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    I've moved my twitter account to @Diddy please follow and tweet me there!

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    You may think I'm small but I have a universe inside my mind.

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    Technology news and analysis with a focus on founders and startup teams. Got a tip? [email protected]

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    meme dealer; I've invested in startups like @uber @thumbtack @robinhoodapp @desktopmetal @calm & my dealflow at https://t.co/MsCfczPaob; bestie @theallinpod

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    Welcome to the Twitter feed of somewhat internationally acclaimed humor site, http://t.co/GVZIdYcOlq. You?ll love not unfollowing us!

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    Founder of TechCrunch, CrunchBase and Arrington XRP Capital. Be Excellent To Each Other.

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    I build things, stories, companies, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, & believe in a future where we all have a right to pursue happiness. +1 (319) 519-0576

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    Zappos is our name and service is our game! #Zappos ???

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    2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to @salesforce). Now @UpfrontVC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs. Snapchat: msuster

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    Father. Husband. VC. Geek. INTJ. Partner @FirstRound. Board Chairman @PhillyInquirer

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