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    Excellent babysitter, '91-'97. Download a free comedy album at #LGM

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    Author. Blogger. Survivor. Vegan. 8 kids. Love: Adoption and @REALTORdad.

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    Comedy writer, entertainment journalist (HuffPost, Vulture, AV Club), DASH Radio host, Canadian Comedy Award winner, Gemini Award loser, hand model hands.

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    Contributing & Weekend Editor @allure_magazine, freelance beauty and ?lifestyle?(?) writer, pretty good singer tbh

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    reader, writer, list maker, learner: not necessarily in that order

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    Grapefruit (the app) is now available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows!

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    Author Brad Lewis, sometimes funny, bios of Milton Berle and gangster Mickey Cohen, Novels: Great White Doctor, God's Helix... Mostly health/living news..

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    #?????? #design #freelance #graphicdesign #followback #rufollowback #news #??????? #garrisson #gds #nudisco

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    #writer, social critic, #theater geek. I stir things up at @Wonkette and help out at @PDXPlayhouse and @CafeNordo Send me recipes at ser1840 at gmail

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    @ABC News Chief Biz, Tech & Econ ???// Subscribe to my podcast #TheDropout ?

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