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    Official WJM Twitter page- Architect American Inst of Architects NJ COTE Top 10 Award- Creator of EFABism design philosophy- former GREEN BETTER BEST radio host

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    I am a qualified town planner and Secretary of the Auchterness Regeneration Single Enterprise. I am 49 years old. My wife left me some years ago

  • @MrsMcConnell 18 photos

    life just keeps getting better

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    John Maienza & Gregg Wilson are globe trotting designers & lifestyle experts. Their design projects are stunning.

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    Oh look, pandas!

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    I don't care about your celebrity. I want to feel your humanity. | Urban and Regional Planner; CEO, Bosco Investment Co.

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    CTO / Chief Architect of Architech... Passionate about building fantastic digital products, great teams, scuba diving... Views are my own...

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    Noise Advisory Service - Acoustics Consultants with particular interest in building,architectural, environmental and industrial acoustics.

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    architect & industrial designer / mimar ve endüstri ürünleri tasar?mc?s? (addicted to design&chocolate)

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    Life imitates art.

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