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Megan Batoon

I like subtle puns, two-for-ones, and 90's reruns. [Instagram + Snapchat] @meganbatoon

Megan Batoon's photos 48 photos

when you put too many 'ha's to a joke that wasn't that funny https://t.co/gb0QFYGCWW 18 views View photo
"All white, all white, all white!" - Matthew McConaughey as a stylist https://t.co/VQ7scbswJ1 https://t.co/lodFl8SndU 23 views View photo
I finally did my best attempt at an apartment tour. Here ya go: https://t.co/WmzEBVShrV https://t.co/uopcn2duNO 15 views View photo
Switzerland tones on the blog today https://t.co/MWtFuvpXrF https://t.co/jqv1c16gRF 39 views View photo
My first time being on Youtubers React looked like this. It was v fun dough πŸ₯–πŸž https://t.co/TuYiQ9UhLw https://t.co/5edQJKc0iI 7 views View photo
I just choreographed an entire verse of my next piece in one session. This never happens. https://t.co/zazZCDafSc 35 views View photo
me walking away from drama https://t.co/9y7WgpiyTW https://t.co/75OKzd9U5T 12 views View photo
when you hear people start talking trash about your friend https://t.co/OdWz9bugro 36 views View photo
The only type of cold shoulder that should exist is in a deep-neck bodysuit. https://t.co/iGJuIrJgHo https://t.co/u7gAnSQhZO 9 views View photo
@laurenhummfries πŸ’› https://t.co/dgFsi1aP2W 28 views View photo
when you realize who's going to be on The Right Now Show tomorrow see ya on https://t.co/rRDAOGnj3T πŸ‘‹πŸ» https://t.co/DmRaFhB8Qe 19 views View photo
when the aux cord gets ripped out but your friends still wanna jam https://t.co/Hmzi2j7NxC 7 views View photo
Friday the 13th ain't phase me *internet goes out as I push tweet* https://t.co/N4PYIbcAys https://t.co/iHQEujVbTm 31 views View photo
RT @ptxfeelz: when you get into the music a little bit too much [email protected] https://t.co/rqZZBuwS5I 24 views View photo
don't know why it looks like I stepped out of a wanna be yeezy catalog but here I am https://t.co/IyroY3dHgw https://t.co/0h5kXBrM1Q 9 views View photo
watching my uber pass me and finally stopping 2 blocks up. https://t.co/guIGNOgLUw https://t.co/UEOluRKcdy 24 views View photo
@thewesleychan same, Wes. Same. https://t.co/yLyIxCSFgm 32 views View photo
@jaytaj @JoAnnaaaaD https://t.co/iogefhtfxy 5 views View photo
saturdays. πŸ‘»: meganbatoon https://t.co/4uWEEVVh0z 30 views View photo
You: sup? Me: nm, just twinning with some flowers, wyd? https://t.co/zw0xBe42hQ https://t.co/48QFugLE59 21 views View photo
RT @laurenhummfries: new year, new me(ganbytes) 😁🎊 https://t.co/rHlfmosiDw https://t.co/KCzzZjjS9K 23 views View photo
today's song on repeat https://t.co/8hpCFMEiVT 10 views View photo
Is it still considered a boyfriend sweatshirt when really it's just a men's XXL? https://t.co/EhR1orijMJ https://t.co/3qKAcUUSHx 28 views View photo
@daniellaalison https://t.co/SZMMabgV3y 19 views View photo
me on social media vs me in reality on vacation https://t.co/tRUG3AFKJQ 8 views View photo
"omg where'd you get that dress?" lemme help you out: https://t.co/iDuP5veLcD https://t.co/xVMWD7fvMH 38 views View photo
Think you didn't need fuzzy booties in your closet? I'll velvet you do. new blog πŸ‘‡πŸ» https://t.co/3eQXguNToJ https://t.co/iLLMis4DGE 8 views View photo
@MrWilliamHaynes https://t.co/Pb0nydH3Cr 14 views View photo
My family's sorority is called "Kappa Wrong Camera" https://t.co/ZvFfkvfMZ4 15 views View photo
Apparently a Parisian touch isn't traditional for football games. *shrugs* https://t.co/nUZJ5BjGLY 11 views View photo
6 minutes into being home and I already knocked over my mom's nativity scene figurines https://t.co/CukLm2xjZL 5 views View photo
Oh, wear two separate pieces to create an outfit? NAH, I'M GOOD. https://t.co/JyoiZLlNve https://t.co/x8ootnpNeD 22 views View photo
SO MANY HACKS. So almost success. Watch @RebeccaZamolo and I try Instagram beauty hacks: https://t.co/GENbTPDqjj https://t.co/2kfelfrNzg 20 views View photo
how to wrap a present in under a minute https://t.co/40RxNqONK1 33 views View photo
textbook face for wanting the last bite full blog post with outfit details: https://t.co/qhUT9OSKnL https://t.co/gWz8p7rqeb 25 views View photo
waiting to land in FL like https://t.co/tU8u90jCIw 13 views View photo
It's the end of December. K, TIME TO RAMP UP THE CHRISTMAS PARTIES. cc: @skinnygirl #ad drink smart, yo. https://t.co/5IWFTAPaXQ 33 views View photo
Hi. I'm not doing Vlogmas but if you watch this every day it might feel like it: https://t.co/CYjL4yX03v https://t.co/CkAtiVq36F 26 views View photo
before and after you say there will be food at the party. blog with outfit details: https://t.co/UFNoLsYeWd https://t.co/Wbtv27A8QP 32 views View photo
hey, how's YOUR Monday? πŸ‘»meganbatoon https://t.co/VHQuaRoaSE 6 views View photo
do you miss me at all? https://t.co/xRDgq2Ai0j 39 views View photo
hi 2017, take your time (or whatever) but I'll just be waiting here. https://t.co/dF6rbOFeNX https://t.co/wNNqFXw1Og 14 views View photo
@soundlyawake https://t.co/Yg13laAjzP 32 views View photo
family portrait. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ cc: @bretmanrock @Sukiestyles https://t.co/exV5XRRk12 17 views View photo
I might cry tonight. #HairsprayLive https://t.co/1IZ35AfvMm 32 views View photo
#2006vs2016 https://t.co/EP6qANQAhJ 5 views View photo
Links to all the stuff I lost my mind over in my November Favorites video on the blog: https://t.co/vCU46Nil9W https://t.co/8LXbebITL9 16 views View photo
Was going for the "I've had a long day and want to swim in fabrics for dinner in public" look. Nailed it. https://t.co/qfuq03dZTU 24 views View photo

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