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    Nascar,hiking,photography,music,art,travel,spiritual,charity,yoga,jeep wrangler,rcracing,lover of life anything new,poetry,Tony Stewart Fan meeting new friends

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    The real D.T. Mom. 5x Olympian. Author of GOLD MEDAL FITNESS & AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! CBS Sports Network Panelist. Love exercise.

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    The official Twitter account of USA Swimming has changed to @USASwimming. Please visit us there!

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    Italian (French) UX Designer ? Designing world class User eXperiences for #Learning

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    Wife, Mom, Olympian, Swimmer, Social Runner, Television Host & Author who used to slime people & hang with NBA players.

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    hate you when you do it ,,,, please don't do that again!!!!

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    Daughter-Sister-Grandaughter-Niece-Friend-Amateur Actress-Recording Artist- Lifeguard -Coach-Nanny-Business Women. Gemma's World=Glitter,Purple,Wine & Lollipops

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    sparkles, gingerbread, glitter, stanley,lady gaga, tumblr, twitter, gossip girl, polyvore, fashion, sequins, tights, cupcakes, Poppy the puppy, lookbook.nu

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    Bukan mulutku yang kayak mak-emak, tapi jempolku.

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    Man sandwiched between twins and resilient dad. Love coffee & beer. @five_guys fanatic. partner w/ @techcxo. ~B+ cook & swimmer, but I'll improve. Go Duke!

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