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Kellie Kay

The Official Twitter of SSBBW Kellie Kay - http://t.co/s9saxs4kKU Over a 1/4 Ton of FUN and Growing! xox http://t.co/iGeWNluEPB

Kellie Kay's photos 277 photos

Holy fook. Less than 10 days until @JackMurrayKelly is heeere! Then off to Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh & Canada! http://t.co/BCoZ0YXKTs 31 views View photo
Now that's a stuffed belly! Thanks @fatloving28 xoxoxxx http://t.co/NNZ7eprhMu 41 views View photo
Thanks for th feast @fatloving28 it's wonderful! http://t.co/7D7Z1JKCsc 24 views View photo
@Joeatkins26King gladly! http://t.co/8gv6xFOAs7 32 views View photo
RT @PaigeReignxxx: A memorial service will be held for @somerinthesouth. http://t.co/zXEy9ujGZU 41 views View photo
RT @RayaReece: Hot dogs be creepin..... http://t.co/WV8AaFBl4C 18 views View photo
RT @plumperpass: 4 more information BBWCon @bbwcon http://t.co/FY8p5SOyqn sign up 4 the mailing list. Tickets n Hotel Rooms 4 sale now http… 43 views View photo
Like some sort of contest where I would give the winner this outfit - Sound like fun? http://t.co/96eLqHv3fp 40 views View photo
RT @thefatash: Take me out to a ballgame, take my belly out for a crowd, buy me every snack they have #ssbbw http://t.co/zQ3lM8l07d http://… 29 views View photo
RT @bizarremagazine: RT @SSBBWKellieKay: Thank you @TwistyXxX & @BigCutie_MzPuss for sending me the Bizarre issue I was in! Love you! Xoxo … 16 views View photo
Wth?! It's missing cute characters! There was a fat lady in @BigMamaJ00 game that's why I got it! @SpinMasterGames http://t.co/J6aOR0eIks 25 views View photo
Then a new personal update showing you my new fatty mobile! #ssbbw http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd http://t.co/6fjVNNBrCL 49 views View photo
Two video updates this week! First 1 - My very first face sitting video http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw #facesitting http://t.co/ZZStiKniJa 26 views View photo
RT @TwistyXxX: Was hugely amused that someone on Tumblr just commented "isn't this @SSBBWKellieKay?" on this! @BigCutie_MzPuss XxX http://t… 19 views View photo
RT @OdetteDelacroix: All night with #PS3! AND my #birthday is October 15th. Make my collection go from drab to fab http://t.co/cAklFnu3Vy h… 54 views View photo
I made this logo literally 5 years ago... woah. I'm so much fatter now!!! http://t.co/vdJl570jTl 31 views View photo
SSBBW Pinup BODacious Kellie Kay http://t.co/IXS5mmDlXL via @clips4sale http://t.co/8mJHx6Wcad 17 views View photo
I may or may not be eating dinner while laying down on the couch. Don't judge me. http://t.co/CHTI7tw61b 45 views View photo
Bakery road trip with love of my life @BigMamaJ00 hohocaaaakkkke! http://t.co/Hyl6UfRM9F 10 views View photo
Have you added me to snapchat yet?! Kellybellyohio be sure to tell me who you are! http://t.co/pvwMzCjtNE 31 views View photo
Did you watch my first ever facesitting video on my site?! If not... You should! Who's next?! http://t.co/zXGAcEHjW5 http://t.co/Rq0Wi47txx 19 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: “@duchessbbwfan: @SSBBWKellieKay #ssbbw #belly #bellyhang #cake #birthdaygirl #sexy http://t.co/WLmk827D0h” 27 views View photo
I love this one, even with my bruised butt from breaking that stool, stupid fatty stool wasn't fatty enough! haha http://t.co/AhU9O5qRcN 23 views View photo
I'm checking out my site & saw i left a blooper in my silhouette set lol oops! http://t.co/wNnBtCOBHY http://t.co/Ca09bemoux 19 views View photo
Couldn't pick one so I got both, I'm trying to find a color theme for my car! Which do you like better? http://t.co/4xpsQc7lPr 20 views View photo
And my c4s http://t.co/6gSco5w9U6 so much super fatness! Xoxoxxx http://t.co/x4TqOCO5kd 21 views View photo
Goodbye old friend :( http://t.co/RXDi53nT2y 41 views View photo
http://t.co/57LugR4YSK 21 views View photo
The video for my silhouette set at http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw http://t.co/xvSRLpZnZi 16 views View photo
