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    Live. Laugh. RGB. | Funnier content available as DLC. #SteelSeries #ForGlory

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    Frequent shitposter. Killed podcasting 26.06.2016 Browser Agent & Web @JavaPlumbr

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    The digital deluxe edition of my album 'honestly' is available now!

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    Content Strategist for Magic: The Gathering, Twitch & YouTube. Weekly DM for my friends. Boros Legion. Big Chonking Nerd. He/Him.

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    xbl: Big St3ph3n psn: dwtc69 Nintendo ID: bigst3ph3n. LOVE videogames, being a nerd, X-Files, BioShock, Star Wars, LOTR and Buffy. Ohhhh Indeed Podcast

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    Spouse. Parent. Gamer. Music/Movies/Sports #3DS 2938-5915-3148 NNID: Nandingo | PSN: Seismic | Xbox LIVE: SeismicF Bomb

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    ?? Welcome to the Next | Pre-order #NBA2K20 ?? ESRB: E

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    SeedMiner is a website for Minecrafters to share and rate worldgen seeds. Check out our sister site @minearchitect

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