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    I am an accountant, I am interested in things that don't add up.

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    Editor @opinionline96, panellist @RTEToday, event MC, columnist @heraldnewsdesk, @corkeveningecho. Board member @dogsfordisable1. Sleep-deprived mother of one.

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    #ExGOP since 7/20/2016. Cursed/blocked by @RogerJStoneJr, followed by @JonathanHoenig @DanaPerino @ZigmanFreud, @rickwtyler, & @PaulaAbdul ?

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    Deputy editor Rep: @repubblica. Mom of twins. @gmfus fellow, @ona member, @ONAItalia team. Yoga, AS Roma, good chat

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    Occasionally type more than 280 char @ https://t.co/b4NH5Szwrw "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." TP

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    Conservative Republican candidate for US Congress. #TX25

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    Journalist, blogger and researcher. Ph.D in Social & Policy Sciences. My Patreon: https://t.co/qw6tL83IKO

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    creative & strategy Helden Media | blends content, technology, marketing & sports | founder @moyeecoffee | ?? | art | sociology | kanye

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    This Twitter feed surrounds hate & forces it to surrender. Tikun Olam blog. Contributor @middleeasteye

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    dad, architect, political, e_brained, biased | RTs are not endorsments | All views are my own

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