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    introvert living a level 60 extrovert life. xbl gamertag:kitty lips steam: kitty_lips ovarian 1/2 of @crystalvsn

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    Author, FEAST OF SORROW, THE SECRET CHEF (2019) @TouchstoneBooks/@SimonSchuster #SocialMedia Professor @HubSpotAcademy ?Food geek ??Italophile ?bibliophile

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    News Reporter/Writer for Slyck: Technology, Copyright, File-Sharing, Science, Music, Entertainment, Gaming

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    Professional Hermit~prone to random thoughts, dark humour & sociopathic activities. Napinating, Foodinating and Caffeinating consume most of my spare time #yyc

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    Madre de jerbos. Rastreator kawaii. Dibujanding. Doesn't look like anything to me. Caracolumpista. Samyatta ?? ?

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    My name is Gordon Shumway.The Tanners call me ALF. Short for Alien Life Form. My B-Day is the 28th of Nathenganger (Oct) Send me B-Day wishes! I am 259.

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    Dessolve the selfishness with daily self realization meditation, and grateful creation becomes a way of life. Milanos Miles sculpts it.

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    Vidya games, kitties, chocolate and sleep makes the world go round ? ????

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