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    World's Largest LinkedIn Lawyer Network - Legal Social Media Speaker - Baseball Guy

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    Daughter, Pitbull mom, Believer, Lover, Fighter, Hoya Lawya, GaTech Engr, Spelman AKA...Don't cha wish your lawyer was hot like me? #MoneyPowerRespect on @WEtv

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    Let's toast to the interns that made it to CEO - Big Sean

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    Retired AF JAG (Military Lawyer)

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    Wrangler of words & causes. @TheOpEdProject facilatatrix, behind-the-scenes for mission-focused ppl & orgs. Opinions, my own.

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    #Host #LegalCounseling *Etiquette #Writter #? ExternalGlobalConsultant #Diplomacy #Couching #Environmentalist ? #Climate #Save? Viking?ArabBlood #GODrules

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    Bye bye Twitter! I'm elsewhere, find me!

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    Public defender. Appeared on Survivor: Vanuatu & Survivor Micronesia: Fans v. Favorites. I have incurable wanderlust. snapchat: eorlins

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    I don't give legal advice on here so don't ask me for shit unless you fitna pay me straight cash homie.

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