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Whitney Drolen

Dallas, TX
Lover of Live Music, Sporting Events, Travel, Philanthropy, & Down to Earth People. I can name that tune in 1 note. Tweets are my own. Jer. 29:11

Whitney Drolen's photos 123 photos

I've been told this for a while... It's so true! #Texas http://t.co/sTple4huzv 27 views View photo
Well hey there @WhitneyDrolen! Great job on Avid Golfer! http://t.co/Sq1cA1k1kM 38 views View photo
Byron Nelson Golf Tournament @FSDallas http://t.co/FD6mUGxhX8 252 views View photo
@davematthewsbnd @bt_dmb Happiest night of the year. #DMB #Dallas http://t.co/zMmgss3nrF 32 views View photo
Having a great time at @hpbnc http://t.co/W5Dz0RKbPE 54 views View photo
Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful Mom!! http://t.co/l7fOW6PJd4 26 views View photo
I'm ready for @davematthewsbnd to come to Dallas! Is it the 18th yet?? http://t.co/Jvb9gB7uBg 27 views View photo
My food for the next three days starting tomorrow. Lets do this! @RootsJuices http://t.co/xd9mlHc36H 25 views View photo
Always a great time with @corbydavidson and @danny_balis on @dfwticket http://t.co/GNGx2JNvWK 36 views View photo
@WhitneyDrolen @corbydavidson Whitney Drolen live with me and The Snake. It moved. http://t.co/gULH1VoRhj 21 views View photo
Avid Golfer Magazine Shoot-3 http://t.co/xnqGrSv7Wy 67 views View photo
Avid Golfer Magazine Shoot-2 http://t.co/qsF1JUX8sc 69 views View photo
Avid Golfer Magazine Shoot-1 http://t.co/yBeT83B7TV 112 views View photo
Make sure to get your copy of the May issuse of Avid Golfer Magazine...I had the honor of being the cover girl! http://t.co/7fHRzEz6UR 57 views View photo
Our May issue is out, with the lovely @WhitneyDrolen on the cover. Oh my! http://t.co/ExlxiikduM 25 views View photo
It was an honor to walk with Stephanie down the runway at the #ChildrensCancerNetwork Fashion Show on Friday http://t.co/EbZUgAP86c 34 views View photo
@Rangers VS Red Sox with @MarjanYazdan http://t.co/qAF7hOsQZO 49 views View photo
We've had a fun few days of photo shoots at the Resort. Thanks to @GolfChannel ‏@RRavidgolfer @CBS11 @WhitneyDrolen http://t.co/M9OZcTErKu 30 views View photo
Great meeting you Julie!! RT “@LiteFMJulieFisk: With @WhitneyDrolen. Girl, you are NOT good for my ego! http://t.co/GbHYgSDpY2” 64 views View photo
Rollin' with Drolen with my awesome mug! Get ready-next week the travel mugs arrive. #CBSDFW http://t.co/fEVC3mFI59 52 views View photo
Note to self: make sure I only sing "Thrift Shop" amongst people with out anger issues http://t.co/vtouNWR0Fq 31 views View photo
Beautiful day for brunch with @cheyennedazey http://t.co/fXRFRkIiVz 29 views View photo
I'm live on @cbs11 at 5 and 10pm from @Rangers ballpark with details on how you can help the victims in West, TX http://t.co/fC699omCJ9 32 views View photo
Picture of suspect in custody https://t.co/uSXD1pnCUb 29 views View photo
http://t.co/ERm5sOaXde 33 views View photo
With the lovely @Fox4Natalie and @KateKilanowski before birthday dinner http://t.co/TqThyuR0B8 37 views View photo
With the lovely @Fox4Natalie and Kate before birthday dinner http://t.co/wgDtdP1wRl 25 views View photo
Birthday dinner with my amazing friends!! I feel so blessed. http://t.co/PJN3YaZvDw 46 views View photo
Done! RT “@DFElite: @WhitneyDrolen Happy Birthday!! We would love to host you in our section at an @FCDallas match! http://t.co/jg57WlUfoz” 24 views View photo
