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  • @MAGDALENADELAFU 331 photos

    @mauriciomacri LIBERA A MILAGRO SALA @@clarincom @GrupoClarin my @jack pronto en portada de @Forbes

  • @otaku2012 268 photos

    ? ??????? ??????, ???????? ???????, ?? ???????? ??????????. ??????? ? ????? ?????? ???????? ????????.

  • @JeanMariie 99 photos

    Ingeniero Industrial. Waiting for la gota que derrame el vaso VE. De cine a Blanco y Negro. De musica con Mucho ruido. Futbolista frustrada.

  • @oliviaronsain 79 photos

    @Defense_gouv - International relations - ed man. & CM @IRSEM1, tweets on #US #Defense policy, #terrorism, #politics - Views are my cat's

  • @tonybalmforth 36 photos

    Lifetime in property and music, presently UK-based and missing Mallorca, boat crazy, Strat-loving muso, anagrammer, fighting anorexia with great success!

  • @sfnando 2 photos

    A Software Developer?s commentary on social, political, and technology highs and lows. Plus the occasional rant about the SF Giants

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