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    Creator of @UberFacts. ?Factually Speaking? podcast host. Check it out on Castbox, iTunes and everywhere else.

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    @fftlast ? @1720warehouse ? @colorofviolence ? @humanabstract ? I mean what I say, but it's not what I mean.

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    Psalmen 27:4 #JESUSCHRIST

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    DARE TO BE REMARKABLE Wife;Mom;Fitness Host;Triple Threat;Seeker; Living the dream & always a girl from Toronto! Follow

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    Pop/R&B Singer|Dancer|Songwriter|Model|Actor|Livin HIV+|Even in the afterlife Imma fight ya soul,Cuz the 2nd time around I'll be twice as BOLD. I ? THICK BOYZ

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    ? Certified MUD Makeup Educator at Pivot Point Academy - For Inquiries EMAIL: [email protected]

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    When you're sassy, classy, and a bit bad assy ?

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    I'm Feelin'Myself in stereo! kik and instagram: AmiracleICantype

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    ??Dancer | Model | Actor | Creator?? I'm currently a dancer with @sfballet and was previously with @ENBallet and @hamburgballett. Creator of

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    Researcher at TODAY/NBC News. Former NBC Page and @StJohnsU alum. Also strong believer that the only normal people are the one's you don't know very well.

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