With the lovley @CBS11TFRO. The girls of @CBS11 http://t.co/uQrBLwXgta 69 views View photo
Great seeing @prof_horn @MeganSnipes @barbsmithcbs for a pre-birthday celebration! Girls of @CBS11 http://t.co/JrL6eFjLHB 37 views View photo
I want to be a @DCCheerleaders! Too bad my days of doing splits are long behind me RT “@DCCheerleaders cool picture! http://t.co/XxyZ49uYAt” 43 views View photo
@CBS11garry and I wearing blue in honor of Autism Awareness Day http://t.co/aiPX92OsPb 40 views View photo
Only in Texas...I need one of these! Breakfast is served!! http://t.co/a5J7U2joLq 20 views View photo
One thing I will never need is hair extensions. Good thing #EverythingIsBiggerInTexas http://t.co/kNh7EipNL5 143 views View photo
Shooting a new Rollin with Drolen commercial with @kellerpolice http://t.co/ToXZGPdxK4 75 views View photo
Another great event with @victoriasnee and @CBS11TFRO-this time at the @TWC_Texas post sweeps party http://t.co/kv4p47uJbz 85 views View photo
Shooting a story for @cbs11 on the beautiful @TCU campus http://t.co/rk2lyJP0E4 37 views View photo
May 18th you can't come soon enough.... @DaveJMatthews http://t.co/E2mzwvvi 24 views View photo
Katy Trail, brunch and baby Summit with @joetauscher wife on a beautiful day in Dallas. http://t.co/4a0QjVUP 115 views View photo
Not a bad day when you get to drive this at top speeds @TXMotorSpeedway @ExoticDriving #LamborghiniGallardo http://t.co/7VceIlpF 46 views View photo
@aaron_watson Pls RT! Texas, show ur support #ChrisKyle family #FinalFarewell procession route Midlothian to Austin http://t.co/cGJ7GsCv 21 views View photo
@WhitneyDrolen can I get a RT for our charity hockey game. Thanks! http://t.co/hTqOKvde 27 views View photo
Between @MeganSnipes and I...we keep the morning crew at @cbs11 entertained http://t.co/BXUgtnIi 64 views View photo
Hanging with fitness & health guru @DoctorIanSmith at @CBS11. Check out his new book!! http://t.co/913KmTAv 38 views View photo
RT @BrendanCBS11: Happy Freakin Holidays, yo! http://t.co/9P5xjB7m 58 views View photo
@CBS11garry and I playing "Brady Bunch" during the newscast http://t.co/osSmdtPN 39 views View photo
Great night at the Time Warner party held at the Perot Museum with @CBS11TFRO & Fiona Gorostiza. #Signaturehome #Dallas http://t.co/28JlMeFt 37 views View photo
@TroyAikman & @JayNovacek84 you guys never mentioned you recorded a CD!!!! Listening now :) http://t.co/qveo1qp4 37 views View photo
Behind the scenes at @cbs11-watching a Michael Jackson video, and yes I put on UGG boots and eat oatmeal after the show http://t.co/xSWCtE8S 27 views View photo
Suites are sweet at @insideaacenter. Go @dallasmavs !!!! http://t.co/RHVIaZRw 26 views View photo
Tune in to @CBS11 to hear Navy Band Mid-South!! They'll be performing at @dallascowboys stadium Sunday!! http://t.co/jJziSnQa 26 views View photo
Thank you for your service, grandpa. I miss you. Russell Kingsland-Chief Petty Officer, USS McCaffery http://t.co/8yMkfyy1 23 views View photo
Tire just blew. Attempting to put on the spare and find a tire shop that's open. Fingers crossed http://t.co/geIHxRJZ 32 views View photo
RT @Gomeez: "cbs11 Morning Crew #bowlinwithdrolen @WhitneyDrolen @CBS11Garry @Gomeez http://t.co/IHGz1YIp” I look dumb but they look goo ... 29 views View photo
Throwing strikes with @BrendanCBS11 http://t.co/N4iZBcnG 105 views View photo
Hanging on @tonystewart 's car. #NASCAR http://t.co/hrIcnBE2 31 views View photo
