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    An online magazine for professional Web designers and developers. Questions? We've got your back: @SmashingSupport and @SmashingConf.

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    Co-Founder & Former CEO, @YouTube; Ownership, @Warriors & @LAFC.

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    The Web's leading blog about photography! PetaPixel's goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related.

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    The professional association for design. Together, we can do amazing things.

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    Writings on design and culture. Founded by @jessicahelfand and @michaelbierut. Published in partnership with @AIGAdesign.

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    Designer, advisor, father. Cofounder of @GreaterInk. Previously led design teams at Twitter, Google, Wired. Ran Stopdesign. Disney geek. Giants fan.

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    Visit Ads of the World and our partner @ClioAwards for more from the world of #creativity.

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    The best ideas in advertising and brand creativity -- and a generous helping of inspiration. Ann-Christine Diaz, Editor

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    Design, Art, Photography, Technology, Pop culture. Journaling ideas since 2003. Best 140 Twitter Feeds - TIME

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