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    Explorer, founder of Lachine, seigneur of Cataracoui, discoverer of the mouths of the Mississippi.

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    Editor-in-Chief at Tor Books. Opinions mine, not Tor's. He, his. In our next episode, Kamenev and Zinoviev fatally misunderstand the concept of "show trials."

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    Science, feminism, and assorted nerdery. Host of @QuizoTron & creator of @Skepchicks. Watch me play video games at https://t.co/2J473KEil9

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    Hi I am Mark Thompson Husband,Father,Blogger,Storyteller,Lifestyle Marketer I've Been Living The Internet Lifestyle Since 2005 #marketing #ContentMarketing

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    Staff writer @Jezebel. Formerly @Salon. Bylines in @ELLEmagazine, @Esquire, @MarieClaire, @GuardianUS, etc. Email: [email protected]

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    Founder @strala_yoga | #stralayoga | in person & online classes, retreats & trainings | global family of people, Guides & studios | everyone is welcome???

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    Book editor, Meditation practitioner, Dog Lover, Coffee Enthusiast, Book Hoarder, and Very Slow Runner.

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    Brain in a box for THR's Heat Vision, Wired, Playboy, The Verge and others. Half of @WaitWhatPodcast. He/Him. Ping ping ping.

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    I bomb atomically.

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    Writer, Speaker, Social Media Liaison, Science Teacher, Absentminded Professor, Education Advocate/Critic, CASA, Mommy. My veins are replete with Diet Coke.

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