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    A Day in the Life of a Grammy-nominated latin jazz guitarist from Los Angeles. Follow me and I'll follow you!!

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    Community Resilience and Wellness Manager at #CMHA Alberta. #workplacewellness #communityresilience #mentalhealthmatters

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    Sen benim bal?ms?n, tad?na al??m?? can?m...

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    Software Development Manager, developer, guitar player

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    Life, the Villaverse, & everything. Dean Frey's Villa-Lobos obsession, plus reviews at | profile pic: IberÍ Camargo, 1959

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    I'm Chris, 24, Delaware. @CrankThatFrank, @JustPlainHowie, @TalksMatty follows

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    Husband, father, worship arts pastor. Lover of God, nature, music, & all things beautiful.

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    Father. Husband. Music instructor. In that order.

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    Ducks fly together

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    My name is Glen and I AM CANADIAN! Myers-Briggs ISTJ. Love hockey, sportbikes & my family. I bleed blue & green: GO CANUCKS!

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