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    Fellow @NationInstitute. Book, Necessary Trouble @NationBooks. Labor journo before it was cool. Co-host #belabored podcast @Dissentmag. Not a musician.

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    CEO / @RiskAlts. I build better communities by helping nonprofits and startups with risks. I blog and podcast at https://t.co/mRkTszTLPX.

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    Trump Editor @50StatesOfBlue. Past: Guardian, Rolling Stone. Sometimes: Deadspin, Esquire. Hire me. Pod Patreon: https://t.co/F5M5QIyF6r

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    CEO & Founder @The_Assets, the Business Assets Marketplace - Former: Founder/CEO @Tactilize, @OWNI, @PoliticShow, VP @CNNum (...) @Anarnautes

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    Product Manager @Facebook, via @Yahoo, @Experian, PostDesk. Interests in product, community, marketplaces, content. Views, my own. [email protected]

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    Chip Designr,Cellular pioneer,Investor,Member of Parliament(NDA),Aviator VT-JRC.Our soldiers n Vets, #Bengaluru, #Kerala, #Digital n #TransformIndia & @ncpoc_in

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    A traveller in the world, metaphorically and literally. Manchester Labour councillor, @PES_CoR member, MA student. #WeStandTogether

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    Welcome to @WestmonsterUK. [email protected]

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    Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines in @Guardian @SeriousEats @GlobalNews @HuffPost @Splitsider @TheIBang @Medium https://t.co/6uITFyIQor

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