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Big Booty Asshley

United States
Big Booty Beauty. Breaking necks as my curves shift from side to side. Instagram: BigBootyAsshley https://t.co/aDZrl9O8I1


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Big Booty Asshley's photos 153 photos

I was going to wait and put the 2nd half of this video up but I was so excited about it I couldn't wait. 💋 https://t.co/z4rXDcpwPK 108 views View photo
New video just added to https://t.co/qzrVYEU61M https://t.co/PJmW4VJDkV 84 views View photo
I'm No Angel but my perfect pear shaped ass is heavenly! Come by & see this set and more at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX https://t.co/yUfX17z7mm 69 views View photo
RT @Epic_Women: True. https://t.co/1lSptuohqT 62 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: @BigBootyAsshley  #BigBooty #BigAss  #BBW #PLUMP #SSBBW https://t.co/ZZjrir4hNI https://t.co/Um1c4KZP1r 71 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: @BigBootyAsshley  #BigBooty #BigAss  #BBW #PLUMP #SSBBW https://t.co/ZZjriqMGp8 https://t.co/oQCPoGcQbt 79 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: @BigBootyAsshley  #BigBooty #BigAss  #BBW #PLUMP #SSBBW https://t.co/ZZjriqMGp8 https://t.co/yEgRyXwaHf 64 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: @BigBootyAsshley  #BigBooty #BigAss  #BBW #PLUMP #SSBBW https://t.co/ZZjriqMGp8 https://t.co/cM9DsRkozw 52 views View photo
RT @WomenOfHistory: Forgivness is not always easy but sometimes it's the best thing you can do. https://t.co/e4JMyaBFny 69 views View photo
Leopard print bra & thong update just added to https://t.co/AwutTu9FFv! Also added a 8 minute bare booty rub video! https://t.co/kUOey3Q9bg 52 views View photo
RT @SweetGirls1455: Beautiful girls❤️ @BigBootyAsshley #SSBBW #fatbelly #bbw #jiggle #beautiful #fat #fatthighs #fatbutt #bigbutt https://t… 66 views View photo
RT @SweetGirls1455: Beautiful girls❤️ @BigBootyAsshley #SSBBW #fatbelly #bbw #jiggle #beautiful #fat #fatthighs #fatbutt #bigbutt https://t… 69 views View photo
RT @SweetGirls1455: Beautiful girls❤️@BigBootyAsshley #SSBBW #fatbelly #bbw #jiggle #beautiful #fat #fatthighs #fatbutt #bigbutt #big https… 63 views View photo
New update just posted to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💜 https://t.co/F2PRomX9tV 56 views View photo
Just added to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX is this 🔥brand new set of me in a very sexy lace halter bra & a tiny thong. https://t.co/CLYK8UeklZ 80 views View photo
8+ minutes of bare ass spanking, oiling and shaking for being a naughty fat girl! Only @ https://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm! https://t.co/ymx8MGzLM6 81 views View photo
BRAND new video just posted to https://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm 😍 https://t.co/yMDMxj3nPk 70 views View photo
RT @bbwsurf: https://t.co/D0s7Bq3HaY or I spread my legs just a bit too wide and let my sweet little pussy peek out https://t.co/DjWvKw8x… 90 views View photo
RT @WomanDoItAll: TRUE. Don't give up. https://t.co/N0HfWrowxX 77 views View photo
I worked with an AMAZING photographer & shot this BRAND new naked set only available at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX https://t.co/si3DxnRA51 76 views View photo
RT @WomanDoItAll: Out of the darkest days comes some of life's greatest moments. Have Faith. https://t.co/hrIkX1JNTO 50 views View photo
RT @WomanDoItAll: This is so very true. https://t.co/cRQFqWjAcv 81 views View photo
Ass for days in this update! Don't miss this set and over 25,000 pics & videos of me only at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX https://t.co/Laj932Uq1e 59 views View photo
Spend leap day with me at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💋 https://t.co/u4qYghCd47 49 views View photo
RT @steelers: Class up your weekend with #SteelersGearSaturday! Retweet for your chance to win. https://t.co/U3nExCkLpM 53 views View photo
Huge update added last night! https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX & https://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm https://t.co/4kiWQA3dKF 83 views View photo
https://t.co/1JHLalNLyO 52 views View photo
https://t.co/jgqQIqzSXw 55 views View photo
This MEGA update has pics and a 20 minute video! See this update on so much more at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 🍰 https://t.co/rOjzschQTd 61 views View photo