Super sized silhouette! New set and video on http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw http://t.co/3vG9ofXM3C 30 views View photo
RT @Danni__Rae: Nighty night :) http://t.co/zg0kt8DM1c 26 views View photo
RT @BBW_Delicious: @DirtyLittleDiva @OdetteDelacroix poor little Odette gets punished #2013 http://t.co/AzuBD6Xtc5 21 views View photo
RT @TheFeedeeLife: Quite a few years ago. I think I like my dark hair . #ssbbw http://t.co/wTnwFgFMXS 43 views View photo
RT @FatCurvyStories: fleshy paradise with @LexxxiLuxe and @BbwSofiaRose http://t.co/py1YnU8ltc http://t.co/ACifz0HWRZ 39 views View photo
RT @StockImageStory: #StockImageStory http://t.co/oEswWv16dK 21 views View photo
“@LittleMissFats: http://t.co/BaSMFCFDvZ!!!! http://t.co/Wi8ZTIEoil” look at this cute girl! Ahhh! Just wanna cover her in kisses! 39 views View photo
Feeling better! http://t.co/XAcWxh5KQK 28 views View photo
RT @BBW_Delicious: On our way to Japan today so excited! !! #bodaciousXstudios @izmmkt @DirtyLittleDiva @BbwSofiaRose @TheWizardofBOD http:… 28 views View photo
RT @thefatash: Pretty new update is up at http://t.co/zQ3lM8l07d! one of my favorite sets yet thanks to @SSBBWKellieKay! #SSBBW http://t.co… 40 views View photo
RT @LivnLrgChicago: Can't wait to see you Kellie! http://t.co/UsovtiZz3H 40 views View photo
RT @LunaLovex: #fattyfriday ? #ssbbw http://t.co/JbpYcV1aic 38 views View photo
Could I get away with wearing this in public! Lol it's a bra and a miniskirt ha http://t.co/eHjwlw8UIM 35 views View photo
RT @Benito71508950: Omg perfect for a doggy RT if she makes u #horny @carrieland http://t.co/ME6QM5jROc #bbw #bigass #phatass #doggystyle #… 48 views View photo
RT @ChrisH2H4: "@SSBBWKellieKay: Super fat silhouette coming soon to my site! http://t.co/xmMfmWAwEZ #ssbbw http://t.co/1gEt8UsNWs" looks g… 41 views View photo
And a video to go with it! Just added to my site! http://t.co/zXGAcEHjW5 #ssbbw http://t.co/SXZNZ4h5pl 93 views View photo
Who's fat? I'm fat. Look at this belly! New update http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd #ssbbw http://t.co/j68JAx0AJo 102 views View photo
#BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale Strawberry Shortcake Fan Feeding and Belly Rubs http://t.co/rIM8prXe2R via @clips4sale http://t.co/uuvd1BhZew 115 views View photo
#BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale #SSBBW Belly Worship and Belly Make Out Session http://t.co/W1AdupWUcg via @clips4sale http://t.co/hmCmOgvTmg 130 views View photo
Worked on this weeks set today, I'll finish it tmrw and it'll go up! Look at that belly! <3 http://t.co/y38VuHtMYd http://t.co/JJata37xLI 83 views View photo
Whomever thought it was a good idea to add chocolate to my wishlist in summer was dumb. It's melted. It was my belly! http://t.co/SfSsdRlC06 69 views View photo
RT @DirtyLittleDiva: Mega #bbw shoot!!! #ssbbw @BBW_Delicious @OdetteDelacroix @ValleryVixen @diorlove69 @AlexxxisAllure @phoenixxx_bbw ht… 96 views View photo
RT @DirtyLittleDiva: Shooting @BBW_Delicious and @BbwSofiaRose #facesitting http://t.co/MSQUfhRH91 74 views View photo
RT @DirtyLittleDiva: Just updated my clips4sale with a NEW #BBW #SSBBW #FatTalk video!! Come preview it at http://t.co/Awo2osjZM2 http://t.… 80 views View photo
RT @DirtyLittleDiva: My #Booty looks fabulous in my newest #FatTalk video!! It has been updated to my site, http://t.co/XxEEdE5zGm http://… 68 views View photo
Rolled out of bed to come see @fallinwest151 and @BigMamaJ00 and they made me this masterpiece! Breakfast lasagna! http://t.co/GTxneHwssH 30 views View photo
another vid update! Watch me fill my cart with sweets as passerby's stare and I happy squeal! http://t.co/zXGAcEHjW5 http://t.co/tTs6Ei0RNl 45 views View photo
This beautiful @Ploom Pax came in the mail today :) my smoke allergy & asthma will no longer stop me! Thank you Sam! http://t.co/qB4bz3Par4 36 views View photo
RT @victorceara: #FF #fatfriday @SSBBWKellieKay @BigCutieSasha @thefatash @BettiePumpkin @BigGirlBigMouth @Vanilla_Pear @bigcutiesteph http… 56 views View photo
