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    Professional Internet Writer/Content Strategy Guy For Hire. Occasional rugby player/mediocre surfer. Contributor/Twitter Guy, @BookPlusFilm. Portfolio:?

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    You'd need an elevator to get up to my level of crazy.

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    MOVIES (AND OTHER THINGS) will be published on october 8 ? you should preorder it today ? you can get it at the link right below this:

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    TV/Screenwriter. WordPress guy. Nerd guitarist. Batman fan. Actor. IT product mgr bringing understanding to chaos. he/him

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    Creative Director and word writer. A decidedly okayish dad. I have a black belt in feelings. Horrified I'm using effect/affect wrong on a daily basis.

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    Coast to Coast and World Wide-Scoundrel and Bad Influence- NSFW in thought and deed. 18+ Only.

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    Co-Founder @ JUICE, Author, Investor, Marketer, built some stuff too... Fan of #Knicks & #Giants (IG/Snapchat: Troy)

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