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    husband & father ~ director of worship & arts, christ the king pres (@ctkhouston) ~ seeking inspiration & flourishing through the arts

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    Hello there, I love the web and all of stuff around it. Entrepreneurship is my favorite sport. Follow me and you will see. Live long & prosper.

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    Restaurant Consultants, Start Up Restuarants, Restaurant Interior Design, Restaurant Turn Arounds,

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    I love smart people. My tweets are my own.

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    California girl, who loves to sing and entertain. Love for technology and into making the world a better place.

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    Writer, walker, funny girl. Tweeting media, marketing, policy, place & stuff. Boss at Make Hay Communications. DM for creative copy & marketing concepts.

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    Asian. Legal Age. IBMer. Team Leader. FEU-IASDC Dancer. Blogger. Social Media Enthusiast. Former FEU BS Applied Math with IT Student.

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    Nothing simple is ever easy - Concerned citizen - Apple fanatic - Tech junkie - Troubleshooter - Advocate for the equality of the sexes #RESIST #NotMyPresident

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    160 characters? For my bio? It can't be done...Director of Don't Panic and Bafta winner for The Revolution Will Be Televised

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