Great night anchoring the @CBS11 News with @BrendanCBS11 live from the opening of #KlydeWarrenPark in #Dallas http://t.co/6CmT0Dmh 27 views View photo
RT @CBS11AdrienneB: Love this shot @whitneydrolen @cbs11garry http://t.co/K2HH9evW 26 views View photo
This might be the best day of my life. 7tg row off the field @TAMU http://t.co/5S5DGUiq 31 views View photo
New favorite hat courtesy of @BillyBobsTexas http://t.co/tUzt2bj7 52 views View photo
In studio with @CBS11garry http://t.co/MpVwS9F7 70 views View photo
Nikki and I unintentionally matching our outfits http://t.co/1uXG1Gen 75 views View photo
RT @HawkeyeOnAir: Our Trapper John hanging with Channel 11's traffic reporter @WhitneyDrolen backstage, Billy Bobs, dressing a bit casua ... 120 views View photo
@jrodfromoz live in our studio!!! Friday just got even better!! http://t.co/mO3vEryn 27 views View photo
40 yard line. Tough loss for @dallascowboys http://t.co/D6tuXdzc 18 views View photo
Rockin my cowboy boots in our @dallascowboys suite. Life is good in Texas http://t.co/DK9hOSrA 30 views View photo
The car wash gift shop loves my co-anchor @BrendanCBS11 product line he started!! #MissOops http://t.co/MJo2yGBo 32 views View photo
Thank you for keeping us safe! Have a great weekend! RT @ewoody64 My truck for today @WhitneyDrolen http://t.co/8tys782k 44 views View photo
Enjoying this beautiful night in Dallas with Katie http://t.co/U9zMPbNb 25 views View photo
@cbs11jeffrey and I. His intern many years ago was my friend @JackieJohnsonLA ...small world! I'm 5'8 and I look short! http://t.co/mZ6ebBeX 88 views View photo
Celebrating Oktoberfest with Franz and the @CBS11 morning crew. Why am I the only one with a hat? http://t.co/Ixql1tfg 42 views View photo
@CBS11JeffJam and I in the @CBS11 studio http://t.co/uPpmI3gP 78 views View photo
Everyday I look forward to my 9am 2 mile walk with co-workers around the @cbs11 studios in Fort Worth http://t.co/q03yaZ4J 70 views View photo
Everyday I look forward to my at 9am 2 mile walk with co-workers around the @cbs11 studios in Fort Worth http://t.co/IJQWzuLR 35 views View photo
With @CBS11garry in the weather and traffic center at the @cbs11 studios http://t.co/DOFeQdMX 77 views View photo
It's the little things in life. Thank you satelite radio for making me feel like I'm at the concert of my favorite band http://t.co/xpLUxiIE 23 views View photo
Only two more minutes to go!!! This is so exciting!! Kick off to the best satelite radio station ever!!!! http://t.co/cNSNrku7 19 views View photo
This is what your nightstand looks like when you're sick http://t.co/gt3yM6Q7 31 views View photo
Homemade cards from my niece and nephew just brought a huge smile to my face.... http://t.co/jWtFAcjH 25 views View photo
Officially a Texan now... http://t.co/e7jrhiYp 28 views View photo
@CBS11garry and I trying to stay warm in the @CBS11 studio http://t.co/gRHWH2aK 30 views View photo
RT @CBS11Raquel: @CBS11 @WhitneyDrolen getting into character! She takes this traffic reporting very seriously! http://t.co/Ubx6u0Vs 26 views View photo
Nice meeting you @SeanLowe09 @jwolfner @jeremycade .... Sorry I cut most of you out if the picture http://t.co/mxk6TrbO 120 views View photo
@SeanLowe09 ... Just as nice as he seems http://t.co/siFpLwF8 24 views View photo
Just bought @SeanLowe09 and his friends a round if shots http://t.co/U8n617Sp 61 views View photo
Got to see North Texas from the @CBS11 chopper!! http://t.co/bvIkI25S 22 views View photo
