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    Empowering and affirming mom's maternal instincts and keeping her #AheadOfTheCurve.

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    Nationally syndicated talk radio host; TV commentator; author; #NRA Spokesperson. God, family, guns. Born for the storm. All opinions mine.

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    mother. wife. worker.

  • @ejwillingham 198 photos

    Journalist. Teacher. Expatriated Texan. Cranky but cheerful. Curating #autism findings&news Tips: [email protected]

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    I'm Jake. I produce daily video reports on the global economic collapse, natural disasters, and covert ops by the US government that are leading to WW3.

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    I write about stuff on the Internet. I also make photographs. But mostly I'm a Dad.

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    Mother and wife are CleRenda McGrady?s primary titles. She?s also a business owner, life coach, speaker, author & philanthropist.

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    Things I am not - a drink, a video game company, an actual rockstar. Things I am - a sleep deprived mother of two.

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    Bohemian sympathies and mathematical abilities held together with bits of string. All comments my own here. Work: @InformalNetwork

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    Product Management @ Google, and @ Netflix before that. Views are my own.

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