https://t.co/cgSDwEM9cx 65 views View photo
https://t.co/xwUqR29sCh 59 views View photo
Skin tight corset and panty set just uploaded to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 https://t.co/vLuXXZwOw1 85 views View photo
https://t.co/7X9Ev1oiOI 81 views View photo
RT @steelers: It's officially #SteelersDraft day. #HereWeGo https://t.co/A0QsOKrKaV 74 views View photo
New video JUST added to https://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm 😍 https://t.co/gjMx0HvAZd 41 views View photo
Thunder thigh lovers dream update just added to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 🌺 https://t.co/SWlEFeyJYu 55 views View photo
Super hot update just posted to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 https://t.co/uHVvQDw2hj 85 views View photo
New too tight dress update posted to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 https://t.co/ygYBM3F9KG 73 views View photo
Warm up with this brand new too tight lingerie set only @ https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 https://t.co/BcHG07qu1v 138 views View photo
New update just posted to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💋 https://t.co/4AVQ7D6yiW 130 views View photo
RT @steelers: We're all in this together. #HereWeGo https://t.co/5J0eWRWSc3 96 views View photo
Does this dress make my ass look big? Find out for yourself only at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💙 https://t.co/KLeHVfn7lT 110 views View photo
https://t.co/XxdAdcwunm 102 views View photo
#SSBBW #SteelersNation #Asshley https://t.co/kSrs8ux4X0 103 views View photo
My Steelers update helped me us get into the playoffs! Hurry over to https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX so I can get you off! https://t.co/sCir89QbRC 77 views View photo
Game day! After today's game come play with me at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX GO STEELERS 🏈🏈🏈 #SteelerNation #SSBBW https://t.co/FTXZWLR3tU 95 views View photo
What a year 2015 was, here's too an even better 2016. ❤🎉🍻 https://t.co/KTsefDdxE3 87 views View photo
https://t.co/7wrAOnO5iA 92 views View photo
RT @PleasureGif: https://t.co/uf0wbXRgZG 104 views View photo
RT @steelers: .@AntonioBrown84 has been named the 2015 #Steelers' Most Valuable Player. 🏆 | https://t.co/Fkth64GkhT https://t.co/W52oKqvNvv 65 views View photo
RT @FoodPornOnIy: Santa Strawberries 🎅🏻 https://t.co/AkgGFJwtZV 80 views View photo
RT @steelers: .@DeAngeloRB is the 7th player in team history with 10 rushing TDs in a season, & first since 2010. https://t.co/zLvDvURfDV 95 views View photo
RT @HornyFacts: This https://t.co/jD5PSaOzTb 74 views View photo
Santa may be a few days late with this special Christmas set but I promise it's worth the wait! https://t.co/quFlFlm19V 96 views View photo
Enjoy every curve my body has in this super sexy new update only at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💜 https://t.co/koFmo6Zfwr 81 views View photo
New update added to BigBootyAsshley com 😍 https://t.co/SPB8zHaA1c 95 views View photo
RT @steelers: FINAL SCORE: YOUR @steelers 33 | Bengals 20 #HereWeGo https://t.co/c9XB9h0s55 63 views View photo
Don't miss this hot new update only at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 💋 https://t.co/KnsOA2XYQO 87 views View photo
Treat yourself this holiday! https://t.co/IodRSdxTi6 104 views View photo
Treat yourself this holiday season https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX and https://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm https://t.co/YtF79HsC5P 71 views View photo
See this sexy new update and over 25,000 pics and videos of me at https://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 https://t.co/xVWBywQctR 109 views View photo
RT @steelers: Coming soon. #HereWeGo https://t.co/ufFkCzjQxX 95 views View photo
My tree is up! I can't wait to see what Santa brings me! 🎄🎅 https://t.co/xQhQjdScUn 83 views View photo
RT @SteelersUnite: Who's ready?! #SteelersNation #SNUproud https://t.co/Gcs7SRlA1m 70 views View photo
If you like big legs, big ass and big boobs you'll LOVE my new update! https://t.co/FR8g8YFRYe 94 views View photo
See this set & many others @ https://t.co/AwutTu9FFv Don't forget my downloadable clips @ https://t.co/qzrVYEU61M https://t.co/4C0295rCYC 119 views View photo
https://t.co/K7VS1HGFBI 75 views View photo
