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    Graduate student studying Public Policy. Also interested in IR, ME, NA, SA; Policy. Counterterrorism, COIN, Nat'l Security. No, i'm not SPAM

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    #TxLege #ProLife #2A #TCOT #CCOT #PJNET Standing for LIFE, (Includes Right to protect it) #Freedom is not a #Loophole #ProSelfResponsibility

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    New Hampshire? America?? NH Motto: 'Live Free or Die' Mostly politics, world news&Trump snark? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Originally here to stop #Obamacare Returned b/c of #Benghazi n Staying b/c of #Obama ..Alt Acct: @RightFightUSA #10A #tcot

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    Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues at https://t.co/2HDJRciTRw. The free, online source of nonpartisan info for over 27 million users.

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    Senior strategist with KTG Public Affairs. Media relations, public affairs, political stuff. Art + fashion + music lover. Board member @calgaryfilm.

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    Fully caffeinated with twice the sugar, unabashedly liberal. Award-winning blogger, blogs at MPS and sometimes at Crooks and Liars.

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    White hat, red team.

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    Editor @opinionline96, panellist @RTEToday, event MC, columnist @heraldnewsdesk, @corkeveningecho. Board member @dogsfordisable1. Ferdia's mammy.

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