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    Digital & Political Strategist

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    Entrepreneur and political consultant. I?ve co-founded national movements, booted corrupt elected officials, elected many more. I fight for free individuals!

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    "Unhinged British witch" "a textbook succubus"- Russian Insider

  • @lfrusa 24 photos

    Let Freedom Ring USA is a non-profit, grassroots organization supporting a Conservative agenda.

  • @barrienj 36 photos

    British ex-pat. Hate the way Democrats are attempting to take the US rapidly to the socialism I left in the UK.

  • @redlikecherry 4 photos

    Mommy of 2, I can turn any conversation into one about politics, anarcho-capitalist

  • @debbywitt 14 photos

    Jonah Goldberg's @JonahNRO's Odd Links Gal. Poster at @NRO's The Corner. Retweets/Likes not endorsements.

  • @newfreedomfight 24 photos

    To protect American citizens from harm and to ensure those in our government fulfill the oath they took to honor and defend the U.S. Constitution.

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    Constitutional Conservative Christian Single CatMom #ExGop #CruzCrew

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