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    Together we make the workplace work.

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    Tech reporter [email protected] [email protected] /author /speaker/gamer/streamer /Hammer

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    I?m a entrepreneur and product designer with a love for code. Currently working on and @stylehatch.

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    Making: @buoyuporg ? Consulting: StoryEngage ? Fun: psychology, wine, food, books, music, film, sailing ? AMA: ? McKinsey alum ? pdx

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    [email protected]

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    #VC & Korea Accelerator Co-Fndr @smartup_io with @BrentHoberman. Former Boards: #Spotify, #Siri

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    Producer of various science programmes including 'The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry' and 'Life Scientific' on BBC Radio 4. Member of SE London massive.

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    Prominent @Microsoft ITP, award-winning entrepreneur, writer, speaker, + Angel Investor. I earn my crown in this part of town! ?

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    Insights into Service Provider network architecture trends and technology brought to you by Ying

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    ?? Entrepreneur & ex-sales professional turned startup lover. Angel Investor, Business Developer, and Strategist. Blog at

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