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    Tech Aficionado. Problem Solver. Renaissance Guy. Blogger. Socializer. TranceAddict. @GiftofLife Donor & Ambassador.

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    Editor Digital Pilots BBC News. Innovator - Change agent - Journalist. Views my own. Current project: Unspoken problem of alcohol abuse in UK Panjabis?

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    Radio Talker. MS Warrior. Medical Cannabis Advocate. Snowflake.

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    Coach, Connector, Educator. Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Veteran, SMCamp Head Coach, tech geek, Sci-fi & History buff. WHEW!

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    CEO - MindShift Interactive / @Mind_Shifters Holiday hoarder, Coffee consumer, Animal lover, Happiness sharer, Startup investor. #AdoptDontShop ????

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    Married to @stephenmk. Harper's mom. Manager, Corporate Social Practice @IBM. My opinions are my own; RTs are not endorsements.

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    Over 100 trillion cells of Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and more! Also Toronto-based ad guy.

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    Startups. Films. PhD. Trouble maker. @ChasingCoral, @Twitter, @JetSmarter, @Crashlytics, @SoFi, @Opendoor, @Dropbox, @Lovepop, @GustoHQ, @Healapp, @Napster

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    Greasy fast food eating lazy slob

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