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    An online magazine for professional Web designers and developers. Questions? We've got your back: @SmashingSupport and @SmashingConf.

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    I build things, stories, companies, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, & believe in a future where we all have a right to pursue happiness. That's me, you, US.

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    Product @AdobeSpark, podcasts IRL @mozilla & @swordandlaser, admin @botwikidotorg, fan @SFGiants, co-life @ryan!

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    Redefining technology news and reviews since 1982. Tweet at us with #PCMagPicks for product recommendations!

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    News and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here: https://t.co/owztJzwlmm

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    The nice guy that finished first - founder of @Pinglyapp & previously @Twitpic

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    Music for every moment. Play, discover, and share for free. Need support? We're happy to help at @SpotifyCares

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    ? Cofounder @Initialized (earliest investor in 100+ startups -- $20B in market value so far) ? Bestselling author ?? Cofounder @Reddit

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