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    Welcome to @WestmonsterUK. [email protected]

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    Writer & Content Strategist. Bylines in @Guardian @SeriousEats @GlobalNews @HuffPost @Splitsider @TheIBang @Medium https://t.co/6uITFyIQor

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    #semiotics | #sensemaker | #anlamland?r?c?

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    Scoundrel, cyclist, liberal, wine fiend, geek. Dual National ???? Han Solo to @bankerjase snapchat: ruaric

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    Finance officer for a local charity. Former national press officer for a political party. Former community radio journalist and vacuum salesman too.

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    The Arkitech Of X-Clan, #NoHalfSteppin, Hip-hop, Latin Quarter, 1HOOD, #LQ

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    "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Hosea 7:8 #MAGA: WE are the REAL #RESISTANCE, to the wholly-radicalized far-Left @TheDemocrats

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    Native Michigander. Pro-justice, prochoice, pro-gardening, pro-dog, pro-alpaca, pro-foodie, progressive, & dir. of field & partnerships for @VoteChoice

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    You can find me at http://t.co/65yXTyRsJ7

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    //Filmmaker & Entrepreneur\\ Dir. of @Stranger_Fruit & 'The Youngest Candidate' - On IG: @JasonPollockTV

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