This is gonna be the best day ever! @thefatash http://t.co/U4D7KO3BC9 49 views View photo
Most unflattering photo ever. @fallinwest151 @BigMamaJ00 #whofarted http://t.co/LlV8MiyMWC 34 views View photo
RT @krispykreme: #DoughnutRun? Yes, please! http://t.co/Ci3SjzANLw 40 views View photo
#BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale Strawberry Shortcake Fan Feeding and Belly Rubs http://t.co/rIM8prGb0R via @clips4sale http://t.co/EMh4mjJ9z1 70 views View photo
#BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale #SSBBW Belly Worship and Belly Make Out Session http://t.co/Tuz54GMlAb via @clips4sale http://t.co/d0dVBNNtyk 52 views View photo
RT @BigCutieRemy: Wanna go for a ride? #bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/4T6iuoV9OF http://t.co/md2F4QLBrQ http://t.co/ZpDPdnRtWf 72 views View photo
Bye philly! http://t.co/ViRU5CigVZ 37 views View photo
Sooo i made a really hot belly worship/makeout video... and I moaned waaay too much whooops! but i loved it! http://t.co/Dtow1OIRJJ 75 views View photo
The sun made my hair look so bright! http://t.co/lhBpqNLgW6 56 views View photo
Sooo @KayaNee and just I ordered a light dinner..... Lolz http://t.co/7F77RhfaH5 39 views View photo
30 min vid of me squashing him in a million different ways! Can't wait to upload it to my site http://t.co/6K0sntKTXC http://t.co/GZjDoPna27 74 views View photo
Just made a new squashing & belly loving vid w my friend! He did amazing! Should I post a screen grab so you can see? http://t.co/D80flmYx7H 41 views View photo
RT @Sam38G: Took 3 whole seconds before gigi photobombed me http://t.co/8pFzFLqoAx 38 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: “@RayaReece: Look at this beautiful woman! @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/YpPJheWIR9” 40 views View photo
Taking up 2 seats! Lol http://t.co/ESRufiYHZB 86 views View photo
I got sooo sun burned! So worth it! http://t.co/XrfRBKcMMG 78 views View photo
So Vegas was amazing, have I mentioned that lately? I fucking miss my roommie @RayaReece http://t.co/tchklHI4h6 77 views View photo
RT @StarStruckBBW: Want 7 different clips AND want to save $32? http://t.co/BC303n8vM4 9 different style videos in 1! http://t.co/PjTJ44S28Y 72 views View photo
It's been beautiful 10 years! Xox @DirtyLittleDiva & @TheWizardofBOD helped me from the start and got where I am now! http://t.co/UXQ2Oyy0cC 57 views View photo
So happy to see the lovely big cutie Mary bo berry and @Caitidee! Love them to pieces! http://t.co/WnesgHItFQ 74 views View photo
Thank you Brad! Whoever you are! These will be yummy! :) http://t.co/pQhnO3VLWM 73 views View photo
Ours <3 @rayareece http://t.co/eMcGlVyQQu 84 views View photo
Omg the air conditioning blew up my dress and made me look even fatter! Glimpse of the future? Lol http://t.co/Hlmlp5aykA 58 views View photo
RT @RayaReece: Sooo... this was how we started our morning. BEST.MORNING.EVER! http://t.co/eEfIT1YudO 73 views View photo
RT @RayaReece: #4thofJuly #soulmate #ThisGirlKeepsMeSane http://t.co/LGEvaQL5mp 38 views View photo
Happy independence Day! http://t.co/InfGCjp644 71 views View photo
And a video to go with! http://t.co/6K0sntKTXC http://t.co/s26l2LCFU8 57 views View photo
I love this weeks update! A super tiny lace nighty that clings to me! http://t.co/6K0sntKTXC thanks @royalearc xoxxxx http://t.co/cXZTtZ0214 91 views View photo
Sending this weeks update as we speak! #ssbbw http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd & @royalearc sent me this tiny teal lace nighty! http://t.co/SEFH8afPxF 63 views View photo
The wonderful @BigMamaJ00 made me a peach smoothie from the peaches we got at the farm market today! Yum! Thank you! http://t.co/e2MBEmMAsL 35 views View photo
Handsome dudes. http://t.co/fTbegn51AG 54 views View photo
Happiest moment. http://t.co/IKCS48vdik 62 views View photo
Last night's dress :) http://t.co/OwHjj18JTK 44 views View photo
Lovely ladies @rayareece http://t.co/ZeojSFE56x 53 views View photo
