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Vicky Gomersall

Presenter. Mum. Event host. Journalist. @CureForDylan Ambassador @84world for work enquiries

Vicky Gomersall's photos 105 photos

It's wear your @IJPDESIGN jumper to work day and donate to @DREAMFLIGHT for xmas http://t.co/W6i8DykTdf 24 views View photo
RT @BCCare: Our football support contingent for #BGCCharityDay @GaryJCahill @JimWhite @VickyGomersall & Sir Trevor Booking http://t.co/Cm2T… 15 views View photo
So many celebs givin up their time for the great @BGCCharityDay met this fellow there too ;) @wossy #shamelessselfie 2 views View photo
Ha do I look like I know what I'm doing?? Great day @BGCCharityday for @BCCare raising loads of money for a gr8 cause 2 views View photo
Look who's here at #BGCCharityDay about to start trading for @BCCare so exciting 3 views View photo
Mostly today mum I shall be sleeping - ha #ifonlybabescouldtalk The new adventures of Elliya Mae 9wks 2m ;) 2 views View photo
RT @CityKidsWest: Like or unlike?! @TheRealKirstyG @annaedwards3 @fozzington @VickyGomersall @HayleyMcQueen @lynseyhooper http://t.co/EtkrO… 24 views View photo
You are such a star for this!!! RT @CostcutterDBS: @CureForDylan cheque will be posted Monday 👍 http://t.co/cczIhz1LZz 40 views View photo
So I got me one of these at lunchtime ;) please welcome my little Elliya thanks for all the kind tweets xx 4 views View photo
My neighbour's v talented daughter!! RT @Yasmin61829801 http://t.co/MSFecfUEGH # UEL Grad Showcase 29th May 2014 http://t.co/En8YmiTtV7 34 views View photo
Love this pic! RT @BootOutBC: Iain asked me to send u this pix of these truly inspirational women frm our cycle team! http://t.co/wKfofgxL8q 35 views View photo
They still believe?do you? RT @premierleague: PHOTO @LFC fans make their way to Anfield for the final time ths season http://t.co/GOlgUL03m4 11 views View photo
RT @chrissiesmiles: Expanding media coverage of strong, successful, sportswomen. This IS change in action. http://t.co/RxkbW1fLVT 15 views View photo
Good luck! RT @calibermoon: Please RT running GNR for Breast Cancer in the outfit in the pic http://t.co/ccRnJCAdwn http://t.co/h8hH6FbLCt 17 views View photo
Me and bump very much enjoying giving Media Masterclass at Wembley today for @VauxhallEngland staff http://t.co/kMSI6gNC4K 25 views View photo
So lovely to meet @Nell_McAndrew today @SkySportsNews for #sportswomen http://t.co/KGlI7xefoA talking all things marathon tempted for 2015!! 40 views View photo
Great to get Trish Johnson's thoughts on golf on #Sportswomen @SkySportsNews today http://t.co/X6jhuj2Act repeated 6pm @SkySports 2 36 views View photo
I so need get on it post bubba!! Such fun times! @SkyOrla @KayBurley @CharlotteHawkns @nataliesawyer @SkyJohnnyNelson http://t.co/2iaWQ7Tum4 19 views View photo
This is v good & the best bit its FREE! @SkySportsNews #Sportswomen news wrap is on the @SkySports app now. http://t.co/TJ4QuNJ4DB 27 views View photo
RT @SkySportsCL: The boys are ready for a big night at Old Trafford. Join them on Sky Sports 1 at 7pm. #MUFC #UCL http://t.co/6QkgdK7ADH 17 views View photo
RT @NLD4Stacey: Please RT and help us save this beautiful little girl @NLD4Stacey in aid of @staceymAPPEAL http://t.co/mqF6bAQNH0 42 views View photo
Cutest video ever - Neymar everyone's hero!!! http://t.co/HuYgISZcyu 28 views View photo
RT @Sio_Chamberlain: Great to see @CaseyStoney & @EniAlu talking to @VickyGomersall on #Sportswomen on @SkySportsNews. #WomensFootball http… 39 views View photo
Its time to treat myself to a change bag @BabesWithBabies can you recommend one?Quite liking the look of this one... 5 views View photo
Put a bun in the oven for buns in the oven! Its #BakeforBumps time for @SparksCharity great excuse 4me to eat cake ;) 8 views View photo
Gr8 #sportswomen show catch it again 10pm Sky Sports 4 & on demand frm midnite.Wearing my new @tiffanyroseuk dress 2! 14 views View photo
Ready for Beyonce's last night @o2arena she's coming on very very soon ;))))) over excited!!! 8 views View photo
