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    Software Engineer & Consultant ? Past: @Fitbit, @Pebble

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    Retired from social media to fly drones

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    simple guy living his life in basic routine, go video movies & sleep. repeat :P

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    Art and you like?

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    Hello, I'm Darrell, I?m a horny man who likes car & women and I hope everybody is well and I hope we get to chat some time header picture is of @Aubreyrobertsx

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    I'm an actor! SAG-Eligible! I amThe King of Awesomeness!! I am The Leader of the FanboyNation!!!

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    Semi-professional rower. Fitness obsession. Sport addict. Curious gourmet. Tech savvy. #LFC #LP #TheBeatles #EDM @lorenzo99 @tiesto ultimate fan.

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    Former resident of NEPA, FL, NC and now living in TX providing the world with their television programs! You will see typing regarding my funtastic life here.

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    Instead of what I couldve changed,I'll change what I know I can;no need to live in the past when the present is now;doing it one day at a time someway somehow

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