• @patdrostel 4 photos

    He design graphics and loves the creative and lifestyle life.

  • @dprendo 3 photos

    online marketing & technology

  • @LukayArtdesign 1 photos

    Digital Artist and Healthy Food lover! Also into ROCK - MUSIC. Creative ambition for digital art/design.Photoshop and Wine is my tool.

  • @grib 14 photos

    From Northern Ireland, has a very particular set of skills. Principle Accessibility Consultant @uservision

  • @slynow 1 photos

    ... Blogging since 2004, creativity, new media and communication are my natural fuel ... // Running my own visual design firm and now working in Dubai UAE //

  • @misssparky 3 photos

    RIP Sparky ? Now tweeting from @brittanielen

  • @vinniefranco 34 photos

    father, husband, polyglot programmer, musician.

  • @rightprint 26 photos (Formerly BZDprint) - Trade Printing, specialising in flyers, business cards, leaflets, letterheads, stationery & more

  • @artworkmaker 25 photos

    The window to the art Buzz in every Every shape, style and form artist for artist ideas, tips, tools and resources related to creating art. Film, Music, design

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