RT @WomanDoItAll: Regret nothing. https://t.co/7m11DL7Q6q 90 views View photo
RT @bbwsurf: https://t.co/3loii7bZq9 or https://t.co/dLemFxV0ge This week Asshely is showing off her perfectly pear shape https://t.co/dl… 116 views View photo
Brand new too tight lace lingerie photo update just posted to https://t.co/AwutTu9FFv! #SSBBW #BBW #ASSHLEY https://t.co/kbkktKS39P 113 views View photo
RT @sexyssbbwlove: @BigBootyAsshley  #BigBooty #BigAss  #BBW #PLUMP #SSBBW https://t.co/ZZjriqMGp8 https://t.co/442vAoJqXy 116 views View photo
RT @steelers: YOUR @steelers 25, Cardinals 13. #HereWeGo http://t.co/7xZtmM4KYX 136 views View photo
Get up close with my big tatas in my new pics and video at http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX & http://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm ! http://t.co/8poyauZcmm 106 views View photo
Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month a new pics and a step by step self breast exam video. Save the tatas! http://t.co/y2V1d3AmCC 111 views View photo
Super sexy retro update just added to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 http://t.co/12I1GJf8aP 113 views View photo
Just made my man's favorite apple crisp. Yummy! http://t.co/VnyM12BfOT 90 views View photo
#LifeIsBeautiful2015 http://t.co/DZMuZNu2y8 99 views View photo
RT @steelers: “I definitely have a chip on my shoulder. It adds fuel to my fire." @ZillaMane41: http://t.co/lCCvPddahi http://t.co/6HRO4tl… 85 views View photo
RT @HornyFacts: Nothing feels safer than this ❤️ http://t.co/UImhU1o1Fk 90 views View photo
HUGE ASS tiny thong update just added to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 http://t.co/SidyWk8m3P 88 views View photo
This ❤ shaped will get your ❤ booty & other body parts pumping. 💋http://t.co/AwutTu9FFv💋 http://t.co/u9G7Xw9FyN 86 views View photo
#SteelersNation #SteelersvsPatriots http://t.co/goMJd2RncB 82 views View photo
RT @WhitneyWay: Truth 💣. I love y'all. #NoBodyShame http://t.co/LjTUznfMJa 86 views View photo
RT @PleasureGif: Every girl deserves a text like this http://t.co/bVlFB0m83l 73 views View photo
RT @steelers: The regular season kicks off in exactly 7 days. http://t.co/qPak2S7ndZ 75 views View photo
RT @bbwsurf: http://t.co/3loii7bZq9 or http://t.co/dLemFxV0ge In this weeks update Asshley is WIDE & WILD http://t.co/kWmPoRSa5I 105 views View photo
RT @steelers: #HereWeGo in Buffalo. http://t.co/YRoZQnlHMO 109 views View photo
❤ The happiest place on earth. ❤ http://t.co/hRw3ho74qQ 83 views View photo
Wishing I was back on the beach with my man. http://t.co/VSOEBuQfi2 93 views View photo
Life is short, live life to its fullest! http://t.co/VZiuPKxdLp 112 views View photo
60+ pics and a 8 minute video of me squeezing into too tight jeans just posted to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX http://t.co/rvllsaeipH 112 views View photo
RT @bbwsurf: http://t.co/3loii7bZq9 Watch her bounce and jiggle her humongous derierre in the struggle to get those pants up http://t.co/0k… 97 views View photo
RT @FlySmikes: @BigBootyAsshley http://t.co/FmtWG25x7j 66 views View photo
http://t.co/zqy3yk57g6 95 views View photo
Doing the beach! 👙🌞 http://t.co/GuO3oyxHNR 143 views View photo
Hershey Park is not made for my fat ass 😭 http://t.co/QGl6zGjK8o 89 views View photo
Brand new update just posted to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX 😍 #BBW #SSBBW #BIGBOOTYASSHLEY http://t.co/H91gAJfDJS 126 views View photo
Just added to http://t.co/AwutTu9FFv! http://t.co/nem2Vm6t7U 111 views View photo
RT @steelers: It's getting closer. #HereWeGo http://t.co/GkUFAxV0PK 107 views View photo
DANGEROUS CURVES! The way this dress clings to my tiny waist & wide hips makes it all worth it http://t.co/AwutTu9FFv http://t.co/2NaCcjgzFb 121 views View photo
New photo & video just uploaded to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX!!! This update will surely knock you out! http://t.co/sOBrIXxTSi 95 views View photo
RT @juliogmoney30: @BigBootyAsshley #AssesYouShouldKnow #AssWednesday #WhootyWednesday #BigBootyisTheBestBooty #pawg #BootyButtCheeks http:… 133 views View photo
RT @juliogmoney30: @BigBootyAsshley #AssesYouShouldKnow #AssWednesday #WhootyWednesday #BigBootyisTheBestBooty #pawg #BootyButtCheeks http:… 119 views View photo
New NAKED pics from my trip to Jamaica just posted to http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX! http://t.co/T4FEfBNySI 120 views View photo