Slightly over excited that in less than 6 hours I'll be seeing this for real!! #MrsCarterShow @o2arena 8 views View photo
Slightly over excited that in less than 6 hours I will be seeing this for real #MrsCarterTour @O2arena 8 views View photo
Great 2meet @sharrond62 on #sportswomen plus hear frm @SiobhanMOConnor & @heatherfellnews 6pm & 10.30pm SS3 2nite 10 views View photo
This is about to hit the UK! Thank god I've walked the dog already! when will this awful weather end??? 9 views View photo
We're ready are you? #skydeadlineday is upon us @SkySportsDavid & I frm 6 @SkySportsNews 9 views View photo
Gr8 nite co-hosting #Manofsteel awards with Eddie Hemmings what a legend!congrats to Danny Brough 2013 Man of Steel!! 16 views View photo
Look who's all grown up now!! Stavros Flatly's son!! Great act @paulstrankMBE 's charity night 13 views View photo
Great nite raising awareness & funds for @CureForDylan & @reverseRett in my @NadineMerabi dress 49 views View photo
At Wembley for challenge cup final cracking atmosphere predictions please... 11 views View photo
I've joined the revolution! Go check out @Gandysflipflops amazing story and great flip flops #gandys http://t.co/sj0HaLOq48 21 views View photo
Flipping heck Les Mis just arrived blown away #MSF @MarvinSordell raising funds for #forFREEDOM #HOPE amazing 20 views View photo
@SkyJohnnyNelson @KayBurley @skyorla @skycharlotte @kellysotherton @nataliesawyer ah Johnny I hvn't Maya=terrified ;) 76 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 108 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 19 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 16 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 14 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 14 views View photo
So it's almost time we are adding the final sparkles @swisssusimakeup doing a mighty fine job!!! Outfit no 1 18 views View photo
@nataliesawyer and I are ready!!! It's time to light the lights and get things started...whooo hoooo @CureForDylan 33 views View photo
Is this what they call peaking too soon? @nataliesawyer @SkyOrla @SkyCharlotte @DanceSchool_SbS @SkyJohnnyNelson 121 views View photo
Never thought I'd see the day @DanceSchool_SbS @SkyJohnnyNelson dancing Swan lake!!!! Brilliant 73 views View photo
Dance rehearsal just about 2commence 4my partner Rob & I. don't forget 2buy ur tickets 4great a cause @CureForDylan 143 views View photo
Great dance session with @VickyGomersall @SkyOrla @SkyCharlotte @SkyJohnnyNelson @CureForDylan @SkySportsNews http://t.co/YzPBUyEgeG 15 views View photo
@davidagass 117 views View photo
Missed u :(RT @DanceSchool_SbS @KellySotherton @SkyOrla @SkyCharlotte @VickyGomersall @nataliesawyer @SkyJohnnyNelson http://t.co/9LCG1gkpwo 11 views View photo
Dirty shoes & tired feet but gotta keeeeep dancing great rehearsals with @DanceSchool_SbS and Rob yet again!! 216 views View photo
Here they are your captains for the new Super League season #extraordinaryrugby 49 views View photo
Lovely to meet such a nice bunch of sportsmen RT @SkySportsFraser: Superleague launch... http://t.co/udKdXx2O 22 views View photo
View from my "dressing room" @footiebizawards for all u #CFC fans. rehearsal done - it's gonna be a top night 231 views View photo
All aboard the Gomersall express off we go for @BBCCiN 301 views View photo
RT @DuncanBallard: SKP is ready for Morgan challenge wth @VickyGomersall @ianwalker34027 @DuncanBallard Hope we win!!! http://t.co/hfKTxOzd 15 views View photo
@ianwalker34027 showin @VickyGomersall how 2drive steam loco, ready 4 #childreninneed time trial v 3-wheeler Morgan 2m! 169 views View photo
Like a kid at Xmas so excited 2b learnin 2drive a steam train 2m ahead of challenge this Fri for @BBCCiN Get onboard! 244 views View photo
Who's taking who's photo?? Wild scenes @wembleystadium such a shame the women's tournament over loved it - Congrats USA 409 views View photo
Japan come out of the tunnel for medal ceremony doing the conga -loving that!! 429 views View photo
Rec attendance for women's Olympic football game @wembleystadium 80203 they now await their heroes what a game!! 359 views View photo
