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Josie Hall

Agency:@MOTmodels Insta: josiexhall Centre Searcher no1, Mama & Nina ? Peace on earth??

Josie Hall's photos 73 photos

This made me feel better about not spinning tonight! I went Monday & going tomorrow it's fine ha http://t.co/a37TTm95 40 views View photo
#shoppingtime #harrods http://t.co/e3Nt0hYb 51 views View photo
#nyehyperness #cable #connected haha xxx @chardickinson http://t.co/bl9Bq59j 45 views View photo
@conorgeorge love seeing you to hottie haha xxxxxxxx christmas wine & FaceTime http://t.co/iHfVLP0p 42 views View photo
"@daisywatts: Me and the wife @loaded_TV yesterday :) @josiexhall xxxxx http://t.co/t0WBjZO0" xxxx 59 views View photo
Hope everyone has purchased a copy of this how hots my wife @daisywatts x http://t.co/mQYhYNRT 56 views View photo
Last nights performance was amazing. Rather proud of @DanMEATSIX :) http://t.co/LCsL2h5l 41 views View photo
RT @pcworldcheeky: @loaded_tv @daisywatts @emilyflorence91 @josiexhall looser women tonight 10pm http://t.co/azzfYxtu call in! 0982 661 ... 54 views View photo
Just noticed im over 2000 followers heres a little pic I think I'll share ;) http://t.co/SZIiXjtJ 38 views View photo
they were possibly the hottest couple don't you think? #cooldudes haha http://t.co/sN8ZOd92 48 views View photo
Going in for a little lick @AliceMorgs haha! Bricklane yesterdayy xxxx http://t.co/xt52byeI 34 views View photo
Were we a little bugged out sat? Ergh Haha @CharWhitnall @AliceMorgs #sweatymessers #oioi #fuckoff ♥ http://t.co/g66JAr14 30 views View photo
http://t.co/SGSDnBhL 41 views View photo
Cabbys hat, he got swaggg haha http://t.co/GoH1cSJd 38 views View photo
My present from Nigel possibly best person to work for? Shoot all done!How hilarious! I♥ @daisywatts http://t.co/2bGvHuaS 41 views View photo
"@conorgeorge: Drunk In wetherspoon w/ @josiexhall http://t.co/6Js03Jx4" - how cool do I look in conors snapback hahhaha 47 views View photo
Finally allowed to use 1 of my pics from my @UnleashedAgents shoot in may; Photog @harrypsef MUA @KrystalDawnMUA xx http://t.co/OHayIo0K 29 views View photo
So @josiexhall looking really good fella fied http://t.co/19uwhjlt 43 views View photo
My beautiful cousin casey dancing @ london fashion week friday the blondie in the middle on the right!! very proud :) http://t.co/LPszXKG8 33 views View photo
"@tish_gibbs: Tops like this should be illegal! http://t.co/qLxiVpDK" - I couldn't agree more!! 30 views View photo
"@meglipsx: Last night with @josiexhall x http://t.co/VfkHe4HS" ¬ルᆬ¬ルᆬ 47 views View photo
This is gonna sort me and @meglipsx right out #fattys http://t.co/uvfDRsdc 40 views View photo
Out with this hottie tonight @meglipsx think she deserves a follow xx http://t.co/qzi59n8V 39 views View photo
"@meglipsx: @josiexhall got a little treat for us baby x http://t.co/IxTTLwJ0" -eek! Hurry I'm getting impatient! xx 37 views View photo
@tish_gibbs a little drunk? breaking into the estate agents she works in to turn off the lights? Ha! http://t.co/AiwOASvF 37 views View photo
Fresh creps http://t.co/j2YYGO48 49 views View photo
Re living marbella on the roof top of the greyhound haha not quite the same http://t.co/E6Jy9fTH 39 views View photo
Hey chav ;) @DanMEATSIX nice meeting you yesterday. Find the bar on ur own alright? http://t.co/y8W9COEN 52 views View photo
http://t.co/U1OQ0pSM 42 views View photo
@DanMEATSIX oi you lol x http://t.co/WVhPDpwV 35 views View photo
Me & @daisywatts on the way in #hydeparktorchrelayconcert http://t.co/visa25sJ 40 views View photo
Lool! Aw babe .. Wrong plant #fail http://t.co/YnTJy8bV 36 views View photo
Me yesterday before the reggaeeee event in camden townn :) xxx http://t.co/THNC6KXW 31 views View photo
RT @NatashaGiggs: http://t.co/cxvshukf 42 views View photo
back laying in bed with @josiexhall so tired from wireless!! http://t.co/HvXweduE 36 views View photo