RT @steelers: Every morning is one day closer to kickoff. #HereWeGo! http://t.co/mz6B2bwioW 106 views View photo
More booty for your viewing pleasure only at http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX http://t.co/iV4l3TdSWM 124 views View photo
RT @BBWs4ever: RT Stunning @BigBootyAsshley kicks of #SexySaturday http://t.co/IbsTtNyjOf 110 views View photo
This sexy set will make orange your favorite new color! http://t.co/4TBI6uxspU 113 views View photo
My heart is heavy today, I'm missing my dad more than words can express. http://t.co/mMh98Cz1ti 90 views View photo
RT @FlySmikes: @BigBootyAsshley http://t.co/HW27BBXIxs 81 views View photo
Just added to http://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm http://t.co/InbSJYAbgL 95 views View photo
When you're hot , you're hot & this week I'm RED HOT!!! Come check out this 🔥 update only at http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX http://t.co/Zlu9NPVhhR 121 views View photo
http://t.co/H9Rags71TP 90 views View photo
http://t.co/U99h2BfVYf 100 views View photo
Double update, exclusive 📷 & 🎥 from my trip to Jamaica. Don't miss the thong I'm rocking as I wobble on the beach. http://t.co/MSGg2U2VhT 125 views View photo
I'm missing being in Jamaica 😭 http://t.co/0YKAXqpcNu 93 views View photo
RT @FlySmikes: @BigBootyAsshley http://t.co/Xm84aHBEW2 109 views View photo
RT @NUBIANVAGABOND: #June is Here!!! http://t.co/2HuKmzfOUk 123 views View photo
Come see me in this sweet and sexy update with my  naughty plaid outfit only at http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX #Bbw #ssbbw http://t.co/j1mZcSv8FT 222 views View photo
Sneak peek photo from my trip to Jamaica. Keep an eye out for more pics & videos only @ http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX http://t.co/b1ewPLLUQo 104 views View photo
RT @FlySmikes: @BigBootyAsshley http://t.co/vkJUCC6o5W 92 views View photo
I'm sure you've already watched me baking this Rum Cake now come on over to http://t.co/qzrVYFbHqm to watch me eat it http://t.co/GBeUqKc9lZ 117 views View photo
RT @bbwsurf: http://t.co/dH4bis07Wq or http://t.co/NpoRNxvXoA Come see what happens when I've had enough of your smart mouth! http://t.co… 118 views View photo
#BigBootyAsshley http://t.co/tOx7BBAti6 95 views View photo
💜http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX #BigBootyAsshley💜 http://t.co/frqslEn4iU 114 views View photo
💟http://t.co/AwutTtS4NX #BigBootyAsshley💟 http://t.co/VDkutSoHfI 125 views View photo
RT @DestinyBBW: Check out my video "fat Touch" on ALL BBW CAMS video store! @AllBBWCamscom #allbbwcams - http://t.co/wMsDyju8Ru http://t.… 143 views View photo
❤💛💚 #BigBootyAsshley❤💛💚 http://t.co/PZ9m3RtE0L 114 views View photo
❤💛💚 #BigBootyAsshley ❤💛💚 http://t.co/WYbNpdoJdS 131 views View photo
❤💛💚 #BigBootyAsshley❤💛💚 http://t.co/QSD4TcHaqw 118 views View photo
Saturday, February 12, 2011, 01:01am 859 views View photo
Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 12:15am 638 views View photo
Monday, February 07, 2011, 11:51pm 660 views View photo
Friday, January 14, 2011, 11:32pm 598 views View photo
Friday, January 07, 2011, 08:20pm 487 views View photo
Friday, December 31, 2010, 02:04pm 588 views View photo
Friday, December 31, 2010, 02:03pm 475 views View photo
Thursday, December 09, 2010, 01:05am 546 views View photo
Thursday, November 11, 2010, 11:15pm 313 views View photo
Thursday, November 11, 2010, 11:14pm 537 views View photo
Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 11:46pm 683 views View photo
Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:22am 669 views View photo
Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 11:04pm 637 views View photo
Wednesday, October 06, 2010, 12:22am 833 views View photo
Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 12:12am 763 views View photo
Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 12:26am 1,823 views View photo
Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 01:35am 1,267 views View photo
Thursday, August 19, 2010, 02:19am 884 views View photo
Saturday, July 24, 2010, 01:23am 1,102 views View photo
Thursday, July 08, 2010, 10:29am 946 views View photo
Friday, July 02, 2010, 10:34pm 747 views View photo
Friday, June 25, 2010, 09:56pm 1,536 views View photo
Tuesday, June 15, 2010, 12:34am 633 views View photo

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