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    Payments and identity, mostly.

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    Mom of two. VP of International Operations and Strategy @HubSpot. Helping take the inbound playbook global.

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    Just a passionate hobbyist. Tweets: Arabic & English. Photography news: @WZ65 Founder: @WITanoia About:

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    CTO + Rubyist @ en*theos. Buddhist writer and poet in the off hours.

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    Working at @cofound_it. Founder of @vezje, co-creator of podcast @Apgrejd

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    Loving the simple family life in Orange County, CA...Nerding it up @Cisco, @CiscoCollab, husband and father of two bubbling boys. Tweets are mine.

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    UMD17, Former @thedbk, CPT Show Fighter for social justice #AntiAbleism #AbleismExists #AntiBullying #StopBullying #StopHarassment #StopBelievingLies

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    Founder @iwellu! Motivate through wellness and get motivated! Do it when it can't be done, if you won't do it, it won't exist. Follow INSTAGRAM @kasiakomorowicz

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    Director of UX @ Compass

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