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  • @Purchia 5 photos

    Trying to open a coffee shop with my best friend--also looking for someone to jam with. Nine bars or nothin. Big ideas, small coffee, bob dylan & fixed gears.

  • @jayfr99 26 photos

    Company Director/University Professor/Consultant.

  • @johnlivy 13 photos

    Kicking it in the 303 livin' the dream; Skydiver; Believe in the constitution; Protecting freedom; Detest for-profit prisons

  • @leoschulz 27 photos

    I love a good opinion... do please let me know if you have one

  • @anthropith 310 photos

    Gentleman, Hero. Think Mr Darcy. Mostly whisky and prattle. All views my own. Except the ones I stole because they were clever or funny.

  • @joko 143 photos

    The weaver

  • @tammyvent 62 photos

    Tennis, NFL Football , Movies, TV, Theater, OCD, Mental Health, Politics. Former Democratic Committeewoman Jeff Co, MO. ? Cowboys Nation ?

  • @otncooper 4 photos

    Cultural critic and bad poet, currently favoring steel toe boots, literature, sushi, gin, stringed instruments, and Jimmy Choo peep toes in black leather.

  • @ranjona 63 photos

    journalist, sitting in Doon, watching the world and Roger Federer

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