @mojospa for letting us shoot at your shop for our #guesswatches project! #chicago #wickerpark http://t.co/HUucN8ZKVE 28 views View photo
#AquaSummer party shoot for #GUESSWatches with DJ @mattroan & Makeup artist @Shannicat http://t.co/WvJT84a2Sx 32 views View photo
Architecture tour of Chicago for a #GUESS Watches shoot http://t.co/om7NE96wtn 33 views View photo
Saluting the red, white & blue with @AlysonCharles and @chucknicecomic today at 1PM ET on The Juice on @Veria_Living http://t.co/yaOMY8ihLw 23 views View photo
RT @AlysonCharles: What a blessing these #friends are💗 So much #love & thanks, @SoniaBaghdady & @JayceeGossett! #wellness #fitness #joy htt… 38 views View photo
Watch our interview with 'Bachelor' star @bugrobertson on #TheJuice on @Veria_Living http://t.co/eJlEQD0Lw0 http://t.co/juKcX1gDcD 8 views View photo
RT @TVShowTix: Behind the scenes view at #TheJuice @soniabaghdady @chucknicecomic @AlysonCharles @kurtjohnsen http://t.co/BszL7g81RT 19 views View photo
RT @bugrobertson: @Veria_Living @AJHammer & @soniabaghdady I did come here to make friends🍊 Thanks for having me http://t.co/TOY8c5AjJA htt… 30 views View photo
Tune in at 1PM ET for another jam-packed "Juice" with @dreminaya @ErekaV and @goodenufmother on @Veria_Living! http://t.co/0KNFhZuEdJ 40 views View photo
RT @BellaOrganici: So blessed #thejuice @Veria_Living @SoniaBaghdady @JayceeGossett @AndyPeeke @Andrew_Foord @LeaRannells http://t.co/ysan5… 20 views View photo
Behind the scenes at Wheel of Fortune in NYC http://t.co/pKkZVkpFF1 35 views View photo
RT @KarmaSalon_NH: Another photo from our GUESS Watches shoot! Hair by Karma's Cheryl McMahon. @SoniaBaghdady @GuessOneToWatch @ddnickel ... 42 views View photo
RT @KarmaSalon_NH: Shoot for Guess Watches! Hair by Karma's Cheryl McMahon.Photo by Steve DePino Photography. @SoniaBaghdady @ddnickel h ... 53 views View photo
So apparently @DarrenKramer8 and @SoniaBaghdady have been playing with my iPad. http://t.co/nfKZagwi 59 views View photo
Post NBA sports nap. http://t.co/mynTRUSj 90 views View photo
Interviewing singer/songwriter Ashanti about her upcoming album, "Braveheart" http://t.co/yTDOO0yM 73 views View photo
@ShrineMGM interviewing @Karina_Smirnoff http://t.co/DBuNkHRz 109 views View photo
Thursday, June 17, 2010, 02:13am 2,646 views View photo
Thursday, June 17, 2010, 02:12am 620 views View photo
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 04:09pm 2,867 views View photo
Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 12:07am 2,760 views View photo
Monday, April 26, 2010, 08:34pm 2,314 views View photo
Friday, March 12, 2010, 08:19pm 2,087 views View photo
Friday, March 12, 2010, 04:21am 1,815 views View photo
Friday, March 12, 2010, 01:24am 1,572 views View photo
Worst Oscar party ever. http://yfrog.com/14pf3j 33 views View photo
FIRST LOOK: New WTNH logo just premiered on Oscars. http://yfrog.com/0kgfkj 24 views View photo
Friday, March 05, 2010, 04:34pm 1,286 views View photo
Monday, March 01, 2010, 02:59pm 1,246 views View photo
Monday, March 01, 2010, 01:24pm 1,921 views View photo
Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 06:29pm 88 views View photo
Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 06:28pm 53 views View photo

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