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    Listener, talker & scribbler. Passions: Manchester United, Music, Comedy, Art, Film & Theatre. Phobias: Fearne Cotton, touching flour & Luton.

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    Avid reader. Slow writer. Events @bloomsburyinst | Chair @ldnwriterscafe | Teach @citylitwriting. Expect words, film, coteries and gnomes. Wears too many hats.

  • @HurstAKA 7 photos

    ?Ah, Juicy Fruit?.

  • @analoguepaul 60 photos

    Photographer with a preference for all things film. You may see me strolling around football pitches

  • @MysFitts 21 photos

    ... To Be Continued...

  • @yoyoha 37 photos

    I'm just a boy, standing in front of the internet, asking it to love him.

  • @maureenjohnson 1307 photos

    Please please buy my books so we can buy this haunted clown motel. IG: https://t.co/t3TOu0RECm She/her/the presence in the air vents.

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    Editor/creator of The Popcorn Reel film website, lawyer, writer, interviewer, film critic, photographer, athlete, sports nut .. with an English accent

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    Screenwriter: Secret Life of Pets 1 and 2, Minions, Puss in Boots, Hop. Also writer of Toy Academy from @scholastic get it here: https://t.co/wRHfSMh6ky

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    Sports Columnist at @LATimes. Board Member at @MurrayScholars. Former Senior Writer at @ESPN and @SInow. Followed and unfollowed by @KobeBryant and @KingJames.

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