Drunken elevator shot lol @rayareece http://t.co/rYJDo7pMET 31 views View photo
Hot mess! http://t.co/db8OKerWr5 47 views View photo
Come on come on come oooooon! I gotta peeeee! Tmi. http://t.co/12EQX5G7vW 55 views View photo
We made a friend! Tag lady in the back is not impressed. http://t.co/kszjBMPcml 37 views View photo
Come have a drink with me! http://t.co/SxRRfYAGp1 http://t.co/bstJpRpDam 64 views View photo
My video was interrupted by the fed ex guy and here's my face... Lol he asked what I thought about Lebron. Who? Loljk http://t.co/3MYFy87b5T 38 views View photo
I really am hippo size! http://t.co/l2NnHKxqqp 75 views View photo
Wow, I think it's safe to say I need a haircut lol http://t.co/LvUoKTVGhx 59 views View photo
Then watch me do some stretching and working out! http://t.co/6K0sntKTXC http://t.co/m4ecer65RD 36 views View photo
My set this week is me attempting exercise! I call this set "physical FATness" lol http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd http://t.co/dVMvXhSKok 79 views View photo
Excuse me as I eat a million fruit roll ups and play video games. Thanks @fatloving28 !!! http://t.co/Ana7OV57eW 61 views View photo
Look what came in the mail @fatloving28 ! Best day ever! Time to snack and play games! Thank you! http://t.co/QO6phyT5ha 63 views View photo
RT @TwistyXxX: So, finally picked up the April issue of Bizarre magazine. Whoa, who's that girl?! @SSBBWKellieKay! XxX http://t.co/8QpAESXc… 68 views View photo
RT @BigCutieEllie: Glamping and relaxing with@tori_talia having a girls weekene in the woods! http://t.co/Qm71Q6q3L9 62 views View photo
RT @RayaReece: Lol at @SSBBWKellieKay being all gorgeous and whatnot. http://t.co/8TwJ33PZ44 53 views View photo
#BBW-SSBBW #clips4sale Surprising and Shocking Gaining Tip http://t.co/dkcJriCpNF via @clips4sale http://t.co/sNVZVglHXs 103 views View photo
I got out of bed just for this and for my @thefatash <3 http://t.co/X7thJIkV5x 64 views View photo
RT @marissa_mayne: 😇 well it's true http://t.co/iy5nzmaS6I 46 views View photo
RT @DailyFatChicks: #ssbbw #bbw #fat #fatass #fatty #belly #bigbelly #bigass #hugeass #boobs #buttshelf #fatrolls #sexy @SSBBWKellieKay htt… 70 views View photo
RT @Darkest8hour: "@Joeatkins26King: Sexiest woman alive @SSBBWKellieKay lips on my neck today! #inpain #shesworththepain! http://t.co/up0… 60 views View photo
ps- I wanna crush more stuff!!! http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd http://t.co/QkCNuzXeuT 96 views View photo
WANT- Italian Sausage, Caramelized Onions, Red Potatoes & Ranch Flavored Almonds on our Ranch Bacon Sauce. http://t.co/pwJSilsb2n 58 views View photo
RT @thefatash: I really love this set, guys. @SSBBWKellieKay takes some good pictures. http://t.co/zQ3lM83X5d http://t.co/VhsJ9iTPJq 68 views View photo
And a #crush video too! http://t.co/EXQrSuEqTJ, watch the tires explode off! http://t.co/x0hwaq8Vuh 63 views View photo
This weeks update is a #crush update! http://t.co/EXQrSuEqTJ http://t.co/6fv2e3W0VT 77 views View photo
Got some awesome gifts today! Thank you! http://t.co/qcgxdEpQA7 68 views View photo
Happy ice cream filled birthday @thefatash! http://t.co/8kHuxNyCbD 55 views View photo
If my baby wants bacon cheeseburgers for her birthday my baby gets bacon cheeseburgers for her birthday. http://t.co/W42ZzDIMsT 44 views View photo
RT @Lusciousxxo: New update! I have a couple more coming out, so it's not too late to be a member! #bigcuties #bbw http://t.co/zP6HATvFWQ 57 views View photo
It's party time. http://t.co/ZPGR3LJXAO 57 views View photo
Ps - showertime http://t.co/7fUVxQW7Xv 69 views View photo
Standing in stilettos?! WHAT?! #ssbbw http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd http://t.co/LYNXNbzgHB 93 views View photo
Annnd just a few more shots to really show how thankful i am for @JackMurrayKelly http://t.co/oQPFUFw7MA 50 views View photo
Thank you to the handsome @JackMurrayKelly for making me feel sexy in the heels he sent me and for being awesome! xox http://t.co/1yjxLej906 59 views View photo