My going away party with my family....this is my adorable niece and nephew....and I'm wearing a #TexasRangers shirt http://t.co/Lje693Yt 120 views View photo
@jennmcbride and the rest of the lovley ladies of the @cbsla web team!! So hard to say goodbye to great people http://t.co/cz0bUhBo 23 views View photo
@esnewsymasester got me all of my favorite things....including hair spray because #EverythingIsBiggerInTexas http://t.co/bY0xCCbJ 25 views View photo
I'm so jealous! RT @at_shore I'm more of a @springsteen fan but I met your boy @davematthewsbnd in May, super nice guy! http://t.co/jEYeqA5v 31 views View photo
My early news reporting is now on obsolete formats. RIP Beta SP, Hi 8, 3/4 tapes and Didgi Beta http://t.co/7ioMCxI4 26 views View photo
Love hearing @Phillips on XM Radio!! http://t.co/hQdtl2K7 56 views View photo
Yes I'm "that girl" that goes to a concert and buys a shirt. Thanks @keaneofficial for 2.5 hours of musical bliss!! http://t.co/V6GDCvr3 33 views View photo
@keaneofficial concert!! http://t.co/MXP2oAH3 30 views View photo
Meet Molly... http://t.co/XIXOE6i3 123 views View photo
Best invention ever! Get that dirty cell phone off your face....retro handset :) http://t.co/PBtBpWms 50 views View photo
With my lovely friend Feliz ;) http://t.co/A3rPx6Ds 28 views View photo
Hear no evil? .....riiiiight? http://t.co/enZvoc6y 47 views View photo
RT @ReynoldsSBN: Chills. @LAKings champs hat placed on the WTC memorial near the names of their scouts who died on 9/11. http://t.co/3e ... 31 views View photo
RT @STAPLESCenterLA: @LAKings Double Decker Busses are ready for the Parade! Cheer on the Stanley Cup Champs along Figueroa today! http: ... 26 views View photo
Happy Friday from the @cbsla studios http://t.co/6Yp5EpmV 39 views View photo
Tonight on @CBSLA at 11pm-my story about rock legend Wayne Kramer & the non-profit he started with some famous rockers http://t.co/I69EocMZ 24 views View photo
Hosting the Hathaway Sycamores Golf Tourament http://t.co/Qd5XuDGV 91 views View photo
In the CBS Traffic Center with producer @EsnewsymasEster http://t.co/IZCTYBgl 34 views View photo
Me at gymnastics. #GoingThroughOldPictures http://t.co/GaRToeWz 50 views View photo
Strawberry Shortcake pajamas and goggles. I was a weird child :) http://t.co/hw9hws80 27 views View photo
I can't wait for this movie to come out.... http://t.co/UbNBRoyU 19 views View photo
Look who I just ran in to at Whole Foods.....@jjweather!! http://t.co/UloPzkEG 28 views View photo
@kentshocknek and I on the elaborate set of our promo shoot. Huge screens with aerial shots of LA in the background http://t.co/6uguPDpD 29 views View photo
@JJweather and I at the @BattleshipMovie premiere http://t.co/gl7PjOMt 24 views View photo
The ultimate gun show 61 views View photo
View from my balcony at The Palms in Vegas!! Happy 2010!! 45 views View photo
Santa Barbara!! 43 views View photo
Sitting in a suite at Staples Center watching the Kings VS Flyers. Not a bad Wednesday 27 views View photo
Steelers game with Beth! 58 views View photo
Happy Halloween from Tinkerbell :) 45 views View photo
Happy Halloween from Tinkerbell :) 30 views View photo
Steelers beat the Vikings! 52 views View photo
Monday, October 19, 2009, 04:17am 29 views View photo
Tuesday, October 06, 2009, 07:29am 22 views View photo
Tuesday, October 06, 2009, 07:29am 13 views View photo
Saturday, October 03, 2009, 06:32am 67 views View photo

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