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    City columnist & @TorysToronto blogger with @metrotoronto. A lot about Toronto City Politics and then some nerd stuff. @humbercollege prof.

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    Travel Addict | ATHEIST | Mavericks fan | Digital Marketing Professional | Scuba diver | Mountaineer | Trivia Dude | Quack Doctor Extraordinaire | INTARMED :)

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    Aktivista u dusi (@Centarmv), volim politiku (@demokrate), ?elista, levi?ar, zaljubljenik u skijanje, prirodu i fotografije, obozavam da ucim i poducavam.

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    Byard Associates, LLC | Former ADECA Director | Former Mayor of Prattville | Dad & Husband | https://t.co/7UPiBBADjw

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    Software engineer. Nonpractising lawyer. Recurser. He/him. I like to think I'm a polymath but I really just have a short attention span. https://t.co/2InoWIyu18

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    I'm either too humble or don't care to describe myself to you. The choice, which to believe is true, is yours. #RomanCatholic #2A #MAGA #?????????

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    contribute at @thenews_intl @tribuneblogs @HuffingtonPost @Theworldpost @dailyO_ @EconomicTimes; but tweet & retweet with free will.

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    Senior Editor, @FortuneMagazine

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    Host, Good Morning Texas, WFAA-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth National Gracie Award:Best Local Anchor

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    Political art, cultural policy, and contemporary media issues. Tweets mostly by @robmaguire.

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