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    CEO of @VladTV - business: 818-927-1110 / kentay @

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    Originally from Los Angeles posting about: Maple Leafs, USMNT, NERevs, Liverpool. Not necessarily in that order. Retired coffee person.

  • @teen 2272 photos is now! check us out @clevvertv

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    Digital Dasher. Brand & Creative @TopHat. Author of Aggregator of web stuff. Knows design, hip hop and video games.

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    Universal Music es la compañía musical más grande del mundo. Seguinos para enterarte las noticias de nuestros artistas y lanzamientos.

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    TRACE Urban is the #1 urban music TV network in Africa, Europe & Asia.

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    I'm Feelin'Myself in stereo! kik and instagram: AmiracleICantype

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    Ho fame. Molta fame.

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    Lead dev @WiseBand, Countryside freelance web developer. Tweeting about Digital Music, Web Development, Design and stuff.

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