@josiexhall and we're frew #wireless http://t.co/daeIbMVS 34 views View photo
Who likes my new 'creps' that I purchased yesterday :) #jordans http://t.co/Id52jNP3 35 views View photo
"@daisywatts: Please get my wife to 1000 followers shes crying @josiexhall http://t.co/kZADfvfH" - devod haha 39 views View photo
Me & bianca last night before we went out shame we didn't quite make it back like this lol http://t.co/Qwajywee 38 views View photo
RT @mmeganevans: @josiexhall never fails to make me laugh http://t.co/MjqnO9Kq 43 views View photo
RT @biancax56: How embarrasing..... http://t.co/YJd2KXBg 45 views View photo
One of the cars I want.. Any buyers? Or a G wagon Mercedes I'm really not that fussy ha x http://t.co/07MW0ZQf 45 views View photo
"@CraigJohnsonPas: This is me and @josiexhall going out to get lunch yesterday lol http://t.co/URwN9YNw" lunch = Wine!! Lol xx 36 views View photo
"@KrystalDawnMUA: Hard day at work @josiexhall haha! http://t.co/AHNOX9d6" haha opps x 37 views View photo
"@KrystalDawnMUA: @josiexhall http://t.co/HdtuHoYV" my make up for todays shoot by wonderful krystal x 39 views View photo
Looking through last nights antics hahaha! What are we doing here? @daisywatts @CraigJohnsonPas lol http://t.co/fNy26Mw9 34 views View photo
Me and the lezza @josiexhall http://t.co/4XTnWj6d 35 views View photo
@ ..... G .. to the .. A.. to the mother fuckin ..Y .. hahhaha http://t.co/lTgbeGOf 41 views View photo
@daisywatts matching loubs & raybans hahaha bit drunk & its daylight? #hmm soho! http://t.co/ciRQ3ygV 36 views View photo
Vogue & sushi fix haha x http://t.co/jqk5xynI 46 views View photo
My new phone background! Haha #MotivateMe!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/tBXqpcW4 42 views View photo
@meganxbrett http://t.co/kbUQIAls 42 views View photo
RT @LoveLois2: Haha http://t.co/ZBYnExPo 48 views View photo
The night has began hahhahh @daisywatts http://t.co/5rh2vI2c 49 views View photo
Girls night @ aura tonight for @daisywatts birthday!! Woo ;) xx http://t.co/1QgKgD2Z 33 views View photo
RT @LoveLois2: Valentine Lover @josiexhall http://t.co/1EwEFeN5 33 views View photo
Me & @LoveLois2 drunk poses after many pornstars! Haha happy valentines ;) xx http://t.co/cn8olvUj 37 views View photo
Me & @lovelois2 drunk poses after many pornstars haha x http://t.co/S5TXSDxA 41 views View photo
This huge card, balloon, flowers & teddy bear just got delivered to my house from Em aww!!xx http://t.co/5DJmP8Ih 30 views View photo
Us all at earls court @MissEmmaGlover @Staceylmassey xxx http://t.co/iPMhId4P 41 views View photo
@jinksmodel @MelissaD89 @geenamullins @josiexhall @biancax56 @ movida on saturday xx http://t.co/s14V2DMK 34 views View photo
Haha we look porcelain @biancax56 xxx http://t.co/j77iv2N7 44 views View photo
Winners of the box game lol! 1st time ever my mum actually lost! That's how small & low the box got! http://t.co/xtAa47EB 38 views View photo
Sky - Anna today in her Minnie Mouse outfit! xxx http://t.co/XvQExEoX 35 views View photo
One of the presents I got Em. Who wants one? Haha ;) xx http://t.co/tSnVsxkO 34 views View photo
Do I look naked? Haha.. Get it on for #endoftheworld http://t.co/VDJP5Dyp 56 views View photo
Am I naked ?? Haha get it on for #theendoftheworld !! http://t.co/VqRENcuM 57 views View photo
Haha love this x http://t.co/Yxdjvlf2 44 views View photo
Me @claryceT & are boys @londonmarriott for claryce's buisness launch x http://t.co/03ALQWE9 55 views View photo
Our his & her goodie bags from the remy martin brandy launch @ lalique haha #howsweet http://t.co/RDIpKbjR 39 views View photo
The note in my fortune cookie.. wonder if anything happens on the 8th of next month then hmm! http://t.co/0GhcqoFW 33 views View photo
This note was given to me when I was out haha *hand over face* http://t.co/q28gkeOm 30 views View photo
Hope everyone had a poppy on today! 11.11.11 ♡ http://t.co/xqvH0yGn 39 views View photo

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