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  • @namitgupta15 9 photos

    iOS Developer And Blogger.

  • @michperu 77 photos

    Blogger & technology social media enthusiast.

  • @dustinj 49 photos

    Marketing & technology strategist. Entrepreneur. Startups. Advisor. Creative. Thinker. Coffee. Wine.

  • @justinmenard 16 photos

    BI Senior Analyst @ uOttawa. Interested in Books, Travel, Technology and all the data and interactions that this generates. #edtech http://t.co/Zj0CbIAB

  • @whatstrending 86 photos

    Find us everywhere at ? @whatstrending.??

  • @rudyfdf 76 photos

    Founder of FDF, LTD. Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Cofounder of Tapp & Play Media, Inc. & Idea Apps, Inc.http://t.co/E3tzjEyYSo Facebook http://t.co/J27FcijiRT

  • @antonio 57 photos

    Founder, CEO @Tangelo. Previously @Accenture, Sun Microsystems. Investor. Entrepreneur @interesante @walkwoke

  • @katebevan 27 photos

    On telly and radio from time to time. Sweary, a bit ranty, sometimes NSFW. Also contains cat pics; owner of tweeting catflap @daphneflap

  • @josephheskett 80 photos

    25 | Developer | Software Engineer | Geek | Gamer | Entrepreneurship | Information Security | Apple ?

  • @burak 36 photos

    Ba??ms?z yay?nc? / Independent editor focused on #tech, #startups, #whatsnext. A.K.A Alpha Geek & Blogger and he's been a #geek before it was #cool. Ex $MSFT

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