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    Narrative, immersive, escape rooms, video games, ARGs, VR, puzzles, mysteries. PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE @SimonSchuster, KATAMARI DAMACY @BossFightBooks. She/they

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    In my personal life I am a photographer. In my professional life I am a NHS worker and an online business owner.

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    Life is a stage, Live life b4 it all ends. King at heart, Adventure sport enthusiast, Humanitarian, Cricket Buff. :) Retweets are not endorsement.

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    TV Watcher. Movie See-er. Music listener. Game player-er. Food eater. D.A.R.E. Graduate.

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    Gamer & Guild Leader of TheCrusaders for 23yrs. Mother, Nana, Craft Designer, Recycler, Trougher, Gardener, SyFi, Fantasy, History, Nature, Books, Music, Films.

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    ?????! ? #CMdEscapade Follow me in instagram - @chaine07

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    off twitter for a while. [email protected] for a good time.

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    Allrounder | music | food | hou van een goed verhaal, leuke mensen, koffie en een wijntje | watermaatschappij | vader van Sven en Jens | Into life..

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    loved by john

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    Day Trader & Night Stalker at

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