and a video too! http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd #ssbbw http://t.co/z6lQK57Bzm 62 views View photo
Super sized stilettos set up on my site http://t.co/y38VuHcJWd #ssbbw http://t.co/eLtyDrfqlo 72 views View photo
RT @BigCutieSasha: Sasha's Fat Chat Phone Call! New set with a sexy video up plus members only blog photo update! http://t.co/gCNKo8KT95 ht… 47 views View photo
I was looking through my cell photos and saw this. Oh god I want 5 guys so bad right now. (that's what she said) lol http://t.co/80seVJNhlq 56 views View photo
“@KayleesKandy: Me right now, cosy in bed. http://t.co/3IgzsPG0HH” aww look at this beautiful girl! 40 views View photo
RT @SteveyKitten: My #giantess fetish feature in the current @bizarremagazine starring @IsabelleShy @GiantessKatelyn @Brattyfootgirls http:… 40 views View photo
Here's my giant hoop @Muffinmaid4 one of many haha http://t.co/ecIkrIuF5B 44 views View photo
Ordered pizza but only had a $100 bill so I sent my niece to cvs to break it & get me a cream soda. She got me this. http://t.co/aPgT2JhTt8 47 views View photo
RT @thefluffybabe88: Check out my new set.. see me squeeze into a tight pair of pants. #Fatgirl #bbw #belly #ssbbw http://t.co/Y9GKIwbFru … 32 views View photo
Only one point between me and ash! I love dk! Lol sounds kinda Pervy lol http://t.co/igiqH8cnuq 54 views View photo
It's tiiiiiiime! @thefatash and I will be Mia for the rest of the weekend lol http://t.co/aRtFvwEJI4 40 views View photo
Attempting to make a gif... me spinning! 158 views View photo
Oh damn i missed my 7k follower lol well it's awesome to have all 7,014 of you! Here's some naked me to welcome you! http://t.co/3Xm9R1fHtf 318 views View photo
I forgot to post this vain selfie from Wednesday, happy to get my car back :) http://t.co/qBQ3LQTHDB 101 views View photo
Look at how big @thefatash and has grown! Amazing! http://t.co/FnCax1iIlW 215 views View photo
Probably one of my favorite photos EVER! Squeeze me! <3 #ssbbw Look at that fat #belly #fatarms #fattest #growinggirl http://t.co/14PmRsEKOy 233 views View photo
Again not planned but why not?! Haha #ssbbw #drivein #homemadepizza http://t.co/gbhMau6yJY 187 views View photo
Talking all about my belly, I should mention this #ASS hahahaha <3 #ssbbw #bigbutt http://t.co/2sijE3bLa6 209 views View photo
MY BELLY IS GROWING INTO A BEACH BALL! IM SO EXCITED! You know this b/c its in caps. ;D lol (A double beach ball!) http://t.co/wMV35ySWHN 299 views View photo
Bathing suit shopping! Not the sexiest but I like it. Vegas in 39 days! Still wish I could find something sexy! http://t.co/TQa2jHBEpg 209 views View photo
I'm all done! http://t.co/5vlr6w4cvb 85 views View photo
My turn! http://t.co/5OzdFptn2E 117 views View photo
Mirror mirror on the wall http://t.co/GR7JS9pr72 99 views View photo
I absolutely fucking love this drawing a fan did of @thefatash and me! Wonderful! #bestfansintheworld #ssbbwlove http://t.co/mc4AzIfplu 88 views View photo
Who sent me these gorgeous heels?! http://t.co/jzOl9nxwM2 71 views View photo
Look at this gorgeous girl! Swoooon! "@RileyThick: Bikini time �� http://t.co/zVPWToOiHI" 73 views View photo
Just received this drawing from a fan of me. I love it! Makes this cold way less awful lol #bestfansintheworld http://t.co/c7o6Ff3G0v 166 views View photo
Mm here's @rayareece pizza! Yummmy http://t.co/7XI46EPM7c 57 views View photo
My pizza! http://t.co/RP2AFDZkYQ 61 views View photo
Fatty homemade pizza party with my gals @thefatash @tori_talia @rayareece #fat http://t.co/mzytYNXyfH 60 views View photo
Mmm @thefatash is making garlic knots For us! Then we're making pizzas! Mmmm http://t.co/lCeG5qMGzR 60 views View photo
Omg best cookies made by @rayareece http://t.co/jHKm20m3AP 59 views View photo
Fatty drive in with @thefatash @tori_talia @rayareece http://t.co/GFuiw2D3gc 110 views View photo
Fatty Wagon! @tori_talia @thefatash @rayareece going to the drive in! Star trek and hangover 3 http://t.co/09GZVbhEtc 87 views View photo
