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    Husband | Father | Pastor | Speaker | Author | Blessed To Work w/ Great Leaders, Churches & Brands. | Life Mission = HOW "Helping Others Win!" RT?Endorsement

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    New media sales maker & marketer by day. Meditating, guitar playing, wine making, crime fighting superhero @ night (@darrenwilliger's alter-ego). I like cheese!

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    SmartBrief's free emails keep you informed. Get the SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter: https://t.co/xkQeTi09Ph; read our blog: https://t.co/ynqjTVGfps

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    Increasing businesses' success by developing their talent. Leadership Development Advisor, Certified Management Coach, Author, and Speaker.

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    #Construction #leadership & #riskmanagement #Suicideprevention & Mental Well-being. #Socialjustice champion @Kiva. Tweets = personal views.

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    Married to @SheilaGCraft, father to 3, Papa Gorilla to LAYLASHAYLA & LivyRae Pastor of @Elevatelc! My book is #YourDivineFingerprint @ https://t.co/ipIZhCLXDv

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    Leadership Dynamics? is non-profit organization committed to training, equipping and developing both leaders and will-be-leaders. http://t.co/1eWnOIZd

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    Operations, Human Resources @Ocean__Infinity Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey, Data & Seabed Intelligence

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    Supporting leaders using Technology, Social Media, Web and Edtech @e2today @neumannleaders @wmofnancy #popeinphilly #catholicedchat Cara Tec LLC

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