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    Jenna's sister! tech ? video games ? podcast ? @samebrain ? ijustine.eth

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    A daily dose of art, culture, and technology, plus Managed @WordPress hosting services via @LS_Hosting. Founded in 1995 by @ScottBeale.

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    I help build software & companies. CEO, @Postlight. Once upon a time I started @Lifehacker. she/her ??????????????

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    Founder of TechCrunch, CrunchBase and Arrington Capital. Be Excellent To Each Other. #LUNAtic XRP ALGO??

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    In love w/ @crystale & our 3 girls. Had fun on @ABCSharkTank. Been working hard to unf**k the planet at Lowercarbon. Link in bio?

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    Product & evangelism @AdobeSpark, podcasts @swordandlaser.

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    Scrolling saves.

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