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    Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

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    The professional association for design. Together, we can do amazing things.

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    Designer, advisor, father. Cofounder of @GreaterInk. Previously led design teams at Twitter, Google, Stopdesign, and Wired. Disney geek. Giants fan.

  • @creativitymag 1214 photos

    The best ideas in advertising and brand creativity -- and a generous helping of inspiration. Ann-Christine Diaz, Editor

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    Design, Art, Photography, Technology, Pop culture. Journaling ideas since 2003. Best 140 Twitter Feeds - TIME

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    Typographica is a review of fonts & typography. Tweets by editor Stephen Coles. Testimonial: ?That is good information.? @AndrejKratky

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    Design Director @Hodinkee in New York. Co-creator of @zoomenhanced. Traveler, musician, old car and watch enthusiast. Once freelance / @groupme / @turntablefm.

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    work: oscar. formerly @kickstarter, @lprnyc, @emusic. weekend: brooklyn. dancing. nutella.

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    Nuscreen Since 2012. Digital Strategy / Design / Tech. #1 Fan of Affan. #ThyCa & TT. Looking for good people to do good work with. Got ideas??DM me.

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