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    Hustling 4 mama ?? To make donations to #DianaHarrington, send via PayPal to [email protected] #MultipleSclerosis http://t.co/adS2IBAhtg

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    husband & father ~ director of worship & arts, christ the king pres (@ctkhouston) ~ seeking inspiration & flourishing through the arts

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    Tim Callahan is an educator and a writer. His opinions are his own.

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    Writer/editor. Writing tutor/teacher/consultant. Language lover. Rhetoric is my thing. Wanderlustful. Also @copycrafting & @lessonswmiranda

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    LOGICAL~PPL~PET~ART & SCI LOVER Former BZ owner MBA/HRM No DM's OR rwnj's Peace & Love *POST ARE MY OPINION? NoLIST Absurd chaos bc of???in WH #RESIST #FBR ?

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    'Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.' Elie Wiesel - Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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    I am an artist, painter, sculptor and drawer. I also teach.

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    Assistant Head. MaST. NCETM PD lead. Dog lover. Views are my own. Mostly about: ????????

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