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    Make Communications Work

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    Keeping you in the loop on all things Dauphin, Manitoba. #Dauphin

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    Helping you make sense of the ever-evolving #SocialMedia and #DigitalMarketing landscape. Signup for our newsletter here:

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    ? Unique designs by the Threadless artist community. ? Need help with an order? ? @threadhelp ? Want to sell your art online? ?

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    For the Jessica you know and love, go follow @JessicaMarzipan! This is an old account so people don't steal my name ;)

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    Follow our tweets to keep up to date on Seattle Weekly sponsored events, contests, and promotions!

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    It's a String Thing

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    Co-founder of @hiwonderment, previously @klaviyo. 15+ years of email marketing. Learning everything I can about anything I can. he/him.

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    Designer of things for people. Previously @realitylabs, @uber, startups, etc? Expert indoorsman. Art enthusiast. Dad of some humans. He/him.

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    I won't tweet on any musk-owned network, catch me on the flippy flop on my blog. or, catch me on the fediverse: @[email protected]

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