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    Like a mule and a spinning wheel, damned if he knows how he got it, damned if he knows how to use it.

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    #socialhr & #employerbranding advocate / #pitbull & #standuppaddle lover / #socialmedia practitioner / #talentday #hr #socialrecruiting #recruiting

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    Peoples person, Music, Victim of my imagination, Kicks (US11), Basketball, ROTTERDAM!! ( tweet English and Dutch) @Flagrant3Pod

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    On the path to success..

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    Virginia native, UVA & Hopkins grad, Teach For America alum teaching HS Eng; certified to be a school leader. What's next? instagram/snapchat: meganlynnmcc

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    ?Online Community Architect?#Tech Recruiter? Author ? #Entrepreneur ? Activist ? MC ? Professional Muse ? Mogul in the Making? #github #alumni #FBA #B1

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    I have NO special TALENTS za kuzaliwa nazo ila I am, bila shaka, PASSIONATELY CURIOUS!!!

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    Real Estate Investment. #BrinkoTieAmbassador The Experience. A fan of underground hip hop, independent film, the Carolinas, and all things Chicago.

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    somewhere in between peace and chaos ??

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