Great atmosphere @wembleystadium 4 USA v Japan crowd really playing their part @jezweeks and I had fun talking to them! 394 views View photo
Fraser-pryce Richards-Ross & co ready for the off it's electric 376 views View photo
Bolt about to blow crazy excited 424 views View photo
Blake just took off 425 views View photo
My view this evening!! over excited its glorious!! 499 views View photo
Here come the girls #teamgb 493 views View photo
Wembley is buzzing come on Great Britain v Brazil #teamgb 536 views View photo
Beautiful sight this morn @JohnP_Davies and the view wasn't bad either ;) #goodtimesahead #teamgb 665 views View photo
Good morning #olympicpark are you ready for some #teamgb gold medals...we are!! On air at 6 @SkySportsNews 641 views View photo
Our new view frm the office!! Gr8 to kick off our Olympic coverage this morn with @skysportsdavid bak again at 6am 2m 677 views View photo
20 mins and the torch arrives here in Tooting #olympicexcitement fever pitch 659 views View photo
Tooting common awaits the torch rather nice picnic with family going on countdowns started #london2012 656 views View photo
How my fella mows/vacuums the lawn #he-man ha ha watching on frm kitchen - supposed to be helping but can't #murray!!! 1,904 views View photo
RT @AdamLeventhal: Behind the scenes on Wimbledon Report on @skysportsnews this morning. Pick up the baton from @VickyGomersall tomorrow ... 9 views View photo
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...ha ha Rufus happy bak home #Wimbledon 1,744 views View photo
Turnin in2 johnny Morris #Wimbledon Rufus the hawk joins me at 8:30 after Max the dog has just had a good sniff around! 1,322 views View photo
RT @wheatmann5477: @VickyGomersall v well handled in more ways than one! :) #neverworkwithanimals http://t.co/KfCEr9m7 ha my face=hilarious 20 views View photo
Put the studio to bed til Monday 9:30am now bring on #murray enjoy the tennis and the Euro final 1,269 views View photo
Show your support on Armed Forces day with @PANDORA_UK British Rose charm mines on #Wimbledon 576 views View photo
The effervescent Tosh Farrell @GRFootball brilliant coaching session on developing technique 874 views View photo
FA cup final comes at a cost to Gomersall ouch...burnt shoulder!!! I blame my director Spinkey!! Ha ha 1,436 views View photo
Wow! What a game! What a feeling!!! FA CUP WINNERS 2012!! #KRO #backthegirls #BCLFC #thegaffers #fb http://t.co/PX4wdXC6 17 views View photo
How @robbiesavage8 likes to be interviewed...@GRFootball 735 views View photo
When James Wood met @Gabby_Logan @HellsBellsy @lynseyhipgrave1 & me great night v generous man lovely company ladies xx 1,582 views View photo
@Gabby_Logan @helsbellsy @lynseyhipgrave1 Lyns has gone for this for pud poor James #cantgetawordinedgeways 1,166 views View photo
@VickyGomersall my dad and the whole family carrying the Olympic torch in bath yesterday can I get a RT? http://t.co/ghPHE9y9 16 views View photo
@katiebutler83 it's a hard knock life awesome enjoy missus x 584 views View photo
Tis laser-tastic here!! With my lovely @blu_williams 1,144 views View photo
Guess where?? 734 views View photo
Sore paw = Cass is feeling ver sorry for himself 1,038 views View photo
Sunday, April 01, 2012, 12:36pm 355 views View photo
Thursday, March 08, 2012, 08:05am 91 views View photo
Sunday, February 26, 2012, 06:52pm 319 views View photo
Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 12:12pm 207 views View photo
Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 12:04pm 298 views View photo
Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 12:02pm 125 views View photo
Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 11:54am 280 views View photo
Friday, November 25, 2011, 09:14pm 573 views View photo
Monday, October 31, 2011, 08:38pm 1,239 views View photo
Saturday, October 29, 2011, 02:39pm 131 views View photo
Thursday, October 20, 2011, 10:29pm 1,190 views View photo
Thursday, October 20, 2011, 10:05pm 884 views View photo

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