• @shafiq 27 photos

    An entrepreneur stuck with a Boss, Social Media Evangelist, Product Developer, Idea Inventor, Zend Certified Engineer, Blogger and True Web-enthusiast

  • @seansmithcr 10 photos

    Coach, Connector, Educator. Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Veteran, SMCamp Head Coach, tech geek, Sci-fi & History buff. WHEW!

  • @marikatogo 114 photos

    Digital entrepreneur. Former head of social @CNBC Primetime. @TelevisionAcad member. Californian in NY. ??? ?? the @Mets, @Warriors, @NYJets & @Cal Bears.

  • @TaraBNYC 27 photos

    All opinions R my own, particularly about sports (#Boston!) and football- NYC FC! Comms Exec, MA transplant loving NYC. I can write a song about anything.

  • @saline 19 photos

    Journalist. Critic. Blogger. MEAA President Journalists SA. Member Journalists Hall of Fame. Australia Day Ambassador. Lover of pelicans, cats, spiders & truth.

  • @mason 23 photos

    Chief Operating Office, VSCO

  • @mikelking 25 photos

    20+yr Technology Leader, Public Speaker, Columnist, USCG Veteran, Brewer of beer, Coffee Evangelist - Director of WordPress Development at Reader's Digest

  • @gordonswaby 29 photos

    Tech Entrepreneur. CEO/Co-founder of https://t.co/P9MwwH1Ut7 (@edufocal). Very Proud J'can. ?? Founding Curator, @WEF @Globalshapers KGN Hub

  • @rpetty 38 photos

    Ryan Petty is an entrepreneur, product & innovation leader. Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood! https://t.co/rp2qwxgmhY

  • @skconcepts 32 photos

    Suzanna Keith: Brand marketer and media sales innovator and disrupter loving Tech, Sports, Travel & Motherhood #Socialmedia & #Parenting

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