Look at our garden grow! http://t.co/ZWBsN2seMU 59 views View photo
It looks perfect but it stuck to the pan waaaah http://t.co/LPviTClDGk 54 views View photo
Attempting home made pizza with fresh dough, zucchini bruschetta, imported prosciutto, broc and mozz! Wish me luck! http://t.co/2qk1Q2FxMb 52 views View photo
Addicted. Pesto, zucchini bruschetta, Tuscan herb garden hummus on deliciously toasted olive oil bread. #happyfatty http://t.co/2G1PWzeVPJ 53 views View photo
First fish this season! Yay! Pardon me looking like. Hot mess haha http://t.co/RR4TV1QZBe 87 views View photo
No no no, it's ok butter, I wasn't trying to use my ipad... #spoiledcat #peoplearejustcatfurniture http://t.co/PL4mH5KvOR 56 views View photo
Taking Leo to the park! http://t.co/bN07PXJsIv 102 views View photo
Perfect fatty weather! Let's go camping! :) http://t.co/uKX61a8W8m 76 views View photo
Brinner is served. Sausage gravy over biscuits with fries and chicken tenders. @thefatash makes the best gravy! Yum! http://t.co/h2T4dvWLFW 55 views View photo
I had a craving for popeyes remember? $40 later.... Haha time to feast! http://t.co/xPF31ScOi3 48 views View photo
100# vs 1200# #ssbbw @thefatash and I are gonna have some #fat #squashing fun! Lol http://t.co/vQ9Ks8loIN 123 views View photo
Our city container garden is doing great! @thefatash and I have green thumbs afterall lol http://t.co/0ZDQAwRrKC 51 views View photo
Not even a nibble today :( http://t.co/ssxEkuhrsb 43 views View photo
About to feed a million animals with @SSBBWKellieKay! http://t.co/CdUUWLkAIl 68 views View photo
"its cool if I sit on the table while you work right?" Lol #pug love #spoileddog #crazypetowner http://t.co/qqwsrjMrrr 42 views View photo
So happy to cuddle my baby! #ssbbw #pug #bestdogever http://t.co/pyJJSeSStv 52 views View photo
So sweaty. But we made a great set and videos celebrating our 1 year anniversary! Love you @thefatash #ssbbw #bff http://t.co/HZ16B5Ufe9 65 views View photo
Working on a #ssbbw #footfetish set and video! This ones for you freakyfriday! http://t.co/7Jva13MXzi 145 views View photo
Werk! Lol #ssbbw #bff @thefatash http://t.co/9tXLXcnDXp 62 views View photo
Yaaaay! http://t.co/zgjUDNmwWt 45 views View photo
These are from @TwistyXxX 4 me @thefatash @tori_talia @KayaNee but they left already :( I had to have some! Yum! Thx! http://t.co/wWVL9A1YeZ 46 views View photo
@XXXTJCummings oh just about 6qts of pasta lol http://t.co/F7fxKKw3P4 49 views View photo
Just finished making dinner! After I eat ill be back on cam! http://t.co/g6NOyacRQF 36 views View photo
Late night fatty swim! Of course there's a video haha #ssbbw #bbw @tori_talia @rayareece http://t.co/jIDj312O7d 68 views View photo
Dinner with @tori_talia and @rayareece #fat :) #ssbbw http://t.co/2lTUH3evlE 95 views View photo
Filming this beautiful #bbw @RayaReece http://t.co/Mr3JGuexCy 94 views View photo
Cuddling with @tori_talia in between shoots! Filming @reyareece now! #ssbbw http://t.co/4RFovf21nW 54 views View photo
Public crushing! #ssbbw http://t.co/zh0q9PaLhf 150 views View photo
Tight squeeze. I stuck! @tori_talia #ssbbw http://t.co/CjBo8iLHmU 93 views View photo
Almost fit! Hahaha @tori_talia #ssbbw tori got faaaaaat! http://t.co/qpD8y8k4fo 129 views View photo
Yuuuuum! http://t.co/v5ZbxqI85B 56 views View photo
Friend date night with @thefatash and we fit! http://t.co/slUrBOQplc 90 views View photo
Can you find me? Lololololololol http://t.co/qSf6TaFhwq 68 views View photo
I just went outside in my pjs without even thinking. I'm a hot morning mess! Whoops! http://t.co/hUGD6DBVuu 171 views View photo
At the mechanic. Approximately 1,000 things wrong with my car. Meeeh! http://t.co/giStHauqri 53 views View photo
One from a shoot a few days ago, it was beautiful outside! Yes that's a see-through skirt. Many more to come! #ssbbw http://t.co/V9gnCiNa1c 83 views View photo
How many seats do @thefatash @soupyrules and I take up? http://t.co/t9V5hkkjHy 87 views View photo
Side fat. Lol #ssbbw http://t.co/tQ6bgJjdQr 86 views View photo
Playing with filters woohooooo lol waiting for net to come back :( http://t.co/ePRg4Ztx2e 64 views View photo
Ps I'm a ginger again lol! http://t.co/2K6Nn8JXa3 62 views View photo
Ill be back on cam soon my loves! I was having so much fun! #ssbbw http://t.co/cTRLPlYqhE 81 views View photo
Lunch date with the bestie @thefatash 6 entrees and 3 desserts! http://t.co/j46iMP76tt 50 views View photo
Just some of the eats lol http://t.co/lL9KcW6cTB 48 views View photo
Peanut Butter no bake cookies! http://t.co/MRv6e0UCJS 55 views View photo
I got my first eshakti dress Yaaaay for super fat girl custom clothes! I need mooore! http://t.co/pNmZ0cig3B 94 views View photo
As soon as I say I hate everything this guy comes over for cuddles! Cutest! http://t.co/Mcumi6xqBa 45 views View photo
Bed head/morning face. Stressed out Kellie. Vacation please. http://t.co/S3ne7qW0MI 62 views View photo
“@Petperv: Had to admit, he had a point... http://t.co/4Nx0QliUXS” this was a nasty email sent to me and this "Ssbbw" agreed.. Lolwut? 50 views View photo
As you can tell, normal towels barely even cover me! Whoops! #ssbbw http://t.co/Jv0rq51RH8 71 views View photo
Omg omg omg best gift ever from @thefatash I'm so happy I'm dizzy! Omg! http://t.co/nAcccjw3fu 41 views View photo
Thanks for the gift Hal! http://t.co/b40AZiPUnu 47 views View photo
I have a problem. http://t.co/vqhAwGdR 55 views View photo
Super after @thefatash http://t.co/ddTlVGk0 72 views View photo
After! @thefatash http://t.co/0RdcGRN1 58 views View photo
Did I mention you get a kiss from me! http://t.co/6tagpZnO 48 views View photo
@thefatash is the beeeeeeeest! Mm mmm mmmmmm http://t.co/R2C6cG5z 47 views View photo
Thanks for the treats! http://t.co/9XyTWKiN 45 views View photo
Make sure to send me your addresses by friday to get a Valentine's card from me! :) [email protected] http://t.co/thGLRiqG 45 views View photo
Look at this meeeeat! Imported prosciutto! http://t.co/bIpVTUeX 59 views View photo
Look who came to visit us! @tori_talia http://t.co/fShmF5yP 68 views View photo
Trying to clean out the stuff I've outgrown from my closet but I cant get in there! Pardon my hot mess look lol #ssbbw http://t.co/6M9zFDi7 141 views View photo
I just wore this not that long ago! So happy! #ssbbw #growinggirl #fattest http://t.co/z5MHNvrz 94 views View photo
You have not lived until you've had these. @thefatash makes killer steak fingers! http://t.co/H6R16M4d 44 views View photo
From a small #bbw at only 200lbs to a HUGE #SSBBW and adding over 350lbs! Look at the difference! #Gaining Love it!!!! http://t.co/fbmezQFL 106 views View photo
My main men <3 http://t.co/ZmeH9fg6 53 views View photo
Wanna see what could happen if you go to a bash? You could be sat on by fatties... nuff said. #ssbbw http://t.co/d13W9eDB 112 views View photo
The lovely @thefatash, @MsFatBootyLisa and myself! http://t.co/gGuCEwvP 39 views View photo
Fat girls + horizontal strips = yes! http://t.co/eLyK1ydF 113 views View photo
YUUUUM! BROOKLYN PICKLE! http://t.co/XKX2hq7z 58 views View photo
The lovely @thefatash took a new set of me in our new living room, LOVE it! Thanks! http://t.co/xHCBRePx 106 views View photo
last one! #ssbbw http://t.co/3TpYOpaV 46 views View photo
While moving some boxes around i found a bunch of old photos! Look how skinny I used to beeee! AH! Oh to be 20 again! http://t.co/lE0S26tq 90 views View photo
Here's the tree <3 (and the painting @thefatash and I painted lol) Terrible phone pic but you get the idea ahaha http://t.co/lCD0AUvn 47 views View photo
RT @thefatash Look what @SSBBWKellieKay & I did last night! I bet you've never seen living room art like this before! http://t.co/6oYf3LwB 47 views View photo
http://t.co/ffOItUT1 39 views View photo
this made me lol sooo hard. I'm guessing he was rejected by a fatty and now he's bitter haha I love POF! http://t.co/uF7j6H3e 48 views View photo
http://t.co/9NJ8JF2W 69 views View photo
http://t.co/TjSPAPwj 35 views View photo
http://t.co/gd4ArvSS 47 views View photo
@ashleyeileen_ THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS! http://t.co/dpenNXGX 31 views View photo
RT @SailorRoseBBW: Baking cakes <3 http://t.co/Rxh0tft 37 views View photo
More fat crafts! It's a pricey hobby, but it's so therapeutic. Except for the painful chair situation anyway. http://t.co/OnfpZUoV 36 views View photo
Fat crafts! (Yeah, I made a me bowl.) http://t.co/d0bLoGTc http://t.co/xsTQ6A9a #SSBBW #fat @SSBBWKellieKay 29 views View photo
Fat crafts! (Yeah, I made a me bowl.) http://t.co/d0bLoGTc http://t.co/xsTQ6A9a #SSBBW #fat @SSBBWKellieKay 30 views View photo
Connect the Dots! http://t.co/xZ06t5f7 http://t.co/3RxOfNX1 #ssbbw #fat #ssbbwbellylove #bbwmodels #500lbclub 48 views View photo
From an upcoming set! (Photo credit goes to @SSBBWKellieKay!) #ssbbw http://t.co/IEZwY1I2 94 views View photo
2 from a set I took yesterday :) A better look at my dress and RED hair! :) #ssbbw Thanks to @thefatash for taking it! http://t.co/mBD2CUZd 42 views View photo
Also SURPRIIIIIISE! <3 New Roommates at Fat Camp lol http://t.co/fM9UjCQ4 42 views View photo
Introducing our newest roommates: Butter and Toast! @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/T7xlwEPx (Of course we gave them food names!) 35 views View photo
First sitting. Much more color to come! http://t.co/vncNPshY 37 views View photo
Step 1 of my cover up :) http://t.co/DTApcpjb 33 views View photo
Squeeze me? http://t.co/MZDnx2YM 43 views View photo
The article turned out GRREEEAAAT! Lots of pictures of @thefatash and I, Look we're the opening pics! YAY! http://t.co/TtPdRb9E 34 views View photo
@Fatty_D My boys and i say hello! <3 Any time you want a puggy snuggy come over! http://t.co/5gP77i9D 42 views View photo
<3 yep http://t.co/Vp8vvJge 32 views View photo
One more then it's to bed with me! Thank you @thefatash for a wonderful dinner! Love you! #BBW Before and #SSBBW After http://t.co/cODd1rbO 71 views View photo
I only grew my double chin 50#s ago, at first i hated it, but ya know what? it's a badge of honor & damnit, it's cute! http://t.co/PpTj4zyb 37 views View photo
@420Smoked35 awww handsome! thanks so much! <3 Teddy and Kellie http://t.co/vxDbi1Hk 31 views View photo
oh and this- @thefatash @LunaLovex @MsFatBootyLisa http://t.co/jYBo3gz2 47 views View photo
Should have been there! @LunaLovex http://t.co/XtIoCHQD 60 views View photo
Special treat for you all to celebrate my 1000followers - me being squashed under MzPuss's beautiful big bottom! XxX http://t.co/R8Io8rt3 55 views View photo
And all the other bits and pieces of course! haha #ssbbw http://t.co/y18xgXKc 79 views View photo
I don't mean to sound vain, but I LOVE my ass <3 http://t.co/DWsWqGWG 76 views View photo
I'm a crusher ya know! http://t.co/hZ4vvJjN 35 views View photo
RT @thefatash Look what I got! http://t.co/dl5YsCot 27 views View photo
RT @thefatash: And another. @SSBBWKellieKay http://t.co/Z99Tw2vN 32 views View photo
My new site coming soooon! xox http://t.co/nLoSjBXn 46 views View photo
http://t.co/7CfkHQZH goodnight! Xoxoxoxox 34 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di44n - This kid is chasing every1 with his snot face. i wish i was 10 again. 34 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di3db - Yes we are related. obviously! hahaha 36 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1di23j - Slip n slide gone wrong! hahaha 34 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1d9lw8 - Mini me! (pardon my muddy feet from the yard!) 88 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1d8rym - Easter feast in the back of my van! haha 31 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1czp9u - My bbq assistant! 40 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1cq82g - New Message 26 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1cpmio - Tie dye! 32 views View photo
http://twitpic.com/1ajkmm - At Olive Garden w @caracakesxoxo @ssbbwkelliekay and @daintybulldozer! 44 views View photo

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