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    Nuscreen Since 2012. Digital Strategy / Design / Tech. #1 Fan of Affan. #ThyCa & TT. Looking for good people to do good work with. Got ideas??DM me.

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    They have the Internet on computers, now? --Homer Simpson

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    Reviewer @mysmartprice I Techie | Railfan | AV Geek | Singer | Fraud Mallu | Occasional Nerd | Fringe Mumbaikar | Gadget Freak

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    Writer, digital ninja, and music fiend. Day job: @MTV producer.

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    Head of Storytelling, @nzz. Chef de Cuisine, @weeklyfilet. Follow everything I find interesting:

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    Privacy Engineer at @Google.

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    Digital Evangelist. Adviser @erozgaar @kpyep. @Acumen fellow. @GoogleDevExpert. Curator @TEDxIslamabad. IVLP Alum. @TED_Ed Innovator. Global Shaper at @WEF

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    Entrepreneur & @cohandbook author; learning the pythonic ways & hooked on @sportpistol shooting. Former Betacowork, Startupsbe, European Coworking Assembly...

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    Head of Talent Acquisition, @USDS/@WhiteHouse, Previously Head of Talent at VigLink & Eng/Product Lead Recruiter at One Kings Lane. All views